• Feb 16th 2008 at 10:09AM
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There is a famous story written by Peter Egan which compares the fuel mileage of a Honda Cub to that of an athlete riding a bicycle. I'll save all of the details out (check out Egan's book "Leanings" if you must know it), but the consensus of the trip was that the 168 miles per gallon that the Cub got made it more efficient than the bike rider. That may not be entirely true, but it is impressive mileage. Honda touted that the Cub could do even better when ridden by your grandmother, and now that the machine is fuel-injected, the mileage may be better still. What's more is that emissions could also be reduced by a significant margin. Although no longer sold in the United States, used Cubs are not difficult to find, and the 50cc four-stroke engines are just as miserly as ever. If you are serious about reducing your gas bill, maybe a visit to your local classified section could have you happily commuting at over 100 miles per gallon by spring-time.

[Source: Honda via The Kneeslider]

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      Scooter Centrale in Plainville CT (860) 747-2552 has a Symba (SYM's version of the Super Cub) on it's floor. It's a great little bike/pack mule. The bike has a 101 cc version of Honda's small OHC engine. You can troll along at 20 mph in 4th gear or bring it up to the mid 50's (indicated). Appears to be a very well finished bike.
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      I crashed one of these into a parked car back in 1968.
      It impact bent the forks back and the spark plug punctured the tire. It racked me up pretty good to.
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      The USA is finally getting a Cub, SPRING 2009!
      Here's the link with the details:
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      100 mpg? I'm already commuting at about 1400 mpg-equivalent (24.1 watt-hours per mile) on my electric bicycle.