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It's been said more times than we care to rehash; financial liquidity is unrelated to driving talent. Bugatti is yet another automaker recognizing this simple fact and is planning to offer Veyron owners a driving course at the Anneau du Rhin circuit in Colmar, France to bone up on their skills before handing over the keys.

According to Motor Authority, the school will teach heirs and sheiks everything from emergency braking to high-speed lane changes in a variety of road conditions, with a final run around the circuit to bring it all together.

While we're all for training drivers to handle their newly acquired 1001 hp exotica, we're unsure whether the skills they learn will make them more conscientious drivers or if it will further contribute to their inflated egos.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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      Offer as in teach them for free, or offer as in "if you pay us more of your probably not so hard earned money well teach how to not kill yourself" offer? :P
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      "It's been said more times than we care to rehash; financial liquidity is unrelated to driving talent."

      Funny thing is, liquidity is also unrelated to the ability to buy a supercar. Liquidity is just a measure of how quickly you can convert an asset into cash. If I have five dollars in my pocket and no debt, then I'm completely liquid, but I sure can't afford a Veyron!
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        that´s pretty much the same way mi accounting teacher taught me liquidity...

        in topic...
        I guess this school is necessary, the biggest percentage of people need something even for their 115 hp cars...

        a 1001 hp need it for so more reasons...
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      Which idiot decided to take the car pictured for a spin in the sand? Maybe I'm being overprotective of my hypothetical super car, but taking a trounce through sand paper minus the paper seems a bit abusive to all those close tolerance engine components.
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      Ah, the irony. Wasn't Bugatti that demanded his car back because the owner wasn't keeping it in a heated garage?