• Mar 11th 2008 at 6:03PM
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CNET's Green Enterprise video series (see video below) took a look at PG&E's hybrid electric service trucks and their vehicle-to-grid (V2G) plug-in hybrid cars. One cool clip shows PG&E's V2G hybrid putting energy back into the grid and turning the power meter backwards. The diesel electric service trucks don't need to idle to use the bucket and can save up to sixty percent of the annual fuel cost of a standard truck (that's $5,000 in potential savings per truck per year). The video below also includes other green technology like solar panels on the sides of buildings and buoys that generate energy from ocean waves.
[Source: CNET]

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      I dont know you...but going off a little bit off topic....this girl is kinda cute.


      oh yeah, great job PG&E
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      The battle against oil is raging on.. In the futur we will buy the best car we can afford and forget abouth 'saving gas'. No need to go to an under-powered and micro performance car like the smart. We should preferably spend the gas saving money to buy deluxe and performance cars and put the economy in good shape. Flying cars are the ultimate goal.
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