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click above for more high-res pics of the Williams FW30

Things have gotten a bit foggy over at Williams F1. The once front-running, championship-winning grand prix team has landed on tough times. This year the team opted against holding a glitzy unveiling event like those held recently by Ferrari, McLaren, Toyota and BMW Sauber, and instead focused its energies on developing its new car, the FW30. It seemed like a strange choice for the team that will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and during the season will mark its 500th grand prix and 50,000th racing lap.

But while the team isn't holding an official unveiling, it has whipped up six special paint schemes to celebrate its milestones this year. (We doubt any of them will be as cool as Aston Martin's new-old Gulf livery, but hopefully they'll be better than Honda's tree-hugging paint scheme.) The first time the motorsport press got a glimpse of the new FW30 was yesterday at the Valencia track where the new car was being put through its paces.

Renault was also supposed to take out the R28, the new chariot it has developed for returning former champion Fernando Alonso, but the fog kept them indoors. Honda is scheduled to unveil its new car later this week, as well. Williams, for its part, is hoping the new FW30, powered under contract by Toyota and driven by Nico Rosberg and Kazuki Nakajima, will perform and be reliable enough to get it back on the track to its former winning form.

[Source: Autosport, Photo by DIEGO TUSON/AFP/Getty]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      gee, I have seen NASCAR vehicles hit the wall at 200mph, have seen them flip so many times you lose count, and watched the guys walk away afterwards. so yeah, i think they can take it.

      also, your beloved F1 drivers dont have the reaction speeds; its the engineering in the cars. and I'll grant there is enough technology in the cars to fill a fighter jet but the race is still a yawn.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Guys, no one in the US watches F1. I haven't figured out yet why this site is obsessed about it. It's the only motor sport that you can only pass in the pits.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Well, the rest of the world is interested in F1.
        But like you, I am not interested in a 'sport' where the only passing is in the pits. The reference above to 'team sport' is blasted out of the water by this fact.

        The plain truth is that the driver is out of the equation in this series. Its all about the car and the pits.

        NASCAR is just about the polar opposite. the car is barbaric, drivers are important, pit strategy helps but not all important, and lastly, the drivers are approachable. yeah, its as crude a sport as football is seen but that adds to the entertainment factor.

        I am glad ALMS is taking off though as it has the chance to offer the best of both worlds and take the lead as a sport and aa form of entertainment.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Well, no overtake every 10 seconds, but beautiful and breathtaking overtakes instead of the nascar-passings.

        And nick, it's the typical american view. Football (soccer) sucks because at the end it could be only 0:0 and no winner, F1 sucks because you don't see a great move every second... You lost the focus on the sport, because everyone is focusing on action - but I see the end of the light: ALMS is getting popular and popular. I see a light ;-)
        • 7 Years Ago
        These are the types of comments that should be kept to oneself.

        It's only one of the most, if not the most technologically advanced motor sport on the face of the Earth.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Thank you nick. It is people like you who make it impossible for me to even watch half the F1 season on cable TV. If you have actually watched (and understood) F1 races you would see that the best part is when the driver, team, and pit strategy all work together to win the race.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I'd rather see one or two AMAZING passes per race that only 0.00000001% of all humans have the mental, physical, and testicular fortitude to execute, than to watch lap after lap of anything on an oval, even if there is plenty of passing.

      You realize the reaction times needed by Alonso, Hamilton, and M. Schumacher are on par with pilots flying fighter jets, right? You either have it or you don't. Break concentration in a nascar stock car? Oh, you're into the wall or trading paint with your peers, maybe you spin out at worst. Your pit crew hammers out your body work and you get back out on the track. Ask Robert Kubica what happens when you break concentration for even a fraction of a second in an F1 car. You hit the wall, 75Gs on impact, and F1 cars are amazing enough for him to walk away with a sprained ankle and bruised ego. I don't think a nascar stock car could take a 75G impact at 175+ mph and let the driver walk away with a sprained ankle.

      Many F1 drivers are in good enough shape to run marathons, and several do consistently. I don't think there is a single driver in nascar in good enough shape to run ONE mile, let alone 26.

      Any faster in an F1 car and they're going to start needing G suits to push blood to their heads during 4-5G peak turns.
        • 7 Years Ago
        My buddy Andy flies the AC 130 gun ship in Iraq for the Chairforce but couldn't drive my 5.0 stick shift. Go figure.. Btw, he wears his ipod on missions.

        Here is what f1 should do. Work with Nascar, do a Saturday race before the nascar sun race at the same track in the infield with stripped down F1 cars. No bs nanny crap, and limited down force so you can pass. I think if they did this, it could work.
      • 7 Years Ago
      gee, I have seen NASCAR vehicles hit the wall at 200mph, have seen them flip so many times you lose count, and watched the guys walk away afterwards. so yeah, i think they can take it.

      also, your beloved F1 drivers dont have the reaction speeds; its the engineering in the cars. and I'll grant there is enough technology in the cars to fill a fighter jet but the race is still a yawn. the f1 drivers are in shape so they can fit in the tiny aerodynamic cockpit not because its that much more strenuous in the car.

      besides EVERY F1 driver that has gotten behind the wheel of a NASCAR has said that the NASCAR is more of a challenge, more of a workout.

      that being said, picking between the two is picking the lesser of two evils. ALMS is definitely the better racing series.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Some valid points stewart... not many though. You clearly don't know much about F1.
        If you look at the energy absorbtion ability of F1 cars it is truly amazing. Have you ever seen a crash test of one? Many motorsport categories are capable of taking big hits and protecting the driver but F1 leads the way by a long shot. Also, generally when the car flips several times, the impacts aren't that big compared to something like Kubica's crash.
        I'm not even going to comment on the rection speed thing because your statement is so stupid its not worth arguing.
        What's the average cornering force experienced in NASCAR? Doesn't even come close to that of F1 not to mention the decceleration under braking. The drivers have to be very fit to maintain race pace for the full duration. They are athletes in every sense of the word.
        I'm not having a go at NASCAR, I can watch it and it's entertaining. I'm having a go at people putting forth their worthless opinions on topics they know nothing about.
        Oh yeah, Go Wiliams!
      • 7 Years Ago
      Yes, because driving around in an oval is so much more interesting.

      *cough* Nascar *cough*

      America's second most viewed sport in TV, right after the NFL.
      • 7 Years Ago
      F-1 has not been relevent to anyone since the late 80's early 90's. Unless of course you are into high speed parade laps, or you just want to be seen at a "trendy" event
      • 7 Years Ago
      Why does everyone knock Honda's colors? It was kind of nice to see a car that didn't have the same flat colors covered-with-sponsors look. A little out of place in F1 maybe, but interesting. Red Bull's livery at Silverstone was a cool change from the norm too.

      -another F1 fan in the USA
      • 7 Years Ago
      And I said all that to say I hope Williams comes back to its old form -- they certainly have the drivers to do so! Rosberg is going to be amazing and there might be a world championship in his future.
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