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Over the past several months, General Motors has been trotting out its new full-size hybrid SUVs at every press preview and auto show telling us all about how great they are. More recently the automaker told us that the official fuel economy ratings from the EPA had come in at an impressive 21 mpg city and 22 mpg highway. The one thing GM has declined to discuss, however, was how much the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid and GMC Yukon Hybrid was going to cost the consumer. Until now that is. The Two-Mode hybrid Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon now have their official MSRPs, with the rear-wheel-drive Tahoe hybrid starting at $50,490. At the high end, the all-wheel-drive GMC Yukon tips the price scales at $53,775. So far we don't have an exact standard equipment list for comparison against the regular 5.3L SUVs, but a rough estimate would put one of those in the mid to upper $40,000 range, leaving a price premium of probably $3,000 to 4,000 for the hybrid power-train. Given the likely cost of the upgrade, it looks like GM is definitely not passing along the true cost of the hybrid technology to the customer. Once hybrid tax credits are factored in, the bottom line to the customer may well turn out to be almost the same, which ain't bad when you consider the fuel savings.
  • Tahoe Hybrid (2WD): $50,490
  • Tahoe Hybrid (4WD): $53,295
  • GMC Yukon Hybrid (2WD): $50,945
  • GMC Yukon Hybrid (4WD): $53,755
[Source: General Motors]



Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for Tahoe 2WD is $50,490; Yukon 2WD is $50,945

LOS ANGELES – GM today announced pricing for the 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon Hybrids, the only full-size, fully capable SUVs whose two-wheel-drive (2WD) models offer the same EPA city fuel economy as a conventional four-cylinder midsize car.

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices for the generously equipped Tahoe Hybrid are $50,490 (2WD) and $53,295 (4WD); and $50,945 (2WD); and $53,755 (4WD) for the Yukon Hybrid. Prices include a $900 destination charge and, based on current adjusted EPA fuel economy calculations and pending IRS approval, buyers could be eligible for a federal tax credit.

"We promised to apply our most advanced technologies to vehicles that can save the most fuel, and we are delivering on that promise with the Tahoe and Yukon Hybrid SUVs," said GM vice chairman Bob Lutz. " The gasoline-only Tahoe and Yukon SUVs already offer best-in-segment fuel economy. Now, consumers can choose GM's patented 2-Mode Hybrid technology that delivers the same city fuel economy as the 2008 Toyota Camry with the base four-cylinder engine. The difference is that the Tahoe and Yukon can seat eight people and can tow up to 6,200 pounds."

The Tahoe Hybrid is part of a commitment by Chevrolet, GM's largest brand, to provide customers around the globe with a variety of value-driven fuel solutions that range from gas-friendly to gas-free. The Yukon Hybrid is further evidence of GMC's engineering excellence and innovative technology. Both are among 16 gas-electric hybrid models GM is introducing during the next four years. D espite the added technology, the Tahoe and Yukon Hybrid SUVs are not the highest-priced models within their respective lineups.

Two-wheel-drive Tahoe and Yukon Hybrid models deliver EPA fuel economy of 21 mpg in the city, a 50-percent improvement over their 5.3L gasoline-only siblings and comparable to the city fuel economy of the much-smaller 2008 2.4L-equipped Toyota Camry sedan, according to figures obtained from www.fueleconomy.gov. EPA highway fuel economy is 22 mpg. The fuel savings is impressive on 4WD models, too, with the Tahoe and Yukon Hybrids rated at 20 mpg in both city and highway driving. This gives the Tahoe and Yukon Hybrids a driving range of about 525 miles per tank of fuel, or enough for a trip from San Diego to San Francisco.

Making this possible is GM's all-new, advanced electrically variable transmission and 300-volt nickel-metal hydride Energy Storage System (ESS), which work in concert with the standard 6.0L V-8 gasoline engine with Active Fuel Management (AFM) and late-intake valve closing (LIVC) technology. GM's new 2-Mode Hybrid system enables the Tahoe and Yukon to launch and drive up to 30 mph on electricity alone and allows the 6.0L V-8 engine to operate in its more economical V-4 mode for longer periods. The Tahoe and Yukon Hybrids also save fuel with aerodynamic aids and reduced-mass components.

