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Got a need for speed? Strap on a battery pack and his the track. That's the idea behind the Current Eliminator V, which set a new electric dragster world speed record in the National Hot Rod Association's (NHRA) Super Pro class of 153.6 mph at the Speedworld Motorplex drag strip in Tuscon last Saturday. The Current Eliminator V did the quarter-mile in 8.10 seconds at the hands of Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube. The dragster was powered by Altairnano's lithium-titanate battery packs. Berube is a founding competitor of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA). As you might guess from the "V" following the vehicle's name, the record-setting zero-emission rocket is the fifth iteration of the Current Eliminator. The fourth version won "more prize money than any other dragster in Arizona" last year, competing "against conventional gasoline and alcohol dragsters," according to Altairnano.

[Source: Altairnano, Current Eliminator website, h/t to Domenick]

Electric-Powered Dragster Sets New World Speed Record

Altairnano Batteries Power Electric Vehicle to National Hot Rod Association World Speed Record for Electric Dragsters: Quarter Mile in 8.10 Seconds at 153.6 mph

TUCSON, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (NASDAQ: ALTI), a leading manufacturer of safe, high-performance lithium-titanate battery pack products and energy storage products announced today that Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube has set the National Hot Rod Association's (NHRA) Super Pro class world speed record for electric dragsters driving an electric vehicle powered by Altairnano battery packs.

Powered by Altairnano's lithium-titanate battery packs, Berube's electric dragster, named the Current Eliminator V, accelerated to a speed of 153.6 mph at the Speedworld Motorplex drag strip on Saturday, December 15, covering a quarter-mile in 8.10 seconds, setting a new electric dragster world speed record. Dennis Berube started his first day at the track with the Altairnano battery pack and with limited time, on a single day, ran times of 10.04, 8.84, 8.40, 8.23 and finally a 8.10 second run - Very significant improvement with three of these times breaking his old record of 8.801 seconds.

"We are truly thrilled for Dennis," said Dr. Alan Gotcher, President and CEO of Altair Nanotechnologies. "Not only is it a great milestone for Dennis, but it is a great milestone for the alternative energy transportation industry," Dr. Gotcher continued. "People think of electric vehicles as golf carts, but as Dennis's new world record shows, electric vehicles are extremely powerful and capable of impressive speeds."

In 2006, Berube's Current Eliminator IV, the predecessor vehicle his Current Eliminator V, earned more prize money than any other dragster in Arizona. In the NHRA's Super Pro class, Berube successfully competes against conventional gasoline and alcohol dragsters.

A founding competitor of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA), Berube holds several records for his speed and racing accomplishments.


Altairnano is an innovator and supplier of advanced novel, ceramic nanomaterials. A seasoned management team complements Altairnano's leading edge scientists, with substantial experience in commercializing innovative, disruptive technologies. The company has developed nanomaterials for the alternative energy, life sciences and performance materials markets based on its proprietary manufacturing process. This process also provides the foundation for its innovative AHP pigment process. Altairnano is a leading manufacturer of advanced battery pack systems, which are used in stationary power applications, and electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. For more information visit: www.altairnano.com.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      Great news. EVs are fast!

      While this is great news, the fastest overall EV quarter mile time is for the Killacycle clocking in at 168mph in 7.824 seconds.

      Although the Current Eliminator V probably broke the record for electric powered dragsters.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I must note that 153.6 mph is not the land speed record for electric vehicles. A modified EV1 reached 180 mph, and several EV land speed records have been set even hither than that.

      What makes 153.6 mph an official record is that was the speed achieved in a mere quarter mile.
      • 7 Years Ago
      "new world speed record for electric vehicles" - on rubber tires, maybe! 153.6 mph is less than 250 km/h. There are literally hundreds of trains in the world travelling faster than that speed as I type, and the world speed record for conventional trains is of course held by the electrically-propelled specially-modified TGV that just recently ran at 574.8 km/h. With a few dozen people on board. (The world speed record for trains is held by a JR Maglev test train - unmanned, I believe - that hit 581 km/h).

      The Transrapid maglev train in service in Shanghai, China regularly attains a top speed of 430 km/h.

      You have a "need for speed"? Buy a train ticket. Sheesh.

      • 7 Years Ago
      The Killacycle is the fastest quarter mile EV but only by a few 10ths of a second. I have a feeling this odd looking (to me) dragster might soon surpass it.
      It's great to see A123 and Altairnano sponsoring racing. I think they are both winners.

      • 7 Years Ago
      There have been several articles where either the writer or the person being interviewed claimed that they were the fastest electric vehicle.... first the 2SSIC guy saying he was the fastest car out there, then this article saying it was the fastest EV.... He just made a record for the dragster. There are a ton of classes, and I don't doubt he broke a record IN HIS CLASS.... but as stated, Killacycle holds the current record.
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