• Nov 5th 2007 at 5:31PM
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The Acura AXR-01 will appear in Fernandez Racing colors in 2008

When Acura decided to get into the American Le Mans Series this year, it hooked up with three teams. The Highcroft team used a chassis that started off as a French Courage unit that they then focused on developing into the AXR-01 with the help of Acura itself. The Fernandez team used a standard Lola chassis and focused on engine deveiopment instead. The Andretti-Green team, meanwhile, used the best components from the other two teams. After a year of running in the ALMS with good results, the Fernandez crew looks set to make the switch over to the Acura AXR-01 chassis for 2008. Apparently making a switch at this point won't require sacrifices by the engine development program, which the Fernandez team figures is a priority considering its original Lola car did just fine in its first year.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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      Sounds like a smart move. Acura had very rapid success with their own chassis.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The American Le Mans Series is one of my favorite racing events...

      When Acura decided to compete in the American Le Mans Series I was very excited. (Competing with other car manufacters; Audi, Porsche and etc.)

      I think Acura's chassis performed amazingly well during their first trial run last year. I believe the research and development team did a great job...very rapid success to the top. (Congrats; Team Highcroft, Team Andretti-Green, Team Fernandez Racing and etc.)

      I remember a few years back studying the Lola chassis...The Lola chassis has been a good performer in the champ car series as well as; Reynard, Swift, Penske, Eagle chassis.

      I believe each Team and chassis has it's own uniqueness. Analzying which setup package will increase lowdown force with it's many different wings adjustments, enhance extreme cornering, and maximize performance to the wheels...great engineering!!!

      I will be interesting to study how well Acura's AXR-01 chassis will perform.