• Feb 4th 2008 at 1:41PM
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Forget going to Disneyworld. Last night's Super Bowl MVP selected a Cadillac Escalade hybrid as his award. Eli Manning was given his choice of Caddys, and he chose the upcoming huge SUV with Two-Mode powertrain. The SUV will be available later this year. Manning told Cadillac's CEO that, "I know it comes out in the summer. I want the first one."

Guess we really shouldn't be too surprised. Football players in SUVs are a pretty common sight. At least one person says hybridizing the large rides is a step in the right direction. Given your choice of Caddy's, what would you have selected?


[Source: Newsday]

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      • 7 Months Ago
      I'd pick the most expensive one and sell it!

      Seriously, Eil picking the (only available) hybrid makes some sense, since it's not like there are any fuel efficient Cadis out there. The CTS is best at 18/26, and so the hybrid Escalade, which will probably be rated in the high teens, really isn't that much worse.
      • 7 Months Ago
      Football players tend to be taller and broader than Joe Average, so a small car really wouldn't make much sense. Neither, IMHO, does the Escalade - even with the green bling that also includes valve deactivation and an Atkinson cycle for that 6.0L V8. It's just too big.

      Then again, why look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm sure the marketing folks at Cadillac made sure the football star picked the model they most wanted him to endorse. Who knows what Manning would have picked if Cadillac had a clean diesel sedan in the line-up?
      • 7 Months Ago
      That car is really nice! He should get some awesome accessories for it from http://www.amp-research.com/products/truckaccessories/bedstep/ They do some great things there!
      • 7 Months Ago
      Can we get a follow-up story when Eli get's the keys, please?
      • 7 Months Ago
      It will probably have one of the highest resale values among Cadillacs.
      • 7 Months Ago
      I would have chosen the regular Esacalade and had that guy in Kansas but a Diesel in it. He claims 50mpg and 900HP. That would be pretty cool if its true.
      • 7 Months Ago
      I'd pick the green Escalade too and give it more oomph with something like this: http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/shop_parts/cold_air_intake/cadillac/escalade.html
      • 7 Months Ago
      Nice choice...And congrats to Eli and the Giants.
      • 7 Months Ago
      I would have chosen the upcoming CTS coupe.