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Update: The follow up article about John's appearance on CNN.

Singer Neil Young and mechanic John Goodwin, who is converting Neil's 1959 (so it's not a 1960) Lincoln Continental Mark IV convertible to a plug-in hybrid that runs on biodiesel that will get 100 MPG, will be on CNN's "American Morning" Monday, November 19th, 6-9 am EST according to this press release. The interview will be featured on CNN.com and I will live blog Neil and John talking about "the new fuel-efficient life of the car and how it holds exciting possibilities for the future."

The press release (in full below the fold) from Reprise Records also says Neil is directing a movie all about the car called Linc-Volt. The film will feature the delivery of the car from California to Kansas and then a trip to show off the car in Detroit with the goal of "raising awareness of the feasibility of hybrid-powered cars within the mainstream consciousness." The film is scheduled for release in 2008 and we will sure be on the look out for it.

We love John and Neil's green efforts but we should point out that in past articles about the Linc-Volt and John Goodwin, many comments questioned if John's turbine Hummer could get 100 MPG. Even a Fast Company editor chimed in commenting "this story is generating a lot of interest and even controversy" and the turbine was a one-off experiment. Also causing some controversy, Ecorazzi's Michael and our own Sebastian had an all-in-fun disagreement on the quality of the Neil working with Pearl Jam. We will let you decide on that one. Below the fold are videos of the Neil and Pearl Jam partnership.

Don't forget now, Monday on CNN 6-9 am EST!

[Source: Reprise Records]
Press Release Source: Reprise

Neil Young to Appear on CNN's "American Morning" on November 19th

BURBANK, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Nov 17, 2007 -- Neil Young will be interviewed on CNN's "American Morning" on Monday, November 19th. Young, in the middle of a North American tour, went to Wichita, Kansas to meet with John Goodwin, who is converting Young's 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV convertible to run on biodiesel and electricity. Young and Goodwin describe the new fuel-efficient life of the car and how it holds exciting possibilities for the future.

Neil Young is directing a movie about the experience, including the drive from Northern California to Kansas to deliver the vehicle. Titled "Linc-Volt," the film is scheduled for a 2008 release. Once the conversion is complete, Young will drive the Lincoln from Wichita to Detroit for meetings with the auto industry, and then return to Kansas to retrace the route back to Northern California, raising awareness of the feasibility of hybrid-powered cars within the mainstream consciousness. He describes the Lincoln's new form and function as the embodiment of "classic Americana from then, meeting the Americana from now." The Linc-Volt is expected to achieve up to 100 miles per gallon on the highway.

"American Morning" airs on the CNN television network 6-9 a.m. EST. Neil Young's interview will also be featured on www.cnn.com.


For more information, contact:
Bill Bentley
Lookout Management

Source: Reprise

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      I saw Neil on Charlie Rose ,7/17/08. He talked about his car. The article about is dated 2007. Has the car been made and finished the trip already. If so, what were the results? Thanks
      • 7 Years Ago
      I have doubts about the possibility of achieving 100 mpg with such a heavy car. I also doubt that he can drive from Wichita to Detroit and then to California solely on biodiesel.

      As the owner of a diesel-powered car, I can say from experience that biodiesel is not that readily available. I've found that, for most of the eastern US, biodiesel stations are few and far between.
      • 7 Years Ago
      neil is and always has been awesome causen he gives a shit for real ive hoped for so long he wouild get in volved with this energy thing i think this is a huge step forward not just the car but folks like neil with wit and cash getting behind us norm l folks with ideas i feel this could be the answer for so many problems that face us i no me and my wife cant stand that we cant do more to help because we are so caught up in raising kids paying for land what ever what a great example for people who have so much and want to help intead of giving tons of cash to green peace or what ever give a so much to familys that have proved they can or will work or are capable of running a business or what ever so they can market an electric car or build homes that are tototaly off the grid or that can speak of love in a way that all people can under stand i have felt this idea for a long time and neil was just the fellow i had in mind to call for help but didnt no how wouldnt you no he already has done it now can we get others to follow instead of bill gates giving 10 million to one organazation he could give 100,000 to 100 diffrent like minds to help solve problems the american way now this is the 1st time i ever typed anyhting on the computer so bear with me i love this life and planet so much and want to work at saving it not picture framing i am sure there are alot more like me my personel project this next year or so is to build an e car that i can charge at home on solar panels if it works i want to make them and sell them i would love to be a part of shakeys used auto sales if any one gets this that can forward it to neil please do my family is ready to get started making a diffrence we need some net working and a little luck from above ron kennedy shermans creek art and frame perry county pennslyvannia peace
      • 7 Years Ago
      I would like to help Neil Young with his car.. If he patents something for me I will surely get rid of his diesel problem and tell the gas giants to shove it.. If he cant get that thing to work like he said it has to.. then i will design one 4 him
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