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Click above for a high-res live gallery of the 2010 Pontiac Sport Truck

Again with musical accompaniment from the Young Lords, Maximum Bob Lutz heralded the return of the El Camino Pontiac G8 Sport Truck to the U.S. market for the first time in over two decades. Joining Lutz to make the sales case for how wonderful the new G8 ST was Fifty Cent who the company claims is a loyal Pontiac owner. We've already heard all the specs on the new Ute, so we won't bore you with them again here. Click to visit our previous post with all the deets. The platform is a longer wheelbase version of the one under the G8 sedan, and the suspension remains all-independent, although the rear end has been beefed up to provide some load carrying and towing capacity. This thing is no replacement for a Silverado in terms of capability, but for those that need to grab some bags of mulch from your local big box store or tow a pair of jet skis to the lake, the ST provides a much more car like ride and performance pretty close to the G8 GT sedan. The Sport Truck has the same 361-hp 6.0L V8 as the G8 sedan, along with the six-speed autobox through which 385 lb-ft of torque flow to the rear end. Sometime between now and late next year GM will announce what the real name of the ST, is but you can make your voice heard (whether anyone is actually listening is another story) at www.pontiac.com/namethiscar.

[Source: Pontiac]

New York 2008: G8 Sport Truck Unveil



NEW YORK – The 2010 Pontiac G8 sport truck blurs the line between cars and trucks and is creating an all-new segment in the North American car market. This dramatically different vehicle blends the sporty handling of a performance coupe with the cargo capabilities of a light truck.

Based on the all-new Pontiac G8 performance sedan, the newest member of the G8 family has a longer wheelbase and a cargo bed suitable for either work or recreation. The G8 sport truck significantly stretches Pontiac's commitment to style and performance and is expected to arrive in dealers' showrooms in late 2009.

"Pontiac has never shied away from offering segment-defining vehicles, going back to the original GTO," said Jim Bunnell, Buick-Pontiac-GMC general manager. "There's simply nothing else like the G8 sport truck on the road today, and we definitely believe that there are customers who will be excited by its distinctive design, performance and cargo capabilities."

Consumer named

Another unique aspect of this new vehicle is the fact that it will be named by a consumer. Beginning today (March 15, 2008), consumers can visit www.pontiac.com/namethiscar and submit their name ideas. "As an important part of the G8 family, we know that 'sport truck' doesn't fully describe the vehicle's ability to blur the lines between sports car and truck," said Craig Bierley, Pontiac marketing director. "Because its fans will surely be as unique as the vehicle itself, we're giving them a voice in selecting a name that reflects its appeal." The winning entry will be announced April 15.


The G8 sport truck maintains the same sporty exterior design as its namesake sedan. Flared fenders wrap around the 18-inch wheels and give it a wide, confident stance. The roofline has a coupe-like profile that reflects the vehicle's performance pedigree.

The doors, roof and exterior panels aft of the B-pillars are unique from the G8 sedan. One-piece outer body panels give the vehicle a sleek appearance. Wrap-around taillamps and fully concealed tailgate hinges add to the sculpted look. A color-coordinated, soft tonneau cover conceals and protects items in the cargo bed from the weather.


The sport truck draws its strength from the same powerful 6.0L V-8 engine used in the G8 GT. It puts out 361 horsepower (270 kW) and 385 lb.-ft. (522 Nm) of torque. The combination of a six-speed automatic transmission and Active Fuel Management technology provides both car-like fuel economy and an unexpected 0-to-60 time of 5.4 seconds.

While these performance numbers are respectable by sports car standards, the G8 sport truck offers flexibility unlike that of a sports car. A 73.9-inch (1878 mm) cargo bed has 42.7 cubic feet (1208 L) of cargo space and a durable composite bed liner. It also can carry a payload of more than 1,074 pounds (488 kg) and tow a 3,500-pound (1,600 kg) trailer.


The G8 sport truck is based on the same rear-wheel-drive architecture as the G8 performance sedan. However, the sport truck's body structure was reinforced in key areas to support its cargo and towing duties. More than 60 new components were added to strengthen the structure. Compared to the sedan, the 118.5-inch (3,009 mm) wheelbase is approximately four inches longer and the overall length is six inches longer.

Suspension and wheels

A four-wheel independent suspension with electronic stability control delivers confident handling, whether loaded with weekend home-improvement supplies or towing a pair of personal watercraft to the lake.

The steering box is located ahead of the front axle line for a quick, direct feel. The sport truck's front stabilizer bar is one mm larger than the sedan, and the rear suspension has been enhanced to support payloads without adversely affecting handling.

