• Feb 14th 2008 at 6:44PM
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The Orlando Sentinel reports that administrator John Drury (above photo) is excited that the Tavares City Council is lifting restrictions on NEVs [neighborhood electric vehicles] and even putting in some charging stations. John says, "Wouldn't it be a fine day when people are driving NEVs to the train station, then take a train to downtown Orlando?" Corey Lamb of O-Cartz, which rents electric vehicles in Orlando for $3 a ride, says, "This is the way of the future. ... They're environmentally friendly. They're fun and they're safe."

South Alabama's Baldwin County Now reports that B.J. Johnson (yes, that's his real name) of Funny Cars of Gulf Shores, another EV renter, wishes he had it as easy as O-Cartz. B.J. has to prove that NEVs won't cause a problem to a skeptic in Councilman Robert Craft, who says, "Just the fact that it's different from a normal vehicle could present danger. ... I said it last time and I'm telling you now, I think it's a bad idea that is dangerous and unsafe with the congestion problems we already have throughout our peak times of the year."

B.J., a little advice from us to you: move to Orlando.

[Sources: Orlando Sentinel, Baldwin County Now]

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      You tend to run headlong into your posts with criticism of liberals, whether or not the term applies. I suggest you listen to less inflammatory talk radio, and get your terms right.

      For what it's worth, from wikipedia:

      "Social progressivism, the belief that traditions do not carry inherent value and social practices ought to be continuously adjusted for the greater benefit of humanity, is a common component of liberal ideology"

      With that in mind, Councilman Robert Craft does NOT fit the "liberal" bill due to his lack of support for a "different than a normal [aka traditional] vehicle".

      I've stated it here before: standing on either end of the spectrum and wagging your finger in the other direction is absurd and irrational.

      All that aside, the Councilman is right. There is a safety issue. And so is rgseidl. It's a known risk.

      To take it further: the more people that take that risk, the fewer tanks we have on the road, and wah-la: the less risky it gets.

      Gotta love the uphill approach to a catch 22.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Zaedrus -

      "Social progressivism, the belief that traditions do not carry inherent value and social practices ought to be continuously adjusted for the greater benefit of humanity, is a common component of liberal ideology"

      So you're saying that "progressives" or “liberals” or whatever socialists are calling themselves these days are much like children. They are not wise enough to learn from history, they have no foundational belief system, no sense of “fair”, are VERY self-centered and they have no moral or ethical compass. They only know that if they cry loud enough when they are hungry, the nanny state will come and feed them some of their brother’s milk.

      Well, this explains EVERYTHING. Good luck with that.

      • 7 Years Ago
      No. That's what you're saying. Don't confuse it with what I'm saying.

      And you've explained nothing, rather demonstrated a very black and white, unbalanced, extremist point of view. Good luck with that.

      It's still not clear how you relate the liberal ideology to the Councilman.

      You're welcome.
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      @ Wildgoosechase -

      the whole point of NEVs is that they don't need to meet crash safety requirements because they are limited to (typically) 25 mph. Of course, if a drunk driver crashes into one, the NEV driver may be seriously injured - but that's a risk he/she willingly takes when taking such a vehicle out on the road. Cp. the G-Wiz in London or cyclists anyplace without fully segregated bicycle lanes.

      The idea that everyone must drive a tank just in case another motorist causes and accident is highly questionable when oil costs close to $100 a barrel and the climate is warming. Whatever you do, life is risky.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Apparently Councilman Robert Craft is like MOST liberals and is just trying to fill his own need to be everyone's “mother hen” in order to gain a feeling of self-worth.

      Some people have a deep physiological need to be needed whether others want their help or not. These liberals fill that void in themselves by “protecting” others weather they like it or not. Of course this ALWAYS restricts the rights and freedoms of the “protected.” Liberals just think “We know better, it’s for your own good.”

      Perhaps what he REALLY needs is s good psychiatrist… or maybe a nice puppy to take care of. If he was a woman, I’d suggest about 20 cats.
      • 7 Years Ago
      If they are allowed on public roads then they need all the safety requirements and meet the crash standards of current automobiles. Sure they are clean but that doesn't help the occupants if they are hit by a drunk driver.