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Remember Neil Young's Linc Volt, the rock star's converted 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV? Young is turning the car into a "bio-hydro-electric series hybrid vehicle." UQM Technologies released a statement this week that explains a bit more about the unique propulsion system that is going into this 2.5 ton, 19.5 foot-long vehicle (the longest production car ever made).

The UQM press release says the company will be supplying a 150-kilowatt power system. Not a lot of detail, true, but we do know that Jonathan Goodwin's H-Line Conversions is also involved. The partnership will make a huge difference in the eco-friendliness of the ride. The production version Mark IV got 10 mpg. Young's should get "over 100 miles per gallon, according to UQM.

[Source: Denver Post, UQM]

Rock Legend Neil Young's Bio-Hydro-Electric Series Hybrid Vehicle Conversion to be Powered by UQM® Propulsion System

FREDERICK, COLORADO, JANUARY 29, 2008 ... UQM TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (AMEX:UQM), a developer of alternative energy technologies, announced today that one of its 150 KW propulsion systems will be powering a 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV being converted to a bio-hydro-electric series hybrid vehicle by rock legend Neil Young in collaboration with Jonathan Goodwin's H-Line Conversions of Wichita, Kansas.

Young, who has renamed his car "Linc Volt", is converting the vehicle as part of a personal initiative he calls "Re-powering the American Dream", which represents his vision of drawing on American ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit to implement technology solutions that can make a meaningful impact on energy consumption now.

Young's Mark IV is 19.5 feet long, making it the longest production car ever made, and weighs two and one-half tons, the heaviest car of its era. Goodwin-Young estimate that the converted vehicle will achieve over 100 miles per gallon versus the 10 miles per gallon of the stock vehicle. Mr. Young is making a movie about the transformation of his car, which he hopes to release in the fall.

"By drawing on entrepreneurial companies' advanced technology and good old American ingenuity, we intend to transform one of the largest and heaviest gas guzzling vehicles of our generation into a highly energy efficient vehicle, and demonstrate to the American public that we can re-power the American dream by demanding environmentally-friendly vehicles now", said Mr. Young. "Our country is full of innovative entrepreneurs and advanced technology companies, like H-Line Conversions and UQM Technologies, who have the capability and drive to make big things happen."

"We are pleased to have been selected by Neil and H-Line conversions as the propulsion system supplier for this high visibility project. The vehicle will be powered by our most technologically advanced and powerful propulsion system, the PowerPhase©150, which I am confident will deliver performance that exceeds their expectations," said William G. Rankin, President and CEO of UQM Technologies, Inc.

H-Line Conversions specializes in custom vehicle conversions that turn gas-guzzling behemoths like Hummers, Cadillac Escalades, Jeeps and other big American cars into clean-power machines. Located in Wichita, Kansas, H-Line converted vehicles have been featured on MTV's "Pimp my Ride" and upcoming conversions are being taped for a television series that is set for national television release. For more information on the Company, please visit its worldwide website at www.hlineconversion.com.

Neil Young has established himself as one of the most influential singer/songwriters of his generation. He began his career in the 60's with the folk-rock band Buffalo Springfield. After leaving the band in 1968, Mr. Young established a solo career as a songwriter and singer spanning three decades. In addition to a successful solo career, Mr. Young also performed with the band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young during the 1970's.

UQM Technologies, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of power dense, high efficiency electric motors, generators and power electronic controllers for the automotive, aerospace, medical, military and industrial markets. A major emphasis of the Company is developing products for the alternative energy technologies sector including propulsion systems for electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric and fuel cell electric vehicles, under-the-hood power accessories and other vehicle auxiliaries and distributed power generation applications. The Company's headquarters, engineering and product development center, and motor manufacturing operation are located in Frederick, Colorado. For more information on the Company, please visit its worldwide website at www.uqm.com.

This Release contains statements that constitute �forward-looking statements� within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act. These statements appear in a number of places in this Release and include statements regarding our plans, beliefs or current expectations, including those plans, beliefs and expectations of our officers and directors with respect to, among other things the development of markets for our products and the adequacy of our cash balances and liquidity to meet future operating needs. Important Risk Factors that could cause actual results to differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements are contained in our Form 10-Q filed October 31, 2007, which is available through our website at www.uqm.com or at www.sec.gov.