The G8 sport truck rides on 18-inch machine-faced aluminum wheels with a P245/45R18 summer performance tire. All-season tires are available. An optional Sports Package includes 19-inch machine-faced aluminum wheels with P245/40R19 summer performance tires.

Brakes and steering

The sport truck shares the G8 GT's four-wheel disc brake system, featuring 12.64-inch front and 12.76-inch rear rotors. Front rotor thickness is 1.0 inch, while the rear rotors are 0.87-inch thick. Twin-piston, front alloy calipers and vented rotors and single-piston, alloy rear calipers with vented rotors are standard, as is ABS.

Comfort and convenience

Given its heritage, it's not surprising that the G8 sport truck offers many of the same creature comforts as the G8 GT, such as:

  • Air conditioning with electronic dual-zone climate control
  • Cruise control
  • Driver Information Center
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Tilt/telescoping steering wheel with DIC and radio controls
  • Power windows/locks/mirrors
  • Remote keyless entry and remote start
  • Theft-deterrent alarm system

Fully-bolstered, four-way adjustable cloth seats are standard. Heated, six-way leather seats are available. They can be customized with two-tone, black-and-red inserts and a coordinating gauge cluster.

Behind the seats is a surprisingly large interior cargo area with more than 8.5 cubic feet (245 liters) of storage space. There are two covered storage compartments beneath the load floor and a pair of cargo nets.

Sound system

The G8 sport truck's 230-watt Blaupunkt AM/FM/six-disc CD changer has an MP3 input and five speakers. The 6.5-inch audio display controls both the sound and climate control systems.

Safety and security

A full list of safety features are standard, including:

  • StabiliTrak electronic vehicle stability system
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Dual-stage frontal air bags with a passenger sensing system
  • Head-curtain side air bags
  • Side thorax air bags
  • Three-point safety belts in all seating positions
  • Safety belt pretensioners
  • OnStar




2010 Pontiac G8 sport truck

Body style / driveline:

two-passenger, front engine, rear-wheel drive coupe-based sport truck


unitized body frame, 2-side galvanized steel body with high-strength steel in chassis

EPA vehicle class:


Manufacturing location:

Adelaide , Australia



6.0L V-8 w / Active Fuel Management (AFM)

Displacement (cu in / cc):

364 / 5967

Bore & stroke (in / mm):

3.99 x 3.62 / 101.3 x 92

Block material:

cast aluminum w/ cast-in-place iron bore liners

Cylinder head material:



valve-in-head; 2 valves per cylinder; roller lifters

Ignition system:

high-energy distributorless ignition; solid state direct-fire ignition w/ coil near plug and integrated ignition

Fuel delivery:

returnless, multi-port fuel injection

Compression ratio:


Horsepower (hp / kW @ rpm):

361 / 270 @ 5300*

Torque (lb-ft / Nm @ rpm):

385 / 522 @ 4400*

Recommended fuel:

premium unleaded

Maximum engine speed (rpm):


Emissions controls:

evaporative system, dual exhaust with close-coupled catalytic converters, equal-length exhaust, positive crankcase ventilation, electronic throttle control



Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed automatic

Gear ratios (:1):















Final drive ratio:




multi-link MacPherson strut; direct-acting stabilizer bar (24-mm dia.); progressive-rate coil springs; fully adjustable camber, caster and toe


four-link independent; progressive-rate coil springs over shocks; decoupled stabilizer bar (12-mm dia.); higher lateral stiffness for handling through two lateral ball joints per side; fully adjustable camber and toe

Steering type:

variable-ratio rack-and-pinion; rack forward of front axle centerline

Steering ratio:

46-53 mm per revolution

Steering wheel turns, lock-to-lock:


Turning circle, curb-to-curb (ft / m):

38.4 / 11.7



four-wheel disc w/ ABS; ventilated front and rear rotors; twin-piston front calipers; single piston alloy rear calipers

Rotor diameter (in / mm):

front: 12.64 / 321
rear: 12.76 / 324


Wheel size / type:

18 x 8-inch machine-faced aluminum (std); 19 x 8-inch machine-faced aluminum (w / optional Sports Package)


P245/45R18 summer tire (std); all-season tire optional; optional Sports Package includes P245/40R/19 summer tire



Wheelbase (in / mm):

118.5 / 3009

Overall length (in / mm):

201.8 / 5127.8

Overall width (in / mm):

74.8 / 1899

Overall height (in / mm):

