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In the above video, Hillary explains her shift from voting against ethanol to supporting it in her energy plan. Hillary says she voted against ethanol on behalf of her constituents because subsidizing ethanol in the middle of the country would raise prices in New York. Hillary says she can now support ethanol because there is a broader base for ethanol in New York, which she helped create, making transportation cost no longer a factor. Here is exactly what she said:

The fact is that when we first had an occasion to vote on ethanol back in the early part of my term, I voted on behalf of my constituents. There was very credible evidence, that it would, if all we did was subsidize ethanol in the middle of the country, raise gas prices on both coasts which would have directly driven up the cost in New York and I didn't think that would be a good idea for a senator from New York and what I have been pleased about and I had a role in this, was to create a much broader base for ethanol. We now have ethanol plants in New York and so the idea that you would have only one part of the country and the transportation cost would be quite expensive because of the way ethanol has to be transported, is no longer a factor. So, I happily support corn ethanol, all forms of ethanol, research for cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel.

Hillary continues talking about visits to plants that create biodiesel from things like animal fat which she says is great and she is in favor of before she is cut off. Earlier in the video, Hillary says "environment and energy" provide the perfect platform to bring together problem solving Americans. Political tap dancing or great local representation? Sound off in comments.

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      • 7 Years Ago
      If you want to talk environmental flip flop, let's not forget about how George W prior to being elected president said that he thought CO2 was a greenhouse gas and then retracted that position once elected.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Too many people are still watching the idiot box for far too many hours a day.

      That spammer made me lauch, hillary=integrity. Maybe in some bizarro world.
      • 7 Years Ago
      the saving grace of this long pre-election rat race is that there,s more time to observe the collective feet in mouths & realize they,re all just politicians,not a single statesman in the whole smelly pile.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I have a pro-Hillary website and I've had to hire more staff members because we couldn't keep up with the changing positions. I do think she is the candidate with the most integrity though, hopefully America wakes up.

      • 7 Years Ago
      Hillary offers me a sandwich...

      Hillary's headin' out on the campaign trail.

      In her recent e-mail, she notes,

      Dear Julian,
      You're my secret weapon.
      All the other campaigns are busy talking about me. But with your support, I'm staying focused on what's important in this race. I never forget what we're working for when I'm out on the campaign trail. That's why I'd like one of you to join me for a day.

      Ah, Hill, there's only "one" of me - to my knowledge!

      She goes on to ask,

      "Will you help me win these first few primaries and caucuses by contributing today? You could join me out on the campaign trail. We'll take a few minutes to grab a sandwich and talk."

      Yup, her handlers are inviting voters like me to drop by the stumpin' grounds to grab a sandwich when she alights in our Havens, Towns, big City dins - wherever!

      Ham & cheese on rye, with a little Grey Poupon, please!

      You know, the mustard the impeccably-dressed driver in the Rolls craves on a quick pass in the rarefied air of an enclave, somewhat beyond my reach. (video below)

      Of course, you're goin' to have to cough up some dough for the privilege of dining alfresco with Hillary and her clan.

      The recent gala on her 60th Birthday Bash taught us one Noble truth...if you want to mingle with the high and mighty, jockey for lobbying power - even toss a kiss from afar - you'll have to pay through the nose.

      No lookie-loo's please, or photo ops on the house...just ask Hill.

      In a recent e-mail invite, Clinton's team noted that for $15.00 (just click on the link to pay by debit, credit card, or pay pal) I'll get to chow down on a sandwich with her and have a chat - yeah, talk is not cheap, not in Hillary's camp.

      Well now, should I spring the bucks for the snack with Hillary Clinton, or upload my photo for inclusion on Edwards' "mosaic"? (Post, John Edwards "Facebook"; 11/07/07)

      I mean, times are tough - just how far will my budget stretch?

      Maybe I should wait to see what Obama has to offer...

      With all these clever, money-making maneuvers underfoot, some sweet slick offer should be heading out from his camp, soon.

      I mean, the man is quick on the uptake, isn't he?
      • 7 Years Ago
      I totally agree that Hillary is such a pathetic president candidate. In the last debate, she contradicted herself in different subjects, which is obvious in this video that compares her many contradictions at the same day: http://www.weshow.com/us/p/22225/the_politics_of_parsing_by_hillary_clinton
      You guys that have watched the debate or this video that shows some of her many contradictions should agree with me that we just can't vote for a so clearly ambiguous candidate.
      • 7 Years Ago
      She changed her position not because of any ideological position for or against biofuels but simply because NY state got a slice of the subsidies pie. It's called bringing home the bacon and it's what US politicians do all day long.

      The logistics issue is non-trivial, though ethanol plants in NY state still have to use trucks and/or rail to ship their product to refineries elsewhere in the state for blending.
      • 7 Years Ago
      If she is really in favor of ethanol, then I say "welcome to the party." I've been supporting ethanol since the late '90s when I bought a Dodge Grand Caravan that ran on E85. I now have an '02 GC that runs on "corn juice," as my three-year-old son calls it, and I use it every chance I get. We just need to convince the gas stations and oil companies that it's not the evil that they would have us believe.

      I don't like Hillary, but by God, this is one flip I can agree with. We ARE a problem-solving people, as she says, and we CAN produce our own fuels. We just have to come together and DO IT!
      • 7 Years Ago
      Intersting comments. Full disclosure-- I am very anti-Hillary on my blog.

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      • 7 Years Ago
      Some Dipshit- The Democrats and the Neocons are really all the same. They all love to pander to special interests using stolen tax money or fiat money created from thin air (Other People’s Money/debt) and they all hate the limitations placed on them by the US Constitution. Each of them has many more than 2 faces and they are lead to and fro by the latest political breeze. Politics should be a public service, and never a “lifestyle choice”.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Normanchodrick, It's logical to assume her logic is not immediately apparent to anyone :D
      • 7 Years Ago
      I haven't seen a comment directed at the logic that mid-west ethanol would cause gas prices to be higher in NY. Can anyone suggest a train of logic that shows this might have indeed been the case? Since the logic behind this is not immediately apparent to me it tends to sound rather more like 'fake' logic to justify or explain a position. But then I am not familiar with the details that might be there either.
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