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Autoblog Podcast #83 was judiciously held back until after the embargo cleared, but we can now talk freely. The biggest news this week is the official unveiling of the Corvette ZR-1/Blue Devil. Powered by the new LS9 supercharged small-block, the car's performance is sure to be astounding. After laying eyes on the un-camoflaged car, hood porthole and all, we have to ask: is it overwrought? From ridiculous speed to ludicrous wordsmithing, we talk about the Nissan FORUM concept mainly for the chance to bash the hilariously composed press release. Maybe it was written in Japanese and they just passed it through translation software before releasing the announcement.
While we're being scornful, we turn our gaze to the new Knight Rider. We've been keepig an eye on all the news, and let's just say we expect the show to fail. The new Mustang-based KITT, even in Attack guise, is no Super Pursuit Mode original KITT. We wrap up with some discussion of Hyundai's move toward a turbocharged 2.0-liter direct-inject engine (GEMA?) and take that off into a discussion about the expanded selection of good, inexpensive, and powerful coupes. The finale is some speculation about the rendering of a new McLaren supercar, as well as analyzing the absurdly high price of the BMW 1-series. 43 minutes will do it, see you next week!

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      Finally got around to listening to the podcast and I have to say it’s obvious you all don’t have kids. The Nissan Forum has some great features. Put 2-3 kids in the back under age 10 and drive for a few hours and see if a “Time Out” button doesn’t come in handy. Also camera’s would be great so I can see exactly what little junior is doing or if the baby is sleeping OK after going over that rough patch of road at 11:00pm.

      The problem with mini-vans is that they look like mini-vans. The utility they provide is what most families need they are just afraid to be seen in one. I was a staunch opponent to my wife getting a mini-van. After a year of owning an Odyssey I have to say it’s a fantastic vehicle and much better than any SUV for our needs.

      I for one hope automakers like Nissan and Toyota (they had one a year or two ago) come up with new concepts for the mini-van. Just because the market is shrinking doesn’t mean you can’t come up with something new that might bring some of the market back.
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      Chevy first used the ZR1 moniker for a reported eight cars built in the 1971 model year with a 370-horsepower, 350-cubic-inch (5.7-liter) small-block V-8. The option cost $1010, while a 425-horse 454 was $1221. The '71 ZR1 came with no special bodywork or badging.
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        Thanks, chenc. I was sitting there Googling during the podcast, but everything that was coming up referenced the C4 ZR-1 exclusively.