• Nov 27th 2007 at 7:03PM
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Since the debut of the original C70, and even before, Volvo's had a hi-fi fetish. That first C70 debuted the idea of in-car surround, running a Pro Logic head unit with available Dynaudio drivers arranged around the cabin. Volvo wants to continue offering its customers a euphonic experience, so they're equipping virtually all 2009 models with HD Radio receivers beginning in late 2008. HD Radio offers expanded programming, like the satellite services, but there's no fee. The selection may vary by geographic location, and variety may be spotty, but that's not as bad as it seems. Rather than blanket the country with the very same show from Atlantic to Pacific, HD offerings vary by locale, just like good old radio. Volvo's effort will give their vehicle fleet the largest base of standard-equipment HD receivers in the world, though the base S40 and V50 will not be available with the head units.
[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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      I have yet to understand the appeal of HD radio. Of course, I've had XM for the past 3-4 years, but still...what's the appeal of HD, I get better quality commericals?

      The couple weeks here in Detroit when I was in a rental, I tried commercial radio again. Basically, this: in the morning, you don't get music on any local stations, it's all these "morning shows" (you know, the same show in your city, with different names). Plus, I listened to the popular morning show here and it's basically the same shtick as it was 6 years ago when I moved away. The one morning I timed 13 straight minutes of commercials. Ugh. So that's what made me a satellite radio convert. Definitely worth the $13/mo to me. That and my XM stations play wherever I go, where with HD I still have to find stations when I travel.

      Plus I'm reading the rates drop should this merger go through, down to $6.95 for a basic package. I honestly don't know how anybody listens to commercial radio anymore. I don't think HD will do anything to slow the rush to satellite.
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