• Jan 28th 2008 at 11:51AM
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The Washington Auto Show is over and I have news of three new hybrids from GM. I asked GM's car show floor specialists which cars GM plan to turn into hybrids? I was told there would be an Acadia and Sierra hybrid by a GMC specialist and Outlook hybrid by a Saturn specialist. I don't think GMC, Saturn or GM has said officially they would turn the Acadia and Outlook vehicles into hybrids. GM has said they plan to release a hybrid every 3 months for the next 4 years. So, I guess it's possible GM told the specialists before releasing the plans.

I would have recorded the specialists saying there will be a hybrid Acadia, Sierra and Outlook. But they said they were not allowed to be recorded because they did not actually represent GM. So, take this rumor with a grain of salt. I suppose even if GM somehow leaked this information in briefings to specialists, GM could still reconsider hybridizing Acadia and Outlook. I also think it's possible I could be mistaken and they meant the older Sierra hybrid. That would not explain the Acadia and Outlook though.

Anyway, I was actually thinking a lot about what 16 brands GM would make hybrids. My theoretical list of brands included lots of GM's car brands. I asked a Pontiac (a GM brand) specialist and he said GM had no plans for a hybrid Pontiac. So even if this rumor is incorrect, there seems to be a trend at GM towards making SUV hybrids. More SUV hybrids would fit the logic of what they say about first hybridizing buses, where it can do the most good. What do you think about the possibility of 16 new SUV hybrids coming to the market?

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      It's been said before the best practice in hybridizing vehicles is to do those with the highest consumption first (greatest numbers of fuel guzzlers). Buses, as you mentioned. SUVs next. I think we missed big rigs somehow. Then the full size van segment should follow as most are used in commercial applications, driven all day with many stops and starts. Diesels would be good here too, but then there are the fumes and particulates to clean up. Ergo, gas/cng hybrids would be better options.
      • 8 Months Ago
      If this turns out to be true, Saturn could be on the way to be the first brand to offer a hybrid version of all of their models. Considering they only offer 5 models, it's definitely within reach.
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      The future should be a Hybrid version of the 3.6L V6's used in these 7 to 8 passenger crossovers! Think luxury people mover with great mpg. Built it and many will come.
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      Fantastic, with another child on the way I am looking for an SUV with third row seating. I've looked at the Acadia and Outlook so if they come out with either one of them as a Hybrid that would seal the deal for me, then it's just a choice of GMC or Saturn.

      PLEASE make these two SUV's Hybrids!!!!!!
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      Not sure a hybrid big-rig is that much of an advantage due to almost all the miles being constant speed highway miles.

      Also, someone from GM told me that for now they are not focusing on hybrid fleet sales, as fleet sales negitivly impact resale value; something they wanted to keep up for hybrids right now.
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      SUV's and pickups are the lowest-hanging fruit, and we get the most environmental benefit per dollar in light duty vehicles by focusing on them.

      "Not sure a hybrid big-rig is that much of an advantage due to almost all the miles being constant speed highway miles."

      Wal-Mart disagrees, and has convinced Navistar to build them Class 8 hybrid trucks. Every single MPG Wal-Mart can wring from their fleet is worth $42 million dollars a year on their bottom line, so they have a good incentive...
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      "6. SUV's and pickups are the lowest-hanging fruit, and we get the most environmental benefit per dollar in light duty vehicles by focusing on them."

      However, if the buying public gets sufficiently freaked out by high gas prices they'll start shopping and consider fuel economy to be very important. GM needs a hybrid Saturn Astra, Chevy Cobalt, or something similarly small in the mix as a hedge against this.
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      Let's look at the two kinds of SUV drivers.
      1) The SUV buyers who bought one due to marketing brain washing but are now realizing they are wasteful:
      If the hybrid versions relieve their (newfound?) guilt, people who would have bought a smaller vehicle may now buy a BIG hybrid SUV instead, negating any potential fuel savings.
      2) Those who don't really care about fuel costs or the environment certainly won't pay extra for a hybrid, so no difference there.

      So by this argument, GM's BIG hybrids won't make a difference at all.
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        Thats probably the most elitist thing I've ever heard. I use my GMC Acadia for work because getting 5 grown men into a car is comical at best.

        Try having someone that is 6'3" in the driver seat and a 6'1" passenger sitting behind him. I tried every car on the planet trying to find one where my head wasn't a quarter inch from the ceiling and never found one.

        People have become more interested in fuel economy as gas prices as come up. That doesn't necessarily mean that they've decided to forgo comfort or utility. I make sales calls in my vehicle. I take the engineers that buy parts from me out to lunches. I need to keep inventory in my vehicle without it getting rained on. I'd like to fit my family in a vehicle without them having to ride in the backseat with groceries in their lap. And get this, I'd like to have a spare tire in the vehicle without sacrificing every inch of a trunk.

        I've never met anybody that said "I hate the environment." And just in case you haven't figured it out on your own, oil is getting burnt whether it be by Americans or the Chinese or India. I'd at least like it to be in a country that has regulations for exhaust.
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      Would'nt that also make the Buick platform version a hybrid too?

      Someone posted a rumor that the enginners were having issues putting the 2-Mode system into the width of the platform.

      I'll go ahead and throw out another rumor---when talking to a GM enginner a slip of the tounge leads me to believe that a hybrid (BAS) HHR is comming too.
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