• Mar 6th 2008 at 7:07PM
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CNET TV has a video report from the Geneva Motor Show on the CNG Porsche boxer clone we told you about recently. Below the fold is a promotional video specifically for the compressed natural gas roadster. You won't find any updates to the news we know about this vehicle - except, perhaps, that it made it safely to the show, but now you can watch the car in motion and feel a little bit like you've ridden in it yourself. Also, if you can read German, you'll notice that the "producers" of the video are No Particulates Less CO2. Nice, huh?
[Source: CNET TV, YouTube]

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      rgseidl, I was quoting the CNET video with that headline. I think PGO made Porsche replicas in the past but I agree, this CNG car is NOT a direct conversion. Clearly inspired, at least in part by Porsche. It actually feels a little more British to me than German. Maybe it's the Bond theme of the video.
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      @ Lascelles -

      I realize this vehicle looks similar to the old Porsche 356, but PGO's web site appears to suggest they develop their vehicles themselves. I've found no indication to the contrary anywhere else, either. Are you saying PGO licensed the underpinnings for the Boxster from Porsche?

      I'm puzzled because PGO uses a transverse inline 4 rather than a longitudinal flat 6 - I'm not sure the Boxster chassis would even permit such a swap.
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