• Nov 30th 2007 at 1:43PM
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The MINI Monte (as in "Carlo") might not be arriving on our shores in 2009. Instead, it could actually be built on our shores. Most MINIs are made at BMW's plant in Oxford, but that factory is already at capacity. It has been rumored before that Magna might be contracted to build the MINI SUV at its plant in Austria, but the latest top secret word has BMW looking at the Spartanburg, SC plant where the X5 is built.

Of course, if the MINI's fabrication costs were dollar denominated, and if the dollar/euro exchange rate continues to go where predicted, a U.S. build would make sense for BMW's coffers and could make purchasing one a little easier for U.S. buyers.

[Source: Auto Express]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      Building it in Spartanburg will give that plant a nice balance as the market moves around. Performance/lux UV or small premium economy UV, either direction leaves you covered.
      • 7 Years Ago
      New mini looks horrible, wonder who's gonna buy that thing.. its not even 'mini' anymore with its longer body. Lost its original purpose.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Regular Mini Cooper still exists.

        Whining about the Clubman is akin to traveling back in time and whining about the Jeep Cherokee.

        Not for everybody. Doesn't mean it's not a good car. And certainly more practical for those who want the Mini's handling but need a bit more room.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Also, I think the Monte actually looks better than the Clubman for whatever reason- maybe body proportion, etc.

      At least in the pic above in this story. It didn't look so hot in that spy pic from a few weeks ago.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I predict that 'outsourcing' to the US will be the hot new trend of the coming decade.

      Just wait until Chery and Indian automakers start shifting production overseas to the USA to take advantage of the dollar and save on production costs... ;)
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