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GM's Australian subsidiary Holden has recalled 86,000 rear-wheel-drive Zeta cars with the V6 engine to correct a potential fuel leak that could lead to fires. The CNN Money article says that the recall doesn't impact the Pontiac G8, GM's North American Zeta variant, because that car's underhood layout is different. We should also mention that the G8 is not even on sale yet, so there are none in customer hands to recall.

VE and WM Commodores in Australia and New Zealand, Chevrolet Lumina and Caprice models in the Middle East, as well as the Chevrolet Omega in Brazil are all affected. When a clip chafes on the fuel line, it can apparently cause a leak with nasty results if the gasoline ignites. The risk is low, says GM's John Lindsay, but they're calling the cars back, nearly all of the Zetas with V6 engines sold since the car's redesign, and fixing them free of charge just to be on the safe side.

[Source: CNN]

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      Wait! Which way did you guys round?? That's very important in determining how biased you guys are.
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      Typical Australian crap! This is why the Japanese have been eating their lunch for 25 years. I want a nice Tundra!

      : )
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        Gotta love sarcasm!
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      Enjoy your Tundra. However, you should probably keep a GM truck areound to carry the parts as they fall off the Turdra.

      Here Goes:

      Speaking with Automotive News at the Tokyo Motor Show, ToMoCo's global manufacturing exec admitted that problems with the automaker's full-size pickup have caused "shame" within the company. Takeshi Uchiyamada cited the rapid expansion of Toyota's production facilities, increased sales and issues with new products as being the major dilemmas facing the automaker, but that all these problems are being addressed.
      Bum steer: NHTSA investigating Toyota Tundra for bad ball joints
      Toyota Tundra fails to score five stars in NHTSA frontal crash test.
      Toyota Tundra hit with two more quality issues:

      1). The first involves the Tundra's transmission, with at least ten owners at TundraSolutions.com reporting that their trannies experience rough shifts that make the truck feel like it's riding over rumble strips.

      2). The second quality issue sprouted up this past weekend, also on TundraSolutions.com, and involves tailgates that have been failing or, in some cases, even falling off.
      Toyota expresses regret for Tundra camshaft failures on internet forums.

      Tundra camshaft woes could lead to recall for Toyota
      Once again, Toyota is performing a voluntary recall of its Tundra pickup and Sequoia full-size SUV for ball joints that may wear out too quickly. We reported way back in May of 2005 when Toyota recalled 775,000 Tacomas, 4Runners, Tundras and Sequoias...
      Toyota makes money in its Q2, but Tundra incentives take their toll.
      Aw Snap! Toyota recalling 15,600 Tundras for transmission shaft problems.
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        I think his sarcasm flew way over your head...
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      damn those ozzies! they should stick with making boomerangs and hot babes. NOT cars!!!
      those australians should buy GM products instead.