• Nov 29th 2007 at 9:03AM
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Renault hasn't done much to tap into its Formula One successes, nor has it provided credible competition to the RX-8s and 350Zs of the world. That's all going to change come 2010. Renault is expected to revive the much-loved Alpine name and slap it on the back of two-door coupe powered by a turbocharged engine mounted amidships. AutoExpress has it on good authority that designers are wrapping up the exterior and that a Megane-bodied mule caught testing on the Nurburgring is actually the new Alpine being put through its paces. Renault is confident that the new coupe won't go the way of the Sport Spider that was dropped in 1997 after it was maligned for offering little refinement and even less practicality. We're hoping to see the Alpine make its concept debut in Paris next year.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      Ah! The OTHER car that rightfully owns metallic electric blue as a color.

      I hope they make it. I hope they bring it to the USA.
      • 7 Years Ago
      i'm really trying to like it. its not awful.
      perhaps if it wasnt smiling at me and it would look less like a cartoon.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Oh 240SX how could you. You look so ugly now.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Renault has nothing to competition with the slow RX-8?

      The Renault Megane R26 F1 Team is at most europen track tests clearly faster as the Mazda RX-8... and that with a FWD hatchback

      Hockenheim shorttrack
      RX-8 1:19.8min
      R26 1:18.6min

      Oschersleben racetrack
      RX-8 1:56.14min
      R26 1:51.78min

      • 7 Years Ago
      Isn't that a Nissan 350Z with super ugly headlights? and frill

      What has happened to making cars look sleek and mean?

      • 7 Years Ago
      Renault's are realy ugly so i don't realy care for the new alpina. The old one's wore very nice but they wasn't actualy renault's.
      • 7 Years Ago
      "Renault hasn't done much to tap into its Formula One successes, nor has it provided credible competition to the...350Zs of the world."

      Too me that's like saying it's too bad Toyota doesn't have anything to compete against the WRX.
        • 7 Years Ago
        You left out the mention of RX-8 being a main competitor to this new Renault. However, The RX-8 is a 2+2 coupe w/ (an arguable) 4 doors. This renault would not be a competitor to that, as it looks from the picture like it would seat only 2.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Oops....I meant grill but frill will do
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