• Feb 24th 2008 at 7:17PM
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Last night on the Independent Spirit Awards, an award show for independent films, there was a joke about Ed Begley Jr. powering the entire show (lights, sound, etc) by pedaling a stationary bike. Ed, an actor known to be very eco-friendly, didn't really power the entire show but the organizers did use green power to show off their Independent Spirits. Biodiesel generators powered the show's electrical systems (lights, sound, etc.) and the organizers found other ways to make the entire show very green. Will the Oscars be able to top Begley on a bike?

[Source: AMC]

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      I like Tim's spin on A Modest Proposal.

      I think the comparison of a barrel of oil versus human labor is irrelevant to his point.

      But I wouldn't so quickly discount the "Gilligan's Island" approach.

      I've always thought it would make more sense to jump on a stationary to (e.g.)pump the water in your house than to jump in a car, drive to the gym, get on a stationary... etc.
      • 8 Months Ago
      You gotta love the Ed!
      • 8 Months Ago
      Maybe Ed is onto something here.

      I watched a movie the other night where dozens of children powered a giant cylindrical treadmill which turned a huge grindstone in a mill. This started me thinking…

      There are millions of unemployed on the taxpayer's back. Why not put them to work instead of just giving them other people’s money and teaching them that they, the money, and other people’s labor are worthless?

      We could use them to generate power in much the same way as those children in the movie. We could call these places "workhouses" and we could feed them gruel.

      I'm just kidding!!!! We all LOVE working and paying taxes so the non-productive can sit at home watching Oprah and all that work JUST produces Co2 anyway.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Tim, Ed actually has a bike generator in his house. The best designed product on the market, IMHO, is Freeplay Weza. The idea you propose was thought of before but if you do the math ... oil is really cheap! I forget the exact numbers but I think a barrel of oil is equal to about a year of human work. There are lots of clever human powered ideas like the play pump, flash lights, etc. that really make sense though.
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      It's just too "Gilligan’s Island" for anyone to take seriously and it makes the whole "green" movement look foolish.

      Apparently common sense is NOT common.
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