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While it sister company Audi continues to forge ahead in Le Mans-class racing under diesel power, the SEAT division is likewise launching an assault on the British Touring Car Championship with an oil-burning Leon TDI. The Spanish automaker is also launching a special edition Leon for the road to coincide with its competition counterpart's race debut.

Mechanically, the limited-edition Leon FR550 is largely the same as the standard FR – one rung down on the SEAT performance ladder from the top-of-the-line Cupra – powered by the same two-liter turbodiesel on the Leon FR TDI. The details are what set the FR550 apart, carrying such touches as racing-style buckets seats, special badging, USB connectivity, 18-inch "Draco" alloys and a range of special colors. The turbodiesel Leon FR will hit sixty in 8.2 and return 39.2 mpg city/47 mpg highway. If they act fast enough, British customers can pick up one of the 550 examples of the FR550 being offered at a £400 premium over the standard version.

[Source: CarScoop]

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      Noah (and all Autoblog staff):

      When you post information about European cars, and you give their efficiency in MPG as opposed to l/100km, can you please state whether or not its using US or Imperial gallons? Either that, or come up with a site-wide standard.

      Miles per US Gallon and l/100km together would probably satisfy all the potential userbase...
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        FWIW, those numbers appear to be in US gallons.
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      So how did the front of a Lamboghini wind up on this car? GM tried badge engineering, and it did not work out very well........................
        • 7 Years Ago
        Many euro Ford's and GM's have a similar nose if you really look at it.
        I am thinking that a "force fed" look is what they are going for.
        I'm liking it.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Seat is from VW. SAAB is GM. So Seat might have taken a peek into Lambo's drawing boards.
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