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Both Ferrari and Lamborghini's CO2 emissions right now exceed 400 g/km. The EU has set a goal of 120 g/km for a carmakers' fleet average by 2012. Last week, Ferrari said it planned to at least get down to 280-300 g/km by 2012, which, while still more than double the target, represents a 30% decrease. It said it would do that by exploring more efficient engines and different body panels to make cars lighter.

Lamborghini's response to the same issue, from CEO Stephan Winkelmann, came to a similar conclusion but in a slightly different way. Winkelmann said that the DNA of the brand -- "the design of the car, the sound of the engine, the top speed and the sprint from zero to 100 kilometers per hour" -- cannot be sacrificed, else they aren't really making supercars any more, which means they're not really making Lamborghinis. And that can't happen.

Also echoing Ferrari, Winkelmann said that Lamborghini owners really only drive their cars on the weekends, and they only sell a handful of them, so "If we look at the real impact, it is close to zero." From the sounds of it, Lamborghini has no intention of messing with the sounds or sizes of its engines, suggesting only (so far) that it will look at using lighter construction techniques, such as more carbon fiber. Take that, EU.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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      To everyone who says these cars are so limited, they should be able to do anything they want.

      First of all, if these companies want to hide behind how few cars they have on the road, then these companies should commit to never putting any more cars on the road. That's essentially what they are being offered. No need to retrofit older cars, just don't put any more high-pollution cars on the road. Oh, wait, that isn't what they meant? They want to sell more cars? Well, do like every other company and clean up your act.

      It isn't fair to give short-run producers of cars the ability to undercut their competition on R&D costs. If we do, we'll just have more and more short-run producers until they do make up a significant portion of the market.

      Lamborghini, just like Ferrari, can make their cars more efficient, which will leave them just as quick but pollute less.
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        The ECO terrorists?
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      Just for the record, though, I'm not totally against them reducing emissions whatsoever - in fact, it's just yet another challenge that these engineering powerhouses can tackle.

      IF they achieve their goal, then they just made themselves *THAT* much greater and it would be a true statement of their engineering prowess. I suppose we can think of it as a self-imposed (self being these companies) test of sorts!

      (well, sort of self-imposed, if we ignore the impending legislation heh).
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      I dont think that super cars should compromise the way they build cars. First off only limited amounts get sold. the technology will be here in couple of years, lambo does not need a green image.

      Ten Gears http://www.tengears.com
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      Forget that.

      I'll take a 20 liter quad turbo V-18 Hummer and laugh while man made global warming is debunked.

      But don't get me wrong I am all for reducing smog, conservation, and such like I was taught as a child but I do not believe in this apocalyptic man made global warming scam. One day we will run out of gas. The economy will temporarily screech to a stop we will finally build some nuclear power stations and have normal cars that run off of hydrogen and petrol heads like us will be driving cars fueled by some form of E-100 or otherwise. And all will be well until the next alarmist decides the world is freezing over.
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      People that buy a Lambo don't give a squat about it's Co2. There's hardly enough of them on the road to add a measurable amount.
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      Let's do some math. Ferrari makes about 4K cars a year. The average Ferrari is driven 3K miles per year.

      The average SUV is driving 15K per year.

      If you to the math, then you see that if ALL Ferrari's were at ZERO emissions (or worse yet, force to go out of business), it would be the equivalent of removing 800 SUV's from the road a year. That's what... about one dealership?

      I'm all for cleaning the enviroment and reducing the world's dependancy on oil. But, lets invest in something that makes a real difference, not just some window dressing for political reasons.

      These cars are art, not transportation vehicles... and art should have no restrictions.