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The stupendous amounts of money being spent on the presidential race have got supporters of non-front-running candidates coming up with novel ways to keep up the fight. Aficionados of Republican candidate Ron Paul have created Ron Paul Racing, a web site gathering pledges to brand a NASCAR car during this year's Daytona 500.

This line says it all: "RonPaulRacing.com will reach millions of new supporters as the RON PAUL car shoots down the front straight at 200 MPH screaming 'FREEDOM.'" The site isn't accepting donations now, merely pledges for donations. As of this writing they've collected more than $10,000, but they're looking for more, "all the way to the millions."

The site is apparently in talks with teams about branding. The '08 car belongs to Aric Almirola, but we imagine that's simply a placeholder and they don't really plan on working with the guy who ended last season with an average finishing spot of 34.5. That wouldn't send the right message, would it? If you're so inclined, head over to Ron Paul Racing and let them know you're a fan of freedom. Oh, and the site's musical accompaniment is Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55." If nothing else, we support that (where legal, of course). Thanks for the tip, scanner scott!

[Source: Ron Paul Racing]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      Libertarian on the federal level. He has stated that he wants the states to fund and administer these activities. This way people will inevitably have more power since bureaucrats in Washington won't be making up rules. And it'll make government smaller and more efficient.
        • 7 Years Ago
        I agree that it would make the federal government smaller. I'm less convinced that it would magically result in efficient government at the state or local level. One problem we'd have in Texas (Dr. Paul's home state) is that we only have a part-time legislature... I'm guessing we'd end up with full-time, overpaid legislators because they "needed" to take up the slack left by the feds.

        There's a middle ground where no one goes... reduce the size and scope of the federal government, cutting federal spending and reducing the debt (and eventually taxes, but for a while we have to pay off what we've borrowed) without totally gutting the entire government.
      • 7 Years Ago
      "But his isolationist foreign policy statements are colossally ignorant. The problems of the world are not going to disappear if we retreat back to our own borders."

      He has said many times tat h is not a isolationist. He only wants to stop secretly overthrowing other governments and sending foreign aid.

      "and there are some genuinely dangerous people controlling parts of the world."

      You mean like Israel who cluster bombed its own people with bombs that we paid for?

      "But simply being a contrarian in the house of representatives does not make him a leader of the caliber required to lead the world's only superpower."

      He is only a contrarian because he is a lone voice of reason in an out of control congress.

      'I don't know about his supposed "white supremacy" past, but I have heard passing references to it."

      This comes from papers that he did not write. The media smeared him with it even though they knew that he did not have anything to do with it.

      MK Newsletter:
      People of color are lazy.

      Headline News:
      MK is racist because his news letter (that he denies writing) included some racest comments.

      So now that I wrote this in your name you now have to defend your ideology to your family friends and supporters, and anyone that does not know you passes judgment without even so you never get a chance to defend yourself to them and they continue the lie on message boards across the internet. Seems fair – no?
      • 7 Years Ago
      I think Ron Paul Racing is a great idea. An unconventional candidate, at least according to the establishment of the party and th emedia, and an unconventional way to get the name and message of the candidate to the people. I think Ron Paul is mainstream if you believe in liberty and prosperity. People should seriously consider contributing and show the arrogant power-brokers there is more than one way to skin a cat. I have checked out the organization behind Ron Paul racing and they appear to be honest, legitimate, and now well organized. Go Ron Paul.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Thanks to Jonathon for his original post.

      There have been a lot of exciting developments in the past week at Ron Paul Racing, the most important is that we have an 11th-hour deal on the table for a season-long sponsorship of TWO cars in the Nationwide series (formerly the Busch series)!

      The team's lead driver is a hugely popular member of a great racing family, and in addition to being voted the series' "Most Popular Driver" three times, he's a nine-time race winner and host of two weekly NASCAR shows on TV. The $300,000 deal is detailed in a post on our blog at http://www.ronpaulracing.com/blog/?p=25.

      This deal came together at the end of last week, so we're scrambling to raise the $100,000 deposit we need to sign the contract and announce the team. We hope to get that taken care of in time for the series' debut at Daytona on the 16th. (If we're not in time for the first race, the team owner will prorate the sponsorship fee.)

      For more information, just visit us online at www.ronpaulracing.com.

