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Seeing as they spend a lot of time testing vehicles at the Nürburgring, Aston Martin has decided to set up shop with a permanent test/engineering facility at the famous circuit. The automaker has obtained an existing structure and is busy preparing the facility for a May 2008 opening. All new models go through a final long-distance shakedown on the track, and having their own shop next to the Nordschleife gives them a handy base at which they can also host customer-focused events that use the 'Ring as part of the draw. Aston Martin loves the track, and has used it as the inspiration for the V8 Vantage N400 road car, itself inspired by the exploits of the company's N24 factory racer. The above rendering of the facility has been released, giving a great idea of what the new facility will look like... if it was to be part of the online world in Second Life.

[Source: Aston Martin]

Aston Martin to Open Engineering Test Centre at the Nϋrburgring

Just two months after opening its first ever purpose-built design studio at the company's Gaydon headquarters in Warwickshire, Aston Martin has announced plans to establish a new test centre at the famous Nϋrburgring race circuit in Germany.

Work is underway to convert an existing building at a prime location at Meuspath, adjacent to the famous Nordschleife circuit, and the facility is expected to be operational by the end of May this year.

Aston Martin has made extensive use of the legendary 14-mile circuit for testing and development over recent years. While being instrumental in developing aspects such as ride and handling, tyres, brakes and cooling systems, all new models are also subjected to a 10,000km high speed sign-off test on the gruelling circuit. The new facility will enhance these activities and provide a secure, permanent base for the company's engineering and development team, while also allowing opportunities for customer activities in the future.

Aston Martin's CEO, Dr Ulrich Bez, commented: "When we open the Aston Martin Nϋrburgring Test Centre at the end of May this will be our second major new facility in less than 12 months since the company entered new ownership.

"The Nϋrburgring has played a vital part in improving the performance and durability of all modern Aston Martins. Our new test centre will allow us to further increase the performance of our cars and to share something of the unique Nordschleife experience with our customers."

The new test centre is the latest announcement in an exciting period for Aston Martin. Following on from the launch of the eagerly anticipated DBS – which will appear alongside James Bond in Bond 22, Quantum of Solace – and the bold V12 Vantage RS concept, the company achieved record sales in 2007 and heads into 2008 with the strongest model line-up in the company's history.

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      • 7 Years Ago
      I wonder if they've got any job openings. I'd schlep tools and tires for food and some seat time on the 'ring. lol
      • 7 Years Ago
      Very nice. Keep up the good work AM.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I was actually just looking at their job openings, and they're looking for a manger for the entire facalitie. If I wasn't in high school, had several college degrees, tons of work experience, and spoke fluent German I would have totally sent my resume, but somehow I dont think I'm the kind of person they're looking for.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I grew up near the ring and need to warn all of you who think of that place as the ultimate place to work. Sure, the ring itself is THE place to be when you are interessted in fast moving gas burners, but there is absolutly nothing more than the ring itself around. The track is in the middle of nowhere!
      But the worst parts are:
      - No broadband internet available in the towns around (aside from Nürburg itself)
      - The german police is hunting every second day for speeding drivers (several dead bikers per year on public roads around the ring are the reason for that)
      - The ring is located in Rhineland-Palatinate where local authorities banned all derestricted Autobahns. Top speed of 130 km/h everywhere. What's the point of Autobahns, when you are not allowed to burry your right foot in the doormat? (btw: The ring has no direct connection to any Autobahn. ~20km B-Road to get to the next Bahn)

      My tip: Work at the ring, but live some 50km away in a city where they won't roll up the sideways at 6pm!

      My top tip: Move to the north of switzerland, earn tons of money, be able to afford a fast car and drive 20km to the german border to get on truly unrestricted roads.

      Greetz from Zürich
      • 7 Years Ago
      I'd shlep food and tools for tires.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Hi Friends ! I am living in Canada and would like to test a car on a German Autobahn since I will be purchasing an European sports car . Any recommendations where to go and what car to get ?