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In spite of all the attention that Tesla has drawn in the electric vehicle space over the last two years, few of us will ever be able to afford a Roadster or the WhiteStar. One ray of hope that many have been able to hang onto for an affordable all speed electric car was the XS500 from Miles Automotive (previously known as the Javlon). Unfortunately it starting to look like that car won't be much more affordable than a WhiteStar. Ever since Miles announced their intention to offer the XS500 they have been quoting a price of about $30,000 for the electric sedan that has the capability of traveling at highway speeds.

Miles has been working with the manufacturer to upgrade the power-train with items like an AC motor and lithium ion batteries. Also unlike Tesla they are not requesting a waiver on the advanced airbag regulation. All that stuff requires a lot of engineering which doesn't come cheap. According to Martijn Noordam at AllGreenVehicles, the European distributor for Miles, the XS500 should appear in early 2009 and the price will be approximately €40,000. At today's exchange rate that comes to about $58,750. That's not exactly mainstream affordable.

Update: After some communications with Miles Automotive Marketing Mgr, Kara Saltness, the situation is marginally less cloudy. According to Saltness the company is still targeting a US price of $30-35,000. However, work remains to be done on the car and in her words, "Due to the complexities of the development process, we cannot yet determine the exact price for the XS500 at launch in the U.S. market." So the price may be higher or it might not. The only thing we know for sure is that we don't know, although if I were a betting man, I'd say it will likely be adjusted upwards. As for the European price, my initial communications with Martijn Noordam implied the target price in Europe was the same $30-35,000 and it had risen from there to €40,000. I'll chalk that one up to lost in translation.



1.When will the XS500 be available for purchase?
We anticipate delivery of the XS500 in 2009. Due to the complexity of the development process, we cannot determine an exact launch date at this time. While being first to come to market with this leading technology may provide certain advantages, ensuring the XS500 exceeds customer expectations in terms of safety, quality and reliability is of first importance.

2. How much will the XS500 cost?
The projected U.S. retail price for the XS500 is between $30,000 and $35,000. The projected price for markets outside the U.S. has not yet been determined.

There are a host of factors that may affect the price of the XS500 in other markets including distributorships, shipping costs, local taxes, and import duties. Until those unknown variables are addressed it is premature to make consumer price projections for the XS500 in international markets.

3. What is the status on the progress of the XS500?
The computer simulation crash testing began in January 2008, and physical crash testing will soon follow. Like all of MILES' current vehicle models, the XS500 will conform to U.S. NHTSA standards and exceed the U.S. Department of Transportation safety regulations.

The first XS500 prototype was delivered to the U.S. in January of 2008. Prototype vehicles will be road and climate tested in the U.S. in the Spring of 2008.

We plan to work on the homologation of the vehicle for EU Certification; however, we have not yet set a specific date for EU testing.

4. What type of batteries will it have?
The XS500 is powered by a 320 volt, 25 kilowatt, 80 amp/hour, advanced, proprietary, safety tested, lithium-ion battery pack. The battery system will take 4-6 hours to charge at 50% depletion and charge on a 220 volt service. The expected battery life of the system is 125,000 to 150,000 miles.

5. What special features does the car have?
The MILES XS500 is an all electric, zero emissions, four-door, highway speed sedan. It will travel 80+ mph for 120+ miles on a single charge. Pininfarina styling and interior design along with sophisticated electronics systems and an advanced airbag system make the XS500 a desirable consumer and fleet car. The XS500 will offer a wide range of options including Bluetooth capability, air conditioning, power seats, power windows, a sunroof and an AM/FM CD stereo system.

6. Where will it be manufactured?
All MILES vehicles combine the best of U.S. research and development as well as electric motor and controller technology with China's advanced battery and vehicle manufacturing capabilities with final assembly in China.

7. Where can I buy one?
The XS500 will be distributed nationwide through our U.S. dealer network. MILES is currently working on distribution agreements for international markets.

8. Can I be put on a waiting list and are you taking deposits?
We do not currently have a waiting list, but interested individuals can join our mailing list on our website (www.milesev.com) and be notified about the progress of the XS500. We are not taking deposits at this time; however, as we get closer to the official launch date, we will notify interested parties about our vehicle deposit program.

9. When and where can I test drive one?
The MILES XS500 model will be available for test drives at any one of our authorized MILES dealers in 2009. To find the dealer nearest you, visit our website (www.milesev.com) and type in your zip code in the "Dealer Locator" box in the top right side of the homepage. If there is not currently a MILES dealer in your area, please notify the corporate office in Santa Monica, Calififornia for follow up.

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      • 7 Years Ago
      Last year when I talked one of the Miles guys, I asked him if he saw Tesla's Whitestar as a future competitor. He thought the difference in price was great enough to make them separate markets. Now, they seem very close in price. They haven't announced details yet, but Tesla seems to be trying to compensate for the high price by making it a luxury auto, with appropriate features and finishes.

