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Click the image above for a gallery of the 2009 Dodge Journey.

Dodge's next entrant into the Crossover soirée will come in under $20,000 when sales begin in the first quarter of next year. The base model 2009 Dodge Journey SE will be priced at $19,985 (including the $625 shipping charge), equipped with a 2.4-liter inline four sending power to the front wheels.

The 3.5-liter V6-equipped model with a six-speed automatic is available in SXT or R/T trim and comes in at $22,985 and $26,545 respectively. Both top-end models will be available with all-wheel-drive, with the SXT priced at $25,530 and the R/T coming in at $28,295.

All the pricing and trim details are available after the jump in Dodge's press release.


Dodge Announces Exciting New Journey Crossover that Delivers Great Value and Unsurpassed Function and Flexibility starting at $19,985

* Dodge Journey provides exceptional content and value with available third-row seating for up to seven passengers and a state-of-the-art all-wheel-drive system
* Bold Dodge styling, perfect proportions define right-sized crossover
* Journey arrives to market as crossover segment set to expand
* Standard safety features abound, including standard multi-stage front driver and passenger air bags, standard front-seat-mounted side air bags and standard three-row side-curtain air bags

Auburn Hills, Mich., Dec 21, 2007 - Chrysler LLC announced today the U.S. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the 2009 Dodge Journey is $19,985 (including $625 destination). The 2009 Dodge Journey gives buyers a crossover vehicle that meets life's changing demands by offering unsurpassed versatility and flexibility in a sporty, stylish package.

"The all-new 2009 Dodge Journey gives our customers the complete package at an incredible value," said Deborah Meyer, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer – Chrysler LLC. "For less than $20,000, Dodge Journey blends safety, quality and reliability with innovative technology, entertainment features and tons of useful storage, wrapped in a package that is pure Dodge."

The Dodge Journey is built on the company's global D-segment platform. In the Dodge brand line-up, this new crossover falls between the compact Dodge Caliber and the Dodge Grand Caravan. It is designed to win the hearts of customers ranging from young singles, couples and families with small children to mature families who want the flexibility to do more in terms of carrying passengers in comfort or storing all their gear.

Clever, flexible seating and storage combinations include standard five-passenger seating with spacious cargo room and available third-row seating for carrying up to seven passengers. Spacious storage bins, hidden in the floor and under the front passenger seat cushion, combined with the standard Chill Zone™ for beverage storage and a choice of the fuel-efficient 2.4-liter four-cylinder World Engine on the SE model or 3.5-liter V-6 engine with six-speed Auto Stick and dual exhaust on the SXT and R/T models, make Dodge Journey incredibly flexible, functional and fun-to-drive.

Safety also is at the top of mind for customers, and the Dodge Journey delivers with standard multi-stage front driver and passenger air bags, standard front-seat-mounted side air bags, standard three-row side-curtain air bags, standard four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes (ABS), standard Panic Brake Assist, standard Electronic Stability Program (ESP), standard Electronic Roll Mitigation, standard Trailer Sway Damping and available back-up camera.

The 2009 Dodge Journey will be available in U.S. dealerships in the first quarter of 2008 and in global volume markets outside North America in both left-hand and right-hand drive, starting in mid-2008.

Dodge Journey Model Lineup
The 2009 Dodge Journey is available in the United States in three models: Dodge Journey SE equipped with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder World Engine and Dodge Journey SXT and R/T models equipped with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine and six-speed automatic transaxle with Auto Stick.

Journey SXT and R/T models also are available with a state-of-the-art all-wheel-drive (AWD) system that comes with 19-inch wheels and tires and a performance suspension to provide a new level of style and capability to the large number of consumers seeking the performance and driving control of AWD. Journey's AWD system starts at a very affordable price of $25,530 (including $625 destination).

2009 Dodge Journey Pricing
(All prices include $625 destination)

Dodge Journey SE - $19,985
Dodge Journey SXT - $22,985
Dodge Journey SXT AWD - $25,530 (includes 19-inch aluminum wheels and tires, fog lamps, performance suspension)
Dodge Journey R/T - $26,545
Dodge Journey R/T AWD - $28,295

Crossover Segment Continues to Expand
Journey is the Dodge brand's first crossover. It arrives in U.S. dealerships as crossover popularity continues to increase in the United States. In the past six years, crossovers have gained more than 3 percentage points in share of the total U.S. auto industry. With 625,980 crossover vehicles sold in the United States in 2006, the segment made up nearly four percent of vehicle sales in the country. In the past three years alone, the U.S. crossover segment has grown on average nearly 14 percent per year.