Along with exceptional fuel economy, the Tahoe and Yukon Hybrids deliver full-size SUV capability – up to 6,200 pounds (2,812 kg) of towing capacity (2WD) and 6,000 pounds (2,722 kg) on 4WD models; 12,000 pounds (5,443 kg) GCWR and eight-passenger seating capacity.

From subtle interior touches to functional exterior aerodynamic details, the Tahoe and Yukon Hybrid stand apart from the crowd. Once in the driver's seat it is instantly clear that these vehicles are special - from the unique gauge clusters with distinctive badging to the special tachometer. Even the stylish thin-profile seats, designed to reduce mass for improved fuel savings, also provide a side benefit of increased second-row leg room.

These generously equipped, full-size SUVs include heated leather-appointed front bucket seats and leather-appointed second-row bench; driver and passenger power-adjustable seats; navigation radio with rearview camera system; a Bose premium sound system; XM Satellite Radio and the OnStar safety and security system. Other standard features include StabiliTrak electronic stability control; tire pressure monitoring system; a tire inflator kit (in lieu of a spare tire); cruise control; trailering receiver/equipment; two-speed transfer case (4WD); locking differential; 18-inch lightweight polished aluminum wheels and assist steps.

On the outside, form follows function with numerous aerodynamic features such as a lowered air dam, shaped running boards and special rear-end treatments. They enhance the vehicles' overall appearance and contribute to their 0.34 drag coefficient. Noise-reduction measures include a new exhaust system and resonator; low-rolling resistance tires; additional engine intake induction tuning; an electrically driven, 300-volt air conditioning compressor and 42-volt variable-assist power steering; and tuning to the Energy Storage System cooling system internal fan.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      Jeremy---you know very well that I mean hybrid as a system, not an SUV hybrid. And NO, mild hybrid is nor REAL hybrid.

      S---exactly, now that GM entered the game groupies jumped on the wagon. Suddenly we need to keep USA free of foreign oil, suddenly we need clean environment and fresh air. The second GM started making hybrids Detroit groupies became environmentalists.............but when Toyota was offering Prius it was bad for environment, bad for America, bad for blind people.

      Oh yeah one more thing...if anyone wants to come out and say that GM has been making hybrid buses i suggest you think about something else. Is there really a difference between selling car to the public or selling busses to government officials who you lobby? I think there is.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Funny how not too long ago hybrids were just a "fad" and not worth the money. But now that GM is selling them, they're OK.
      • 7 Years Ago
      As usual I find it comical that people who visit this site daily to salivate over X from Mercedes, Y from BMW, and Z from Lexus are somehow offended at the gaul of GM to ask 50K for a Tahoe... You folks forget that not everyone desires the same things in life as you do. Should automotive choice rely on need only, entire lines as well as entire car companies would go out of business. Chairman Mao-uh-I-mean-Clinton demands K cars with airbags for all the workers...

      If you bash GM over their SUVS but crave the latest German luxo-sports sedan, you are a hypocrite. If you bash GM because of their truck division, yet praise Toyota because of their environmental stewardship (while being blind to their own truck segment), you are also a hypocrite. If you are here from Autobloggreen to show the merits of your 52mpg '87 Civic HF, you have lost your way but at least you are not a hypocrite.
      • 7 Years Ago
      FWIW, compared to a standard version, a hybrid Tahoe will save approximately 2,000 gallons of gas over 100,000 miles. A subcompact car that gets 50 mpg only saves about 850 gallons of gas compared to a 35 mpg subcompact over that same 100,000 miles.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Now SUV owners can have tea parties with Prius owners, "It's OK, I'm green too!"

      No matter how we look at the picture, we can thank Toyota for the hybrid market. They're the ones that made the system available and affordable, then sold it to the competition to ensure the success of the technology and make some money on it. Seven years ago, Toyota was losing $5k on every Prius sold, it's amazing how much has changed since then.