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      • 7 Years Ago
      I think I should have said "Jonathan Goodwin" who is working with Neil Young.. sorry.. Also, not sure of the date of the 346 mpg conversion, but I think it was a 1959 Opel that was converted to the high mpg by a DIY hobbyist at home. Also I had meant to point out the extreme practicality (necessity) of taking the seemingly monstrous USA built gas guzzlers such as large SUV models, and converting to very high mpg vehicles whether with electrolysis generated hydrogen oxygen gas HHO to fuel air mixture going into the engine, and/or with other minor improvements, few of which will require any major investment by existing vehicle owners. This is very key and very important to people at this moment.

      The future anyway, is not surface transportation, but superefficient Vertical Takeoff and Landing, which is more fun, completely doable with the new technologies and materials, and well worth a new $20 million X Prize specifically for VTOL Aircraft. Superefficient VTOL eliminates all need for roads, bridges, tunnels, and road signs which presently blight the planet and drive people a bit nuts.

      I guess the mpg goal for VTOL aircraft should be something like 1,000 mpg, minimum, and allow for the use of "infinite mpg" all solar electric VTOL aircraft. Completely doable right now: i will be glad to send conceptual design summary to interested tech companies.

      The future is not on the surface where the ecosystems are in grave threat, but in the air and aerospace, using totally nonpolluting and safe tech.

      As a brief example of very high power density as might be desirable for VTOL aircraft, please see blacklightpower dot com

      • 7 Years Ago
      Actually, the 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV is "only" 19' long. http://automotivemileposts.com/prod1975mark4.html

      The title of "longest production car", according to my herculean research efforts (ok, I just googled for it) was the superlative Duesenberg. The longest one made, apparently, was 20'6".
      It probably had a 0-60mph of about 8 seconds and a 140mph top end.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Herkimer -

      hmm. two feet? that's a lot longer. and what's the longer one? guess UQM needs to check their facts, too.

      • 7 Years Ago
      --you should check your facts about the car being the 'longest production car ever made'.

      (my 75' Continental is 2 feet longer - lol. I also know of at least one production car longer than mine.)

