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Click image above for high-res gallery of the Saleen Gurney Mustang

We just reported on the Gurney Signature Edition Saleen Mustang, but now we've seen it in person and wanted to share some pics. Presented by company President Paul Wilbur and the man himself, the special 'Stang was rolled out in a deep blue that mimics Gurney's 1970 Trans-Am ride. Dan pointed out how his is faster and better handling, at a similar price to the Parnelli Jones Edition. Wilbur noted that they better get on with things so as not to reignite the flames of that old rivalry any further. Wilbur also noted that Saleen will sell just 300 of these special rides: 100 in red, 100 in white, and 100 in the roll-out blue. As we pointed out yesterday, this latest Mustang is powered by a Saleen-supercharged 4.6-liter V8 producing 465 horsepower, and handles curves better thanks to Saleen's Racecraft suspension and Pirelli Corsa tires. The interior features custom two-tone seats and Gurney's signature on the dash. No word on pricing yet, but whatever they ask they'll probably get. It just oozes retro muscle attitude when you are standing near it. Maybe we were just so pleased to be in Dan's presence. The legend even took the time to sign a stack of commemorative posters for anyone who wanted them. That ended up being everyone around.

Follow the jump for the press release from Saleen and check out more high-res pics in the gallery below.


Saleen Automotive, America's premiere automotive enthusiast brand for over a quarter of a century, announced today at the New York Auto Show that it has entered into a partnership with American automotive legend Dan Gurney for creation of a special Gurney Signature Edition Mustang. "It is amazing that just two years ago Saleen was standing on stage here at the Javitz Center with Parnelli Jones and today we are with his long time rival and friend, and truthfully one of America's racing heroes, Mr. Dan Gurney," said Saleen President and CEO Paul Wilbur.

All 300 of the Gurney Signature Edition vehicles will feature Saleen's 465 Hp supercharged 281 cubic inch engine, short throw shifter, and 3.73 Max Grip rear axle. In addition, the vehicles will have custom two-tone seats that feature either blue or red AlcantaraTM inserts designed to keep your rear end planted firmly behind the wheel. The legendary Gurney Eagle© logo is featured on the steering wheel and several other places around the car.

The exterior reflects the look of Dan's 1969 Trans Am series Mustang, masterfully recreated in a fashion that honors history but looks aggressively towards the future. The heritage styled Gurney Edition body kit, 'duck bill' rear spoiler and 'stinger' style hood all come together in harmony with the carefully placed graphics and die cut Gurney Eagle insignia.

"I am pleased that they could make a car that is so beautiful but still so true to my old race car. At the end of the day, all I really want is a car that is faster than Parnelli's" said racing great, Dan Gurney.

Saleen executives were not prepared to make that statement, but what they did say is: "this is likely the best all around 281 supercharged car that Saleen has ever built," commented Saleen General Manager, Marques McCammon.

"Dan Gurney has always been about business on the track. His cars were light, fast and handled like they were on rails," said Saleen Vice Chairman and Chief Technical Officer, Chris Theodore. "I'll admit we added a little weight when we added the blower to this car, but you will be shocked at how this car cuts through a corner."

The Gurney Signature Edition gets its dynamic ability from the specially tuned Racecraft suspension, Generation-II Watts-Link Rear End, and super sticky Pirelli Corsa tires. This is a suspension combination that has never before been featured on a Saleen vehicle, and one that received the personal stamp from Dan Gurney himself.

"It is like a dream come true to spend time on the tarmac with the Gurney's. Together, we will create a package that I am sure that market will love," said Chassis and Dynamics Lead Derk Hartland.

The Gurney Signature Edition Mustang is slated to begin production this April and should start appearing in dealers later that month. With production being limited to only 300 cars, the Gurney Edition is sure to be a must have amongst collectors. In honor of Mr. Gurney's 'All American racer persona the cars will be offered in only three colors: Torch Red, Performance White, and the feature color Vista Blue. One hundred of each color will be made with contrasting color graphics and interiors, and a set of "#2" roundels to truly relive the Gurney experience.

The most important piece of the car to me is Dan Gurney's signature on the center of the dash," commented Wilbur. "I view it as the stamp of approval by one of America's greatest drivers."

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      I'm a big Dan Gurney Fan. I remember being at the track and cursing his Toyota Eagle's when they dominated IMSA.

      I'd vote for him too. hehe
      • 7 Years Ago
      I think Autoblog posted this to get us all going over so many Mustang posts ;) Oh wait, I fell for it ;)
      • 7 Years Ago
      "Sports car" with live axle. Haha. You Americans are a funny people. No wonder typical American racing goes a straight strip of about four hundred meters.
        • 7 Years Ago
        The Mustang was/is/never will be a sports car. It never was intended to be one, but it can go fast when they try to make it one. The Mustang is about relatively inexpensive fun. A secretary's car, as Carrol Shelby put it.

        Oh, and you should get behind the wheel of an overpowered mustang sometime Mattias. I can almost guarantee you'll have fun. That is unless you hate driving cars.
        • 7 Years Ago
        WTF is a meter?
        • 7 Years Ago
        Some of the most respected race cars were solid rear axle. The legendary Ferrari 250 GTO and Alfa Guilia based cars just to name a couple. Now the obvious counter-argument would be that those are very old cars and those companies now use independant rear suspension. That is true, but they cost more. A properly set up solid rear axle can be made to handle well at a lower cost.
        So you are not taking into consideration why Mustangs are live axle. It is cheaper to produce, which means we the people can afford it. Also, they are very robust and have less wearable items than IRS. And not all Americans race in a straight line or oval.
        • 7 Years Ago

        You even introduce your own argument's undoing. you are referring to sports cars from 40-50 years ago.

        Here is another one. Jaguar E-type. It had IRS at that time, and was FAR less expensive.

        And IRS no longer cost more to produce. How many cars in Mustang's class have IRS? ALL OF THEM, aside from Mustang.

        It was cheaper to leave the fox/SN95-era cars alone, and let them KEEP a live axle that the chassis was designed for in the late 70s. The S197 Chassis was a cop-out to drag racers, who modify their cars anyway.

        And live axle only handles "well" on a flat and smooth track. Try driving one around on currently potholed streets after a long midwest winter. No thanks.

        IRS suspensions use half shafts just like any other independent suspension car, including FWD and AWD. your arguments sound much more like thin excuses.

        Besides that, this car, the Shelby GT500, and others are high priced. More than 50 thousand dollars. Far more than the average household income, and inflation is starting to eat that, too. It isn't as if this is a cheap-o car. (if it were, it would be FWD, anyway.) For 50 large, I think they could afford IRS. Camaro and Challenger, and everyone else already does.

        All that said, the Gurney addition looks good, as did Parnelli Jones Edition. Just too damn expensive for what you get.

        Their original race cars were build on 69 Sports Roof cars, which were at that time equivalent to the current GT, if not more affordable then than the GT is now. Bumper Covers, upholstery and a paint job on a GT would be much less expensive than these Saleens. These saleens have more equipment, and are WAY more expensive.

        But why not buy a Z06, M3, Porsche, or something more sophisticated for that kind of money? These are rich guy commemorative trophys, is why... (then one wonders why they need so much equipment, when they'll probably be show-queens, rather than driven cars.)