• Nov 7th 2007 at 9:37AM
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Yes, but does it come with the trademark wraparound glasses? And will your hair support the appropriate windblown mane of wavy locks? These are the questions you must ask yourself before entertaining a bid on Bono's Ducati 916. This particular 916 is even more special than your run of the mill V-twin Italian scooter with a desmodromic valvetrain and a host of racing features like a single-sided swingarm and underseat exhaust. The ownership of this bike has a quite an '80s-rock provenance to go with it. First, it was wheeled by the late Michael Hutchence of INXS, before being owned by U2's Adam Clayton and ultimately ending up in Bono's care. The Ducati is up for auction to raise funds for Riders for Health, an organization that provides healthcare to remote locations in Africa and uses motorcycles to reach those in need. The auction will be held in Birmingham, UK at the International Motorcycle and Scooter show on the 2nd of December. While a Ducati might be a rush to ride, we're betting that Bono gets off more on the thrill of sharing the wealth.
[Source: Luxist]

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      Only if he rode naked on it.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I've never been a Bono fan. I think most celebrities involvement in charities amount to nothing more than paid appearances.

      However, I saw an interview with Bono the other day and they got real into his religious beliefs and his charity work and I gotta say, I was most impressed. He's not just a poster boy, this guy is really involved at all levels and is doing real, meaningful things to help people living in poverty. Not just "raising awareness", as so many other entertainers do.

      I have to echo Dan's comment too. Before you criticise, take a look at how much time and money you've actually invested in the past year to help others in a meaningful way. I would bet that most of us aren't doing anything more than throwing some old shoes to Good Will or dropping a toy off with the Marines once a year.
        • 7 Years Ago
        I'm not diminishing the importance of giving a toy to needy kids, nor can I argue that for Bono, giving away a bike is any real sacrifice.

        But Bono does far more than celebrity charities. The guy spends a significant amount of time out of sight of the cameras using the skills and assets he has in order to help other people.

        My point was simply that most of us are not doing what we could, or should be doing to help our fellow man.
      • 7 Years Ago
      He can't settle for #2. He has to be #1.