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Hey, the pseudo-video-game as a car ad technique worked well enough for Pontiac, so why shouldn't Alfa Romeo give it a try too? While we think Alfa's take on arcade-style driving enjoyment is clever, it's not quite as cool as the G8's Spy Hunter recreation, which, as children of the era of excess, we were totally smitten with. Regardless, the expert driving Italy's newest hot hatch looks to have had a great time racing through all 11.1 kilometers of the Forest Track stage, which is actually Arjeplog, a town in Lapland, Sweden, and a popular European destination for winter automotive testing. This video makes us wish even more so that an official announcement regarding the Mi.To's hopeful trip across the Atlantic is impending shortly. Follow the jump to watch it.

[Source: Youtube via Autoblog.it]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      And whats with the "expert" setting? What, does that give him worn-out tires and the snow is more slick than usual? HEY! Maybe this is foreshadowing for Gran Turismo 9... ?
      • 7 Years Ago
      Meh. Someone must have said "let's waste some money with an ad where you can't see the car doing a rally stage that it wasn't really designed for... oh, and cover the whole thing with masking tape for added uselessness."
      • 7 Years Ago
      This isn't an ad. It's a video they put up online (and only online). No one in their right mind would use this as a paid commercial on TV.
      • 7 Years Ago
      What IS the point of the camo if they already published official photos of the production model? Anyone?
      • 7 Years Ago
      Signore Baravalle, the ghost of Colin McRae's on line 1 for you.