• Nov 9th 2007 at 3:58PM
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That Cadillac will release a hybrid Escalade (thought the very thought makes my head hurt) is no secret. Spy photos surfaced back in June, and we know this monstrosity will be at the L.A. Auto Show next week. HybridCars says journalists at the South Florida International Auto Show got a sneak preview of the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid today. Buyers can get their own Escalade with a two-mode hybrid system sometime next summer. Price and most details (including official pictures) have yet to be revealed, but HybridCars says the MPG will be increased from 12 city/18 highway in the non-hybrid version to an expected 18 city/22 highway. HybridCars also has a nice discussion about the value of adding a green sheen to the luxury of the Caddilac Escalade image, and notes that GM is using "Intelligent Indulgence" for the slogan. Talk about making my head hurt.

[Source: HybridCars]

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      Ernie you may be right. However, moving out of the "suburbs" is not feasible for everyone. Living closer to where you work is not feasible for everyone. Going with out a car is not for everyone. You may be shocked to know that their are millions of Americans who live in small towns and rural America. If we all moved to the city, where would we work? Where would live? Where would our kids go to school? I grew up in NYC and loved and still love the city. I live in a small rural town now. I moved here to be closer to my job, guess what? I was downsized out of a job, so now I have a 130 mile round trip to my new job. Should I move my family to be closer to work, what happens when (not if) I am downsized again? This is the issue I have with some in the green movement, there is not one single bullet answer to our energy/transportation needs. Some seem to think that if we all thought the same, acted the same, lived the same (how miserable would that be?) the world would be saved.
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      Tks article .. do you know whom produces the 300 volt battery pack? is it panasonic or cobasys? tks
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      This is kind of a reflection on just how green hybrids are - even the ones like the Prius.

      I currently don't have a car. It doesn't matter how efficient a gasoline car is, if I buy one, I'm contributing more pollutants than I am now. I also happen to live in an area where the electrical power mix is 90% hydro, so an electric car wouldn't mean I'm just switching where my tailpipe is.

      Hybrids aren't green. They're greener than the next guy. Or your last car. Green would be moving out of the suburbs and getting rid of your car.
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