      Kathleen Hanover
      Communications Director
      Liberty Racing PAC

      p.s. To see the kind of media exposure this could mean, I'd encourage you to watch the video on our home page. It's very informative. :)
      • 7 Years Ago

      Sure. You can read about Ron Paul's newsletters and their spotted history here:

      Autoblog published about alleged NASCAR antisemitism here (white supremacism was the wrong choice of words):
      • 7 Years Ago

      Are you a doctor? If not, shut up.

      I hope you aren't suggesting that belief in evolution is not connected to practicing medicine.

      One doesn't need a PhD or MD to recognize the importance of evolutionary principles for modern medicine.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The #08 car in Sprint Cup will be driven by Carl Long on a part time basis. I don't know where the Aric Almirola connection came from; he drives for a different team.

      Considering how small the #08 team is, I'm sure they could work out a deal with E&M Motorsports to sponsor Carl for a few races. He's a good guy and could definitely use the money.

      Having said that, anyone donating a dime to a candidate who has struggled to get over 5% of the votes in the primaries had better *really* like NASCAR racing a lot more than Paul's chances at winning a national election. Ron Paul has ZERO chance of being the Republican nominee and he's said many times he won't run as a Libertarian.
      • 7 Years Ago
      He is not a homophobe. He supports gays rights to be married. He has said this many times. He says he doesn't have to agree with what gays do but that what adults do is their own business and certainly non of federal governments.

      He voted to make Martin Luther King a national Holiday.

      Can someone can show me one time he said anything racist anywhere besides 2 lines out of newsletters.

      Do you think Opera reads and writes everything that gets put in her magazine?

      His friend Nelson Linder, NAACP leader in Texas keeps trying to defend him but of course that does not get reported.

      You know, of all the crap the other candidates get into he has this one thing and thats all that matters to people looking for any excuse not to support him.
      • 7 Years Ago
      We all know that many Southerners don't believe in evolution. So what a great market for the science-rejecting Doctor to go after.
        • 7 Years Ago
        by many you must mean a few??? I have lived in defferent parts of the southern US throughout my life, and i have NEVER met one person that ignorant. The only people who dont believe in evolution are dillusional elderly people like my grandma (who i must say, lived in New York her whole life).
      • 7 Years Ago
      I understand why his message in the campaign is so attractive. It is genuinely different than most others.

      But his isolationist foreign policy statements are colossally ignorant. The problems of the world are not going to disappear if we retreat back to our own borders. They are going to accelerate unchecked, and there are some genuinely dangerous people controlling parts of the world.

      His federalist libratarian domestic policies are less problematic, and some of what he says makes sense. But simply being a contrarian in the house of representatives does not make him a leader of the caliber required to lead the world's only superpower.

      I don't know about his supposed "white supremacy" past, but I have heard passing references to it. What I find interesting is that Robert Byrd, (D, WV) is one of the longest sitting congressman, and is a known official in the KKK, and no one on the left seems to have a problem with that.

      I also think it is duplicitous that Clintons can get away with more racism in this race than ANY republican could ever get away with. Ask George Allen, former Virginia Senator, who was beaten in his mid-term election for using one arcane word.

      That, and the media pushing identity politics further, by constantly beating the drum that blacks should only vote for blacks, women should only vote for women, and hispanics should only vote together as a block. Heaven forbid that people be suggested to make up their minds, outside of their demographic placement, and vote on issues.

      Personally, I think this race is going to be bad, just about any way it breaks down. As a true limited government conservative, there is NO one left in this race, besides MAYBE Mitt Romney, for someone like me to vote for. Liberals on the Left, closet Liberals on the "right" (McCain is no conservative. His policy record proves it, regardless of what he claims to say.)

      The choice is going to be between liberal and more liberal, and that sort of thing could destroy both our economy, with more deficit spending that can't be repaid (default of the US Government would destroy what credit our country has); and destruction of our sovereignty, by dissolving the constitution into alliances with Canada, Mexico, and defference to international governance through the UN, where the american people only have one vote, at best.

      Not to mention what liberal big-brother policies will do to the american family and community, and other social issues, like pro-life policies.

      BTW, the evolution comments above are truly stupid and ignorant. Intelligent design theory is embraced by many scientists, including biologists and geneticists, who realize that such complexity and interconnected dependence and operation, can't just pop into existance by chance, in that sort of complex state of being. And genetics is a subtractive process.