      In response to the backlash comment on Page 1, the blind population has complained about not being able to hear hybrids in the city. In fact, I believe the article was featured on our favorite site...Autoblog.com.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Does it not seem outrageous to anyone else that SUVs, which are just glorified trucks, cost this much? Hybrid or not?

      50-60k is what I have left to owe on my HOUSE. Why would someone borrow that much for a three ton chunk of depreciation? Why would someone fork over that much hard-earned cash, and possibly pay interest on that much of a loan?

      This isn't the Escalade, this is a CHEVY and GMC...

      No wonder the population of this country has dipped below zero, into negative personal savings rates, on average. Either that, or inflation is already on the rise, significantly.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Agreed on the price comment. Just about all of the new vehicles give me sticker shock. Debt is less and less scary to people I guess. Either that or the general aggregate makes a heck of a lot more money than us! :)

        Believe it or not, there will be a few people out there that will be able to afford that. Lets hope that they buy them in large numbers so that this technology can trickle down to more affordable products for the rest of us...or that they trade them in a few years so we can get a used Tahoe Hybrid for a bargain! :)
        • 7 Years Ago
        Well i have to say i do not think the average family buys these trucks. The buyers are probably a family of two professionals both probably make 80G's and above maybe even more. And they probably will hold this truck for 6-7 years.

        I also read in Wall Street Journal that GM has a very wealthy client base, they said that this is one of GMs strongest points.
      • 7 Years Ago
      "Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon hybrids get a price: $50,490 - $53,775"

      Those aren't prices, those are mortgages!
      • 7 Years Ago
      geez...or for that price buy 2 Veracruz suv's from hyundai and get the close to the same milage 16/22 .
      (and not drive a big box)
        • 7 Years Ago
        maybe people actually need a big box? My Dad's best friend has one, and needs it for his business and his large family, or maybe he just shove everyone/thing into a econo-suv. People actually do need these things sometimes.
      • 7 Years Ago
      WTF!!! 50-60 Grand!!! Who are they trying to sell too? I thought they were trying to get more customers not loose them.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Someone who thinks a "Green" image comes in the form of a 4 ton BOF SUV.
      • 7 Years Ago
      For a 5-10% price premium, but 50% improved fuel economy, it seems there's virtually no reason not to go with the hybrid version.
      • 7 Years Ago

      Shame GM is a decade late to the party.

      Here's my issue...who buys Priuses? The green crowd, the green wannabes and such. I really do not see these people ever buying GM.

      I understand that common GM buyer may be the target here, but why would that buyer buy an unproven technology that that very same buyer heard Bob Lutz and Wagoner trash every chance they get.

      Reap what you sow.

      Sow ignorance and hate, now reap it GM.
        • 7 Years Ago
        The "Green" crowd is not a group of loyal Toyota followers, they will buy what is considered the best/clean MPG hybrid vehicle. That just happen to be the Prius. This gives people options, a choice, everyone desn't want to drive a small sedan.
        • 7 Years Ago
        What the hell are you talking about? Spew ignorance and hate?

        Anyway, those prices seem high to me, but that is the nature of these type of vehicles. I can't imagine paying $40k-$50k for ANY kind of truck / suv. But that is just my preference. I'd rather have a sports car and a family sedan / wagon / minivan / smaller SUV than pay that much money for one utilitarian vehicle.

        But since those are the going rates for the big dogs, I guess the hybrid price isn't that bad.


        • 7 Years Ago
        How long has any manufacturer had a full size SUV hybrid? How many other manufacturers have hybrids that operate at highway speeds?

        Gm is hitting its sweet spot in the market they dominate. They do trucks and body-on-frame SUVs better than enyone else. There is nothing on the market that comapres to this currently and certainly nothing from a decade ago.

        Do you begin every post with a thoughtless platitude? "Shame GM is a decade late to the party."

      • 7 Years Ago
      all tahoes are expensive. Price out a normal version and you will see there isnt much of a difference. The hybrid is almost fully loaded for $50k. Tahoe is best selling large SUV so obviously people are willing to pay $35k-$50k for these vehicles.
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