It seems that lately, Jeremy Clarkson just can't catch a break. Like some other Englishmen we can think of, Clarkson has never had a problem being brutally honest, despite the fact that his viewpoints get him into trouble every now and again... and again. This time, Clarkson was allegedly photographed talking on a cell phone while driving. While some of the more car-consicous among us may be more interested in the classic Mercedes Benz that he was piloting, talking on a mobile phone while driving is illegal in the U.K., and apparently the offense is taken rather seriously. Clarkson is currently being chided for thinking that he is "above the law".

We can't help but wonder if this is being made into a much bigger deal than it normally would because of Clarkson's fame. The fact that his stardom revolves around automobiles and driving doesn't do him any favors in this particular situation either.

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[Source: Daily Mail]