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When I was a yungin', there was no better way to approximate the thrill of actually driving a car than terrorizing my backyard with a Tamiya Blackfoot. The Blackfoot was a 1:10 scale Ford F-150 monster truck with four independent shocks, two-wheel drive and a plastic flareside body. Fast forward to 2008, and it's not uncommon to see Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters piloting full-size rocket cars from a helicopter using an R/C controller similar to the one I used back in the day. Perhaps that's why the sight of a full-size, right-hand-drive, radio-controlled HUMMER H3 doesn't shock us much, but we still have to give mad props to engineer Dr. James Brighton from Cranfield University for creating an R/C car that rivals my Blackfoot. GM says the remote-controlled HUMMER can climb a 407mm vertical wall, traverse a 40% side slope and run through 610mm of water. Yeah, but can it jump two tree branches? I thought not. Blackfoot FTW.

[Source: GM]

[Source: GM via Zerc Customs]

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- HUMMER H3 converted into man-sized remote control car -

"...we don't stop playing because we get old;
we get old because we stop playing."

HUMMER, the world's most iconic boy's toy, has converted the new right-hand drive H3 into the ultimate gadget for grown ups - a life sized remote controlled car that definitely won't be available in your local toyshop.

The hardy on/off road vehicle has been converted to make life a little less dull – those lucky enough to have a play, will experience the unrivalled agility and off-road capability of the new H3 from the palm of their hand.

Engineer Dr. James Brighton from Cranfield University transformed the HUMMER H3 into a remote controlled vehicle to create the ultimate boy's toy:
"Converting the HUMMER H3 into the super-sized remote control car took a month to complete but we've had lots of fun in the process.

The results are clear – all controllers will be amazed by the handling ability – the best any radio controlled vehicle has had to date. The vehicle is capable of climbing a 407mm vertical wall, traverse a 40% side slope and operate in up to 610mm of water – imagine the fun"

Steve Catlin from HUMMER comments:
"HUMMER is like no other – as the ultimate workhorse it is built for action and can handle off-roading with ease but also has a unique, iconic style.

What better way to show off the definitive big boy's toy than converting the HUMMER H3 into a remote controlled car?"

The HUMMER H3 is available to order now from £26,495 on the road. For more information visit

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