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Click for a high res gallery of the Provoq from the keynote

3:45pm: At about 4:30pm Las Vegas time GM Chairman Rick Wagoner will be taking the stage here at the Sands convention center to deliver the first keynote by a car company executive in the 41 year history of the Consumer Electronics Show. Once the speech starts we'll be bringing you full coverage right here so just keep refreshing the page for updates.

4:06pm We're now in the ballroom setup with front row seats.

Your photographer for today's festivities will be our own Chris Tutor.

Load up the page after the jump to follow all the action here in Vegas

4:20 and the hall is filling up

4:31 5 minutes to go, can't you just feel the excitement!

4:37 playing a lame CES promo video on the big screens

4:40: CEA president Gary Shapiro intros GM Chairman Rick Wagoner

4:42 Wagoner rolls on stage in the Chevy Volt concept that debuted in Detroit last year

Wagoner starts talking about the technology that the auto industry has pioneered including the catalytic converter, the electric starter, on-star and the Volt

He speaking here because electronics have revolutionized the car. Existing electronics are just the beginning.

The latest electronics like stability control and on-star make the car the largest consumer electronics device there is.

Lots of GM electronics experts here. Jon Laukner, Larry Burns, Denise Grey, Nick Zielinski are all here

OnStar has over 82 million subscriber interactions including 1 every two seconds. Plays one of the recordings you've heard on the commercials. The OnStar commercial continues....

OnStar in 8 generation in 11 years. Provides crash info to emergency responders so they can be prepared. Now provides turn by turn directions. For 2009 they are adding stolen vehicle slow down.

30,000 police chases resulting in 300 deaths annually. System can remotely slow vehicle down during a chase.

4:59 In November GM signed agreement to bring OnStar to China.

5:00 On to vehicle to vehicle communications to allow cars to talk to each other to help prevent accidents

Currently has lane departure warning on the Buick Lucerne and Cadillac STS and DTS.

V2V lets vehicles with transponders let others know when the situation changes. If brakes are applied they can notify neighbors to slow.

On to the DARPA urban challenge winning Boss Tahoe.

The Tahoe was developed by GM and Carnegie Mellon University to create an autonomous vehicle. Boss was named for Charles "Boss" Kettering the first head of GM research who among many other things invented the electric self-starter.

Boss is running demonstrations here outside the convention center.

On to sustainability, with global auto sales going from 70,000,000 to 85,000,000 million in 2012, they have to do something.

Electronics have helped reduce fuel consumption through direct injection, variable valve timing and other technologies.

GM to expand flex fuel to fifty percent in production in 2012. Now they just need some ethanol to run in them.

Grow ethanol production, heavy investment in cellulosic ethanol and increase the number of E85 pumps

Now to hybrids. GM started with buses where the two-mode hybrid debuted in 2003. The 1,000 hybrid bus will be delivered here in Vegas this month

16 new hybrids in the next four years. Promote the Tahoe and Yukon hybrids. Same city fuel economy as a four cylinder Camry 21mpg.

Mild hybrid Saturn Vue gets 27% boost in mileage, plug-in Vue announcement soon

Now fuel cells. We'll see the Cadillac Provoq live in a minute. The fuel cell technology from the Sequel concept is now in the Equinox that's being used for Project Driveway.

Talking about E-Flex. Everything depends on the battery. 200 engineers working on the Volt and another 400 on ancilliary systems

The lithium battery packs are testing really well and will be installed in the mule vehicles shortly for integration and testing.

Now the new fuel cell E-Flex Cadillac Provoq!

You can read all about the Provoq here.

Provoq rolled out on it's own. Provoq signals GMs commitment to advanced technology across the brands.

thats it!

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      Very smart for GM and Rick to speak in this setting. Feed the people with an eye on the future what GM's direction is and they will in turn come knocking with ideas that will provide GM with future innovations.
      • 7 Years Ago
      It's interesting that GM and others are at CES but the point of the show is to roll out new product not deliver typical auto show soundbites like this.

      Ford and MS rolled out new Sync features that are a real threat to OnStar and the general just says hey we've got this electric stuff going on sometime in the future. That's great but what do you have now?

      They didn't mention GM's planned Bluetooth integration? weird.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I guess I'm jaded but I'm just not that impressed when they can't even sell me a car with bluetooth or an audio system as advanced as I can get in a Ford Focus. That's not to mention that it's 2008 and I still can't buy a GM made hybrid sedan. And I'm actually a fan of GM.

      The real question is how much did GM have to pay to get to put on this live infomercial? That's what I'd really like to know.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Which Saturn sedan can I walk onto a lot and buy today?
        • 7 Years Ago
        Define advanced, because the sound system in my car (GMDAT) kicks the new Focus' system's ass (audio-wise, if you're talking about SYNC that's another story though).

        As for hybrid - need I remind you: Saturn is part of the GM family...
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