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In yet another indication that thieves may boast more skill and luck than overall intelligence, a 22-year-old Somers, Connecticut, resident in possession of a stolen Cadillac STS complained to authorities that someone had broken the window on "his" car. Of course, it took the police just a few minutes to determine that there were some serious holes in the thief's story, and maybe more than a small bit of air inside the young man's head.

Although the self-proclaimed "victim" was in possession of the Caddy's keys, there was no supporting documentation proving ownership, or that he was in the process of purchasing the vehicle from an Avis rental agency, as he claimed. In fact, just how the shady character expected to make those payments on a $50,000 car was in question -- his "employment" was all arranged through a local temp agency. Long story short, the rental agency just so happened to be missing one Cadillac STS, and it didn't take them long to press charges.

Instead of sitting behind the wheel of America's finest luxury marque, the vandal finds himself sitting in jail today, unable to post bail of just $3,500... it may be time to call the agency for another temp position. Thanks for the tip, Keith!

[Source: Courant]

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      This is my side of the story i wrote to the Hartford current. Tell me Your thoughts AFTER you read this ASS HOLES

      Hello Mr. Owens,

      i have just read your article on the matter of the stolen car, and I would like to share some facts about it. First off introduction seems to be in order. I am Eric Duval, the man charged with the theft of a vehicle. I am indeed 22 years old and I always keep a positve out look on life. Now their is business to attend to.

      The way the events seem to have played out in your article have some fact. However, they also seem to be very vague. First, This is to remain confidential until a face to face meeting is arranged. Second, I was employed by Point Staffing out of South Windsor CT. I maintained a job off and on with avis shuttling cars for well over a year. However on the date of March 18 I was contaced by Point for a job Detailing cars. It was said to be a full time position paying 9.00 dollars an hour. Mon-Fri. on the 18th i reported to Avis and began to detail cars (i.e. Tearing down stickers, cleaning off wrappers) at no point did i take a car off of the lot to "shuttle it". as my day went on i was asked to do something i did not agree with. Pick up trash along fence that had collected over the winter. after that day i had contacted point staffing and told them i was unhappy and point reassured me it would be taken care of. the next day on the 19th i met a man who introduced himself as Brian. He was of Jamaican decent i gathered from his accent. so we began to talk and i shared my life and how i was struggling to get back and forth to work, how everytime something good happened something would pop up and bring me down. I then explained to him about my living situation and how i had lost contact with my mother due to a Family fued. he then turned to me and stated he could help me out. i asked him how and he said that he was going to see if he could get me a car, then asked which one i would want. Laughing i stated the Pearl white Cadilac STS. he said No problem. He then lead me inside and office room her he proceeded to take down my information. License number, Address, and so on. it looked official. he stated that workers do it all the time and they get a special discount. He then stated to me after punching numbers into a calculator that i would owe him 118 Dollars every month for as long as i used it.

      My Fiance who wishes to remain nameles happened to be on the lot at that time as well. She was my ride from work. I couldn't believe my ears so i called her and shared the good news.
      Now here are some facts.
      Their is a security gate as well as spike strips and a security officer.
      in order to get a car off the lot you have to have clearence and a scan gun shows that. the Security officer checks every vehical in and out of the lot.
      So how is it that Avis having no record of me working their was i able to get onto the lot fool an elctronic device into thinking i worked for Avis as well as a trained Security officer, and Pull away in a Brand new 2008 Cadillac STS??

      Further more the written agreement. I did say correctly a Written agreement, Stated clearly that I and I alone was responsible For everything on that car. Sounds to me like i should've taken it literally!

      Now, on The First of April, A friend had met me at a place in somers locals refer to as mill pond. We sat here for awhile and talked then decided to get a bite to eat. Him having his dog with hime we decided to take his Truck instead of my car. I loked the door of the Cadillac and figured it being in the open nobody would mess with it. Then Left with this friend of mine. After we ate we Retuned to Mill Pond and talked for awhile longer. Everything seemed to be normal. so he needed to do a few things and wanted to drop his dog off. I offered to come along for the ride. So again we left. Around 3:00 pm i returned with my friend to mill pond, he asked me why a decent size rock was laying next to my Car. i then looked over and saw that My driver side window had been smashed in. Prior to this i had witnessed a Vehicle pulling out of mill pond, and its ocupents are not to happy with me to say the least. So i decided to do the right thing seeing that i was responsible for "everything" and contact local authorities, to inform them of the incedent. I stated to the officer that the Car was "mine" As in i was in position and to be held liable for any damages. i said that i was makin Payments on it. i never stated to the officer i was buying it. The officer then stated to me that he had ran the plates and it came back clean. Not reported stolen! Another Officer had began to try and contact Avis. As one of the officers got on the Phone with Avis, My Phone then rang. It was point Staffing. they asked if i was interested in working April 2nd 8-4, shuttling cars. Tropper Ameral acknowledged that i
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      If only all criminals were this stupid.

      What I like is how this moron felt victimized because someone broke a window on a car that he paid nothing for. Yet, he wouldn't care about someone who actually paid for the car to lose the entire thing to someone like him.

      I wish they'd get it.
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      Wow !! I cant believe he could not bail himself out!!! Times must be real tough for folks out there !!!ONLY $3,500 that is so minischule its laughable..I mean isnt that pocket change for most people ,it is for myself & co.Yep he should be locked up for life for being that stupid.Though he is lucky, if he stole one of my vehicles our gaurds would shoot him dead...no questions asked !!
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        I'm with not impressed. Both of you are douche bags. I seriously hope you are joking. The justice system doesn't work because of people like you.
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        Hey c, i am with you! If i caught someone stealing my car or breaking into my house i'd shoot 'em too. The justice system doesn't work and neither do thieves. You steal..you die! I bet thieves everywhere would think twice(even the crackheads) about taking someone elses things for sure!

        Message to "not impressed"....you're sad and rude for thinking that any thief shouldn't be shot and pi$$ed on.

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      i got a hunch....(not on my back)....
      maybe he busted the window to steal it.
      got it insured.(only takes a day)
      and then told the cops that someone busted his window so insurance would cover it.

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      Sounds like there's more to this story.... This is beyond stupid.
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      I wish the thief who stole my Caddy was this stupid.