• Nov 29th 2007 at 8:05PM
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So this video, recorded in North Carolina (although not much more about the date or exact location seems to be found) and sponsored by GM, shows 3 teams that compete with GM cars (I could only identify a Saturn Aura Vue Green Line). The people got 33 to 36 mpg. While these aren't hypermiling figures, they're quite respectable.

The teams used a few tricks to save some fuel, such as using coasting as much as possible and checking the ECO green light. But the final secret, as we all probably know, is being light on the foot.

[Source: YouTube]

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      #2 -
      So you're comparing a 2900kg aerodynamic small car with an advanced hybrid system to a 3500kg small CUV with a simple hybrid system.

      If you were actually comparing two like vehicles then your statement would make sense.

      Sort of like taking a bite of an apple and complaining that it's just not as sweet as an orange.

      Will you also complain that your prius "only" gets ~50mpg when the next hybrid that comes out gets ~100mpg? Probably not unless it's a Toyota. I can't get that South Park episode out of my head about the prius and the "smug" pollution.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I'll say. I think GM should get together with Smart and go back to the drawing board. The Smart gets the same mileage as the Prius at half the size. The 71 mpg diesel Smart is more exciting, but I tend to agree with the comment in the post just below that compared to other small diesel cars, the smart isn't getting THAT much better mileage to make up for its small size limitations.

      Imagine if Honda did this kind of contest with manual transmission Insights? I mean, that would be interesting.
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      BGJ, I think you misunderstood my intentions. I fully agree that the milage is very good for a small SUV, and that this shows dramatically how better driving habits improve milage. The dismaying part is that is currently one of the best milage cars GM has to offer!

      That is why I said GM has some catching up to do. It's been a decade since the Prius was introduced, and GM still doesn't have anything that comes anywhere close, in terms of milage.
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      Well said, BGJ.

      Its kindof like comparing the Saturn Vue hybrid (32hwy/25city) to the Toyota Land Cruiser (18hwy/13city) and saying "Toyota, you've still got a lot of catching up to do!"
      • 7 Years Ago
      Those are pretty good numbers for an automatic midsize sedan.

      I wonder how much worse the mpg would be with the gas formulation we have in Rhode Island.

      My gas mileage went up considerably when the Bush/EPA temporarily suspended specialized gas formulations after Katrina wiped out a few refineries.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Ironic that the record fuel economy milage for that "high milage" challenge (36 mpg) is less than the worst milage I got in my 03 Prius (37 mpg).

      GM, you've still got a lot of catching up to do!
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