      Survival of the fittest, the evolutionary precept, depends on inferior traits being eliminated, not added. If evolution were true, by that precept, there would be one, or very few species remaining, and mass specied extinction would be common place, and expected. Evolution is a giant, illogical leap that says that a refined genetic code can somehow jump to being a more complex form, and generate new traits by chance.

      It is more logical to believe that something unobservable by science actually designed the things that science can observe. The universe from humans to sub-atomic physics, is too complex for chance occurance.

      Back to the election, the stakes have never been higher, and weakening of this country only opens opportunities for our enemies to attack us further; and we DO have brutal enemies, who use mentally challenged women and children as un-witting human bombs.

      Paul doesn't have a chance. Just doesn't. And what is sad, is that for so many people who say they want change, the front runners, Clinton, and McCain, are the two BIGGEST WASHINGTON INSIDERS in the race. Obama says the words "change" and "hope" so often that he has worn them out, without saying anything concrete, and him being the most liberal senator on record for the last term.
      Romney is a northeastern governor who is republican enough to be elected in one of the most liberal states in the union. He may be the best choice of the bad choices there are.

      There is no Ronald Reagan in this race, no matter who tries to co-opt his name and reputation. And Conservatives are left mostly in the cold.

      And with the enemies we face from outside, and the domestic policies that could destroy us from within, if not kept in check, or eliminated all together, the stakes are very high, and Reagan's conservatism, the conservatism that founded this country, personal freedom and limited government for the common defense, are exactly what are needed.
      • 7 Years Ago
      All of you Paul supporters, like adam and others, you are not making your points with attacks on posters here.

      If you want to be sure to alienate yourselves, and your supported candidate, by all means, keep attacking.

      And Adam,
      " He wants to be friendly with all the countries of the world, communicate, trade freely with them. "

      Ok. so you think Chavez, Castro, Amadinijad, Kim Jong Il, or even an increasingly totalitarian Putin, and all those guys are just going to be freindly, communicative, and nice.

      Lose the naiveté, there is evil in this world, and they are gunning for us, the capitalist western superpower. The Great Satan, as the radical muslims like to call us.

      "Havent you heard him speak? He clearly states he is NOT an isolationist. He plainly does NOT want the US to meddle with the internal affairs of other countries. Our foreign policy SUCKS. We are NOT the police of the world."

      I don't care what he claims to say. ALL of these candidates talk through whichever side of their mouth they think is more appealing, Paul maybe less than others, but he also moderates his tone to gain acceptance, compared to what the real results ammount to. He has spoken about pulling our military back within our borders, which would leave the rest of the world exposed.

      Funny, "we are not the police of the world" argument always gets thrown around.

      But "To Protect and Serve" is a police motto, and most people, within and outside the US want the US to perform that role.

      This country has freed more oppressed people in it's history than any other group in world history, yet we get vilified for helping and serving other people.

      I am not saying that our foreign policy is good, I don't think it is, but Paul's policies are not the answer.

      Paul's record of voting "NO" is admirable on one level, but I haven't heard one concrete thing he has proposed as a real solution. There is more to leadership than saying "no" to what you don't agree with. You have to provide an alternate option, and that has to stand up to scrutiny.

      Are we supposed to just stand by and let atrocities happen all over the globe, because it is someone else's back yard?

      If my neighbor is noticeably harming people in his yard, am I not supposed do anything, even call the "police", when I notice it? Are the "police" not supposed to exist?

      Your isolationist, fluffy world view is inaccurate. (and YES, IT IS isolationist, no matter what you like to call it.)

      Evil exists in this world, and must be confronted. The only thing for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing. That also affects national foreign policy, and fluffy ideas of communication and free trade with evil men in control of other countries is fallacy.
      • 7 Years Ago
      "One problem we'd have in Texas (Dr. Paul's home state) is that we only have a part-time legislature..."

      You are assuming that we need a lot of complicated laws to govern us. WE DO NOT. Actually, if we had a part time federal legislature it would at least stem the tide of out of control spending and buy us some time before the economy or monetary system gets into real trouble.

      "It's a shame that there's no real fiscal conservative, honest, anti-war candidate out there who doesn't want to dismantle 90% of the government (I think dismantling the right 40% or so would be a better choice.)"

      The basic role of the federal government should only be:
      1. To protect our rights.
      2. To protect our boarders and aggression from other nations.
      3. To regulate trade between states and other nations.

      Anything outside these items (and a few others specifically outlined in the constitution) governance belongs to the states therefore I would say that dismantling of the federal government should be about 95% not 90%.
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