• Mar 4th 2008 at 3:13PM
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CNN asked Rolls Royce boss Ian Robertson about the company's green efforts today. At the Geneva Motor Show, Robertson said the environment is on top of the agenda at Rolls, and gave as an example that Rolls has created "the most environmentally friendly car plant anywhere in the world." Ian also talked about the use of aluminum frames in the company's cars and then said something I found very surprising. Ian claimed the Phantom is "by far the class leader in the segment in terms of CO2 and the best MPG." Wah? The 9-12 MPG Phantom is a leader in the mid-sized class of cars? Ian must mean another class of cars such as the "super luxury segment" he mentions in the interview.

[Source: CNN]

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      or the ZF 8 speed auto.
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      Why, that's not an utterly shameful plug in an entirely unrelated blog post at all, Zapped! Bravo!

      OT - Sure he meant the 'supder-duper-ultra-deluxe-hyper-turbo-luxury and stupidly-expensive' class. As if Rolls Royce would compare their Phantom to something lowly yet vaguely similar like... a Chrysler 300 SRT8. (13 city/18 highway!)

      All is fair in PR and war... especially at car shows in Geneva.
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      Laughably wrong on "Mid-size" and "full size" cars, it's even wrong on "ultra-luxury class" cars. Must be the "ultra-luxury made in England by a company with the initials RR" class!

      Whoops, what's the fuel economy of a Range Rover?

      Why does he even try to put over such nonsense? Doesn't he realize how totally silly that makes him appear?
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      Valvetroinic AND direct injection.

      ZF 6hp34 yet?
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