      I wish I could afford this sort of mod for my car though! Come to think of it, I'd be happy if I could afford to drive it more than once a week...
      • 7 Years Ago
      Neil Young deserves praise for showing Detroit how to do their job. I fully support his efforts with USA based small businesses which have consistently been in the forefront of all major tech breakthroughs for many years. Also, USA based inventors have done amazing things which will take thousands of years for most citizens to hear about. Commenters here seem unaware of new tech ideas which have been in the works virtually since the early 1800s. As for Electrolysis of hydrogen and oxygen or HHO gas from pure water, I am not certain how long people have known about this, but we seem to be programmed to forget about it at least since the crash of the Hindenburg. The biggest problems we are up against now are political and educational, and so inventors and progressive tech companies like UQM and others are always working under the radar while the mass media focuses on "the pain at the pump" mantra etc., devoid of any meaningful discussion for the most part. I laughed when CNN showed the "pain at the pump" of typical gasoline buyers, followed by a nice snappy review of the newest Lamborghini street legal gas guzzling high Horsepower monster car, well out of the price range of anyone not wearing straightjacket to a dinner party. No sense telling people about the 1975 "pulsed capacitor discharge electric engine" by Edwin V. Gray, who won the Inventor of the Year award that year, presented to him by Ronald Reagan, then gov. of California (California is on west coast of the USA, in North America). I get a bit frustrated but, all I am saying is give these new ideas a chance, and recognize the great inventors and thinkers we have in this country. The $10 million X-Prize just like the X-Prize for putting people into space, was not aiming high enough; the 100 mpg target was reached in 1959 by a vehicle getting 346 mpg, a converted Opel, and there have been many other usable models of cars with over 100 mpg for decades. We had "infinite mpg" cars in the early 1900s, but they were dropped in favor of very fast high Horsepower internal combustion engines. By changing the gear ratios and rpm settings for a small sports car, and with other modifications, one USA based inventor, see rqriley.com , was getting 128 mpg at 35 mph, 103 mpg at 45 mph, and 85 mpg at 55 mph, and this was done in 1981, featured in Total Recall and in Popular Mechanics magazine. So the X-Prize should have been set at 1000 mpg target, not 100 mpg, which is OBSOLETE and ALREADY FAR SURPASSED. Setting the X-Prize that low is just one more manifestation of the glaring and shocking institutionalized and programmed ignorance of the general public, foisted on them by large corporate oligopolies and technocracies trying to control the "price at the pump" due to their criminal collusion at the top. I dont think that is a paranoid overstatement-- Henry Ford was getting 25 mpg or so around 1920, and only 3 days ago I saw ads on TV in which GM or Ford, or other large manufacturers in the USA were bragging about their new car getting roughly 25 mpg (town) and 32 mpg (highway). This really shows the relevance of surrealism doesnt it?? Presently the best bet will be zapworld.com (investable, i have a bit), specifically their Zap-X with body by Lotus Engineering, and I believe most of the interior design etc is also by Lotus. This car is claimed capable of getting 350 miles on one electric charge of 10 minutes. I am sure you have heard of it!! Because it is so important I am sure the media has been talking about it almost nonstop, right? Now admittedly the car is still in the future, perhaps 2011 or 2012, but it is very doable; the tragedy is that so many companies know the potential here, and have done nothing, seeking only to cut back their workforce in the USA and go to China where starvation wages are the order of the day (cheaper labor is available in Vietnam of course). The Zap-X (Crossover SUV) as they call it, to appeal to the faddists, will seat 5 supersize USA Americans and their Fast Food Packages, able to reach top speed of 150 mph, with four in-wheel electric engines. I assume that since ZAP is claiming 10 minute recharge time for this system, it must be based on the Edwin V. Gray invention of 1975, but it is kept sort of secret. AS for Edwin himself, he died in a run-down trailer home in California years ago, with a suicide gunshot to the back of his head, and no investigation ever really got anywhere on all that. Anyway, my point is that many of these new inventions are very workable and powerful. I believe most Americans and USA companies understandably just got lazy and assumed they knew everything, and "if it was good it would have been done a long time ago," etc. Remember the root of "ignorance" is "to ignore." So I hope this helps and interests people. IN closing: Congratulations and thumbs up to Neil Young and Jonathan Goodman, and also Amory Lovins f
      • 6 Years Ago
      Neil Young is the biggest hypocrite this country has to offer. He preaches about saving Mother Earth, using less fuel, stop global warming.... then he charters a private jet to do his movie with Johnathan Goodwin.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Some good tech links at my currently noneditable seemingly hacked website at http://informagnet.atwork.to I am presently looking to see if I can qualify for the $10 million, 100 mpg X-Prize, and welcome ideas and/or sponsorships. I have several ideas which might make this thing go. I suppose the contest will go so far beyond 100 mpg that the winner will have to get roughly 1500 mpg and to be "in the running" we have to aim at 500 mpg or so. PS Did you notice that whenever the idea of using hydrogen as fuel is mentioned, the pundits immediately point out that hydrogen cannot be derived from anything except crude oil! This is similar to how, when "alternatives" are discussed, the "alternatives" are nuclear power and coal, and when other tech is discussed, such as wind, we are shown the huge windpower installations in the North Sea-- and people are seemingly oblivious to the astounding potential of deep sea current hydropower, tidal hydropower, underwater river hydropower, especially the new Gorlov Helical Turbine developed at MIT, which has some recent imitators doing very well..
      • 6 Years Ago
      Why is Niel's Linc Volt website so user unfriendly? I've got a 56 Chevy with buckets of space in the front or rear. Convert ME!
      • 7 Years Ago
      Wow, it's only 225HP now? Isn't this the guy who said he could make a Hummer make 500HP and still get 100mpg using a turbine?

      I can't see how this is going to make 100mpg when the Tesla only makes about that and weighs so much less.
        • 6 Years Ago
        People should really avoid talking about horsepower in regards to vehicle propulsion. HP is a byproduct of torque over time. Bugs only had 30 horse power, The first Cummins 1 ton trucks with a turbo made only 190 Hp and could haul a house. The one huge benefit of electric is the ability to provide full torque at any rpm. That's why mining equipment and locomotives have been diesel-electric hybrids for over 40 years.
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