      I know the base car that Miles is starting with (gas powered Javlon), is certainly not a luxury car, so that would take significant changes to bring it up to anything like a luxury class auto. Those changes would then increase the price even more.

      I'll bet soon we'll see the Miles XS500 changing into a gas-electric, range extended, type vehicle.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Jeez Miles sure watches this blog fast! I guess there marketing lady settles it. Sounds like Benelux jumped the gun since they don't even sell the faster version yet. They're probably just guessing and Nicholas is right about EU prices, in Poland my sister bought a base model BMW and it was like $80k USD!!!!?!? But heres hoping the Miles will still be $30K like theyve been saying all along.
      • 7 Years Ago
      well let's hope it'll be 30k. I for one rather save more money and wait for the white star. A conversion car is great but I want a car that SAYS ev.
      • 7 Years Ago
      While this may not be the issue in this case, don't forget that cars in Europe tend to be priced MUCH higher than they are here. In most cases it makes more sense to say "The new XXXX will be priced between the YYYY and the ZZZZ" to give a more reasonable guess as to US pricing.

      Of course with developmental technology like this 40kEuros might just cover the manufacturing costs (though 40kEuros does buy an awful lost of labor and materials at Chinese rates).
      • 7 Years Ago
      Holy Crapoly Batman! Miles has got to be kidding. And this thing is supposed to compete with the Whitestar? 1) It's built in China where quality is a serious question; 2) we haven't seen a vehicle from this company that is anything close to Tesla's Roadster; 3) Miles, as far as I know, hasn't complied with any federal safety regs. One Whitestar please, fully loaded, plus a Segway, AND a PS3 just for good measure.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I am a bit confused too. I had also heard the news about the $60k price tag on the XS500 here in Europe.

      Now Kara from Miles Electric Vehicles informs us that they are still targeting the $30-35k in the US.

      That is not good news for the Dutch importer.

      It this is true many potential buyers will import an XS500 from the US and then pay the 11% tax and 25% VAT here in Denmark and that would mean a price of less than $50k for us.

      For you guys in the USA that may sound like a very high price but remember that we have 180% tax on ICE cars in Denmark BUT BEVs are tax exempt!

      A Toyota Prius actually costs approx. $75k here!!!!

      Also remember that petrol is $8/gallon over here and that makes BEVs even more interesting!


      -hopefully a XS500 owner within one year-
      • 7 Years Ago
      Gee, another story about how EV/PHEV vehicles will be more expensive than expected (OR delayed OR have a smaller range OR etc). Just another reminder that it's all about the battery -cost and safety and scaling up the production, etc. All the other aspects of EVs and PHEVs are really not that difficult. Any car company can do design the rest. It will all boil down to who can get reliable, safe, affordable and mass produced Li ion batteries first.
      • 7 Years Ago
      You know Danny once BEVs become popular in Denmark they are going to tax the hell out of electricity and BEVs just like ICE.
      Gas is more expensively in europe for a few reasons, not enough refineries, it needing to be shipped via train not pipeline for many areas, so if gas was taxed in Denmark like it is in the US it would cost around 4-4.50 a gallon the rest is higher taxes that goes to social programs.
      • 7 Years Ago

      I work for Miles Electric Vehicles in Santa Monica. The information you have listed above is incorrect. Our 2009 XS500 model is still projected to sell for $30,000 to $35,000 here in the U.S. AllGreenVehicles is our distributor in the Benelux countries, however, they are currently only selling our low speed models. When the XS500 is available for purchase, they will be distributing in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; but, the price for the XS500 has not yet been set for those markets. Please update your posting.

      Thank you,

      Kara Saltness
      Marketing Manager
      Miles Electric Vehicles
      • 7 Years Ago
      .... Er, actually I just looked at Toyota UK vs. Toyota USA and I seem to be completely wrong...
      • 7 Years Ago

      You were right the first time -- equivalent models in UK or Europe are 60-75% higher than in the US. I checked a couple of Toyota models from US, UK and German websites. Example: US base Yaris = $11K, UK - $18K, Germany - $19K (with smaller 1.0L engine).

      I used only rough conversion rates of 2 USD to 1 British pound and 1.45 USD per Euro. I'm not sure whether the quoted Euro prices include any VAT taxes.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I've actually been waiting for news like this from the emerging Chinese companies.

      Welcome to the high costs of vehicle safety standards, China!

      All these low price-points that companies have been spouting mean precisely bunk when it comes to truly competitive (i.e. SAFE) products in the modern marketplaces.

      Aside from that, EVs or PHEVs still require a great deal of 'abnormal' R&D as it is, so initial costs (just as we've seen from Volt news) are naturally going to be higher until R&D processes as well as materials/component logistics chains are firmly in place.

      Long story short, no one should really be surprised.
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