• Mar 21st 2008 at 8:57AM
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James Bond employed the use of numerous devices built right into his many Aston Martins to fend off the bad guys. Unlike Mr. Bond though, law enforcement agencies do not have the budget for elaborate contraptions aimed at making easier the task of rounding up criminals. Just because the police are strapped for funds, however, doesn't stop real world villains from using their abundant supply of greenbacks to turn the tables. On top of collecting powerful military grade weaponry, drug cartels in Mexico are now building gadget-filled get away vehicles. After a shoot-out in Mexico City, Police recently discovered an abandoned Jeep Grand Cherokee outfitted with a rear fogger system and road spike release mechanism. The devices were intended to ward off any chase vehicles in a decidedly theatrical fasion. In the end, the modifications on this particular Jeep were not even utilized since the Cherokee was abandoned by its passengers after ramming into a military vehicle. Even though the Jeep did not feature a full range of potential weaponry, it was at least a small sacrificial sampling. Who knows what else is up there sleeves. Thanks for the tip Mehul!

[Source: BBC News]

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      Chrysler should capitalize on this and launch a Drug Cartel Special Edition Grand Cherokee. It might help keep Chrysler in business for a few more years.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Damn... I thought my modified ride was awesome with it's oil slick behind it until i realized it wasn't a modified option but rather I had ripped a hole in my oil pan. Too bad it (the Jeep above) wasn't an Aston DBS cause that would have been cool.
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      Dios Mio!
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      Rear fogger systems are easy. My crazy rich cousin had one put into his Bentley Continental back in the 1980's. You just run a line from the windsheild washer reservoir into the exhuast pipe aft of the catalytic converter. Works amazingly well. First time I hit the button I unexpectedly filled up an entire football field stretch of road with completely opaque smoke, causing a polcie helicopter to circle around to take a look. Very dangerous, but very cool.
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      With a few servos and small electric motors, you-too can make these things. It's not that difficult at all. Most everything is store purchased. Just use your head and NEVER break the law! It's their for a reason! Ya know?

      I'd like to install spike strip release on my Charger so when someone's riding my rear I get them away from me. Now THAT'S defensive driving! ;)
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      "there sleeves."

      Improve your grammar!
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        Autoblog doesn't proof-read anything, don't you know? Not to mention it's a GRAND Cherokee.
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      Very nice, I'd very much like an assult Jeep.
      You know, just in case.

      Anyone else notice the rare Grand Cherokee "Tsi" edition package in the picture?
      That came out just before the 5.9 limited when Jeep wanted to make the Grand Cherokee sporty with sporty suspension.