58.3 / 1480

Track (in / mm):

front: 62.7 / 1592

rear: 63.3 / 1608

Curb weight (lb / kg):

3995 / 1812

Weight distribution (front / rear)


Cargo box

Length at floor (in / mm):

73.9 / 1878

Width at floor (in / mm):


Width between wheelhousings (in / mm):

47.4 / 1206

Tailgate width (in / mm):


Inside height (in / mm):



Seating capacity:


Headroom (in / mm):

38.8 / 985

Legroom (in / mm):

42.2 / 1071

Shoulder room (in / mm):

59.0 / 1501

Hip room (in / mm):

56.7 / 1439


EPA passenger volume (cu ft / L):


EPA interior volume (cu ft / L):


Cargo volume (cu ft / L):

42.7 / 1208

Trailer towing maximum (lb / kg):

3500 / 1600

Payload (lb / kg):

1316 / 597

Fuel tank (gal / L):

19.2 / 73

Engine oil (qt / L):

8.9 / 8.5 (dry)
8.8 / 8.3 (w / filter change)

Cooling system (qt / L):

11.4 / 10.8

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      remember the saying do not judge a book by it cover
      • 7 Years Ago
      u can fit a hard top or canopy
      • 7 Years Ago
      I'm sorry, but most of you guys are friggin' idiots, seriously!

      This is not a Chevy for 2 reasons;

      1) It cost next to nothing to bring this over, as the only parts that change from the Holden version are the G8 specific bits.

      2) GM stated at the time this was first shown that Chevy has too many models already, so it will not be an El Camino.

      So many of you seem to fail to grasp that many truck buyers are looking for both utility and performance, and the G8 ST offers both in a package that's NOT 12 FEET TALL!!!!!

      Sure, the wagon would be really cool, but after the Magnum went bye-bye, I wasn't surprised when GM changed their mind.

      I'll be waiting for an apology from you numbskulls when this things sells out.

      The ONLY thing that will cause both the G8 sedan and ST to fail would be $5/gal gasoline.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I have a soft spot for half-trucks, but realistically, Dead On Arrival. Late 2009 will have $4/gallon across the board. With the 3.6 V6 and a more refined exterior it would at least stand a chance. I doubt the G8 lasts more than 1 generation either, unless it gets the V6 DI and I-4 DI turbo. I like them both quite a bit, but a thorough assessment of the market conditions 2010-2015 doesn't bode well for them, at all. If Pontiac does not make major progress in the next 3-4 years (some nice products, but that doesn't mean people will be willing or able to buy them) they'll be going for a long walk off a short pier.
      • 7 Years Ago
      If they are gonna take a risk on a new unique vehicle, they should have done it with the wagon, not the ute. More and more people here are warming up to the wagon.
        • 7 Years Ago
        No the general buying public may not, but more than a ute. You think a ute would be more accepted than a wagon? I am missing your point keller?
        • 7 Years Ago
        More and more people HERE are warming up.

        The general buying public won't, because they don't like wagons.
      • 7 Years Ago
      No manual? I was a potential buyer as I will be looking for a new DD about when that is available, but no manual, no purchase.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Unrelated to the car itself, but I find it interesting that they included the untouched studio shots at the end of the gallery. You don't usually see car companies releasing their unshopped studio pics. (Unless someone at the shoot snuck these). Interesting for me, as a photographer, to see how others do their lighting...
      • 7 Years Ago
      weeeeeeeeak. dont want.
        • 7 Years Ago
        i second that,

        give me the wagon, stop this UGLY 'truck' from coming here please

        I know, i know, it's too late already
        • 7 Years Ago
        You all asked for it, but you don't want it because it wears the Pontiac badge.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Chuck, it doesn't get any manlier than the muscle car that can haul more than ass.


      A G8 ST running low 13s in Australia.


      And it sounds so awesome, especially on the dyno.

      • 7 Years Ago
      The concept is great - I maintain that the Dodge Magnum would have been the PERFECT platform for a Ute, and people would have bought it. Props to GM for finally re-introducing this class of vehicle, which might lure people away from their SUVs.

      That said, the execution here is HORRENDOUS. Despite wanting this kind of vehicle, it looks so awful I couldn't even consider it. My expectations were much higher.

      Maybe I can just buy a Magnum and chop it...
      • 7 Years Ago
      If it were a 2dr sportwagon, I would at least take it around the block.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Wow...and people wonder why GM is in trouble...they actually pay people hundreds of thousands of $'s to "design" this garbage...If I was a stockholder and saw the wasted money that is incorporated into that....thing....I'd be selling....NOW!
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