• Nov 1st 2007 at 5:57PM
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Click the image above to view a couple of Scion's SEMA entries.

"These are our people!" has always been Scion's mantra at SEMA. Car customization and personalization is the cornerstone of Toyota's "youth"branded division, despite the number of retirees buying up xBs to shuffle between the doctor's office and the Elk's Lodge.

While there were a number of Scions adorning the show floor, the automaker's own booth only had a couple of vehicles worthy of our attention... and your time.

Two models, an xB and an xD, both featured chopped roofs and plenty of show-only go-fast bits. The latter, built by Team Koshak, featured a wet injection Nitrous Express system, Magnaflow exhaust, custom 19-inch rollers, and an Extreme Dimension body kit swathed in Samurai Green Tea paint. Inside, it's all about eye-grabbing accouterments, sometime at the expense of good taste. While the Status Racing seats blend a bit of functionality with an attractive design, the blue and green plaid upholstery apes the Mk V GTI in the worst possible way. You can check out the rest of Team Koshak's mods on their display plaque and peruse the gallery below to see both vehicles at the Scion stand.

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      • 7 Years Ago
      It is amazing how many concept cars look like ship wrecks. It would make an interesting study to delve into the minds of designers who come up with these concepts.
      On the other hand why do we get to see concepts that are attention grabbers and then get stuck having to choose among a series of really dull choices in the real world?
      • 7 Years Ago
      Notice that when you look at Scion car names its xA, xB, xC and xD

      now look at them at a 90 degree angle... and it shows the car's true nature, xA, xB and xD are a joke, and the xC is just wrong...at least when it comes to customizing these things...
        • 7 Years Ago
        wow you have caught me XD

        excuse me for mistaking the XC for the tC (wow cant believe I did that) but as for the others, ITS A PUN... relax... (I thought that inside joke was apparent, expressions like the xB and xD are commonly used by chat rooms, by whom? the Y- gen...)

        and besides, Scion disappoints me in one aspect... no rwd! When Scion first arrived I was hoping for them to bring out the spritual successor of the AE86...

        lol at first I thought you were working for Toyota...
        • 7 Years Ago
        Ya, that xC is a real joke with its Swedish design and all-wheel-drive platform. Oh wait, that would be the XC 70/90 that Volvo sells. Scion sells the tC... that's right, it can be so confusing.

        They are such a "joke" that only 172k of them were sold in 2006, which was more than 17 other brands available in the states.

        I'm not saying that I'm about to soup up a Scion, but the company has been a huge success for Toyota, no matter how you slice the bread. With the average Scion owner at the age of 31, they are the youngest in the industry, and when they replace their "joke" cars, about 75% buy another Toyota product. Gen Yers will take over the market within the next twenty years, and Toyota has a huge head start because of their unique Scion line!
      • 7 Years Ago
      That green has to be the UGLIEST colour I've ever seen on a car; whomever came up with that one is going to Pantone Hell. It's like the end result (pun intended) of a particularly nasty stomach flu. And the shape it's draped over is no better. Someone was apparently inspired by an avocado-green kitchen appliance; unhappy choice.