Dodge Brand
With a U.S. market share of 6.4 percent, Dodge is Chrysler LLC's best-selling brand and the fifth largest nameplate in the U.S. automotive market. In 2006, Dodge sold more than 1.3 million vehicles in the global market. In the highly competitive truck market, Dodge has a 15 percent market share. Recently, Dodge introduced the all-new 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan with 35 new or improved features including the newest innovation, the Swivel 'n Go™ seating system. In 2007, the Dodge Avenger and Nitro entered key volume segments outside North America, joining the Dodge Caliber, which launched in those markets in 2006. The all-new 2009 Dodge Journey will debut in 2008 calendar year, and will be available outside North America in both left- and right-hand drive in mid-2008. Also in 2008, Dodge will introduce its modern muscle car, the all-new Dodge Challenger.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      I must be out of sync with the crowd on Autoblog, 'cause I like the styling. I think it has a clean, solid look.

      It reminds me of the 2002 - 2007 Saturn Vue, which I also like.

      Things I like:
      1. has a squarish rear hatch -- it is hard to load tall stuff in a CUV with a curvy hatch.

      2. has a normal rear quarter window -- good to see designers moving away from that reverse angle window that has been way overdone.

      3. I like the rounded wheel wells

      4. I love the fold flat cargo floor

      5. I love the underseat storage and under floor storage compartments. I could get used to the utility of this in a heartbeat (especially for all the stuff that seems to "live" inside our car). We could finally keep that stuff out of sight -- the extra clothing for my kid, the flashlights, first aid kit, etc.

      6. love the price point.

      7. I agree that the dash is a bit different (vaguely retro), but I actually like it.

      Things I don't like:
      1. lots of cheap looking and cheap feeling plastic -- okay this is an assumption since I haven't seen it in person.

      What I'd like to see:
      1. 5 speed manual on the four cylinder version. The one in our Saturn Vue actually makes it enjoyable to drive. And I so hate automatic.

      Okay, now you can flame me. I've got my asbestos underware on ;-)
      • 7 Years Ago
      $19985 more than it's worth to me. Guess I'll never understand crossovers. Buy a truck, buy a car, buy an suv, not all 3.
        • 7 Years Ago
        CUV= minivan without the convenience
      • 7 Years Ago
      I was like...ewwww!
      • 7 Years Ago
      For some reason, I like the way the interior looks. O.o

      Too bad it'll be face-hurtingly cheap.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Looks like a minivan with an oversized front and no sliding doors, both of which detract from positive features of minivans, good visibility and easy to open doors in tight spots. If you ask me, they should stick to making minivans and improve those. Maybe some more power, better stereos, shorter wheel base version, nicer interiors, etc. If they want to get edgy, maybe even an SRT version, kinda like the r-class AMG. That'd put some energy back in the carvan.
      • 7 Years Ago
      So does Dodge seriously think this will sell?

      seems like they've half-assed their way to another failure.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Why cant Chrysler show us pictures with better interior colors- im getting tired of all the grey interiors in Chrysler products.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The 2.4 in this is about as ridiculous as the 2.4 in the Caravan.

      It used to be (a long time ago) that engine upgrade options could be had at very reasonable costs. A $3000 premium just to get into the V6 is what you see nowadays.

      The $19,985 Journey is more mythical than real.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Not too offensive.

      Gauge pod looks straight out of an Omni/Horizon, though.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The instrument panel really has a late 80s K-car kind of look to it.
        • 7 Years Ago
        No it doesn't. That would actually be cool.
      • 7 Years Ago
      nice taurus x, oh wait.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Hah - that's what you get when you do a Google search for "Dodge Journey".
      • 7 Years Ago
      A relatively attractive vehicle, but that 2.4L I-4 will be highly taxed. Too little power made the Pacifica and Freestyle poor sellers -- you'd think Chrysler would learn.
        • 7 Years Ago
        How about the 190 HP 2.7L, or the 240HP, 3.5L? Those enough for ya?
        • 7 Years Ago
        If Chrysler truly believes that the I-4 is sufficient for the Journey, then every vehicle they provide the press should have the I-4.

        If they don't think the I-4 is sufficient for a 7 passenger CUV, then they shouldn't offer it.

        My guess is the press will only get the 3.5, and will find it barely adequate.
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