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According to The Detroit News, Chrysler's product-cutting plan is all but official. The first three models on the chopping block, according to the newspaper's unnamed sources, are the Magnum, Pacifica and the PT Cruiser. The next round could include the Jeep Commander if it doesn't get its act together.
Sales on the first three models were down as much as 32% through September, and the company's new boss, Bob Nardelli, isn't in a playing-around mood. Company insiders have told the Det News that Nardelli is taking very close looks at the current lineup and isn't exactly thrilled. Supposedly, Dodge's Dakota and Avenger and Chrysler's Sebring are also feeling the Nardelli heat. The newspaper quotes Nardelli as saying, "I'm not a designer, but I'm a consumer," he said. "Rather than deny some of the (negative) reports that are out there you kind of embrace them and say, what do we want to do to take our vehicle from where it is to where consumers want it to be?"

So how many of you reading that actually said out loud, "It's about damned time!" Nardelli sounds like a guy who doesn't mess around, who seems to know his company's products aren't up to snuff, and who's willing to do just about anything to fix them. Sebring and Avenger aren't exactly blockbuster designs, and if Chrysler must amputate them to stay alive, we say go for it.

We hate to see wagons disappear from the domestics' lineup again, but overall, this is a good sign and we can't wait to see what Nardelli does with future offerings.

By the way, Mr. Nardelli. Can we nominate the Aspen and Compass for some critical evaluation, too? Thanks.

[Source: The Detroit News]

Thanks, Mike, for the tip!

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      Of all the vehicles Dodge has, why would the Magnum be on the list?that model was selling pretty well.Ill never understand the hate for wagon or dodge Sport Tourer as dodge call its.There more efficient than their SUV counterparts.i say that the nitro should be discontinued as there no reason to have a liberty clone on the dodge showroom.ill second Chris opinion on the Aspen and Compass.here is a Suggestion for the Dodge Caliber. MAKE BETTER DOOR HANDLES, THEY FEEL LIKE CRAP
        • 7 Years Ago
        Dude, is your space bar broken??? Hit it TWICE between sentances.
        • 7 Years Ago
        "Dude, is your space bar broken??? Hit it TWICE between sentances."

        Dude, your education has failed you in the area of SPELLING while you slam someone else! :)

      • 7 Years Ago
      Ok, so I agree that Chrysler has spent to much money being "lazy" and badge engineering pretty much everything they have. Seems that developing a clear line of distinct vehicles for each division would have served them much better.

      I own a Magnum R/T. Having come from Suburban’s and Tahoe's, this vehicle:

      • Has sufficient capacity to hold kids, dogs, gear, bikes, etc.
      • Gets better gas mileage by comparison (I get 26-28 on the highway at 75 with cruise on)
      • Has more power than almost any other sedan/wagon in its class – a feature I use regularly!
      • Handles fairly well considering its size and weight. The Mercedes S class chassis tuning keeps this car fairly neutral and quite precise in its ride quality both on the highway and when pushing it when nobody's around. (Before you start bagging me, it absolutely is NOT a Mustang or Solstice or any other true sports car, but it’s far from an old Impala or a Lincoln or any of the other “road boats” out there. I challenge you to look at the skid pad numbers for a Magnum and, say, a Tarus.)

      I've seen dozens of comments about quality. So far, at the 30k mark, all that has gone "wrong" is that an electrical switch for the drivers side rear window failed. Huh. I've had imports with more 2 year, 30k mile failures than this vehicle. And for those of you who have a GM truck, you've all replaced the tranny at the 80-120k mark. I suspect this Mercedes build 5-speed auto will continue to shift for much longer than that.

      I got the Mangum because I said that I would stick to truck until a domestic manufacturer built a full size RWD vehicle. Well, Chrysler had the guts to make it and so I got it. I have not regretted it one bit and it makes me sad that it might go.

      Taking a look at the lineup’s of all the US manufacturers, there isn’t a single competitor for the Magnum. The Magnum is an outstanding general purpose car. It’s a very good highway traveling car that is easy to drive, it can handle the soccer mom crowd taking kids and gear wherever you need to go, all that and it’s not a truck – or a car pretending to be a truck. Doesn’t that rather make the Magnum a “market segment leader”? This really is the original CUV; it is both car and truck.

      It will be generations before someone thinks to build a full size vehicle that takes people and gear, handles well both in city and highway conditions, is RWD, has plenty of power, and doesn’t require a stepladder to enter.

      Given that the consensus of these many posts is that Chrysler has little to nothing worth having and that they should just go away, perhaps they brought Bob in to convert the company to selling kit cars: "You can build it, we can help."

      It breaks my heart that the domestic auto market appears to be on a course for complete annihilations by the Asian manufacturers.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I love the Magnum. They just need to inject some life into it.
      • 7 Years Ago

      300C: nice car, but bad mileage, still it is selling
      Magnum: change the front, maybe it has a chance.
      PT Cruiser is way nicer than HHR but it has had its run
      Pacifica: too expensive
      Avenger: boring
      Caliber: ugly
      Nitro: Why does Dodge need to have a Jeep when they are part of the same company? plus it is ugly like all Jeeps
      New Caravan: ugly but loaded with features, while that might work for a little while, it only takes about 1-3 years for all the competitors to have the same or better features with a better looking product. This will die too.

      They need to come up with some interesting designs that bring excitement like they did in the early 90's otherwise they should just fold and sell off whatever remaining assets they have.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I sincerely hope Chrysler sends other models into the dustbin before the Magnum, Pacifica, and PT.

      The Magnum is still one of the few domestic-branded cars that I *regularly* hear non-enthusiast consumers say that they would "want to buy." Just drop the rental-fodder 2.7.

      The Pacifica is another solid, pleasant package whose only glaring flaw is its second-row packaging (no three-row bench) and large rear-quarter blind spot. Fixable with a mid-cycle refresh.

      The aging PT remains a better car than the Caliber, Compass, and Patriot, with more accurate handling, a quieter ride, nicer interior materials, and better cargo versatility.

      Obviously, Chrysler can't just go and axe its intended "volume sellers:" the Caliber, Sebring, Avenger, and Nitro/Liberty. But, newly-redesigned or not, those models are garbage, marginally competitive even in their first year of production.

      If they cancel the models with the most potential--even if they're among Chrysler's oldest--I can't see how this company expects to survive.

      I know! Lighted cupholders! -snort-
      • 7 Years Ago
      No wagons? Oh well. There's plenty of imports to choose from.

      They really should just close the doors--Chrysler is fast becoming irrelevant.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The PT is already available in Europe with a diesel motor, many Chryslers like the Minivan and 300 also have them.

        • 7 Years Ago
        When I look for a car I believe it has to excel in something. Civics aren’t the roomiest but they have better than average fuel economy, interiors, reliabiltiy, and great resale value. VW’s are maintenance nightmares but they lead in interior quality and with the TDI you get incredible fuel economy. If Chrysler were to utilize their European diesels into some of their vehicles, they would at least have something that outshines the competition, cause lord knows, they won’t win any hearts in all the other categories. Throw in an available modern diesel in the Caliber and it suddenly makes my short list, even with that Fisher Price interior. As it stands, it’s not even on the radar.
      • 7 Years Ago
      It's a shame that our US automakers are being forced to make such drastic changes. The PT is a very efficient little car - but needs a redesign. I had a Pacifica and currently drive a Crossfire. The Pacifica was comfortable and is fairly attractive but not "user" friendly. It was almost impossible to see when backing up. The Crossfire is just too expensive - we only got one because they had them discounted so much. Chrysler has way too many large, gas sucking vehicles. Get rid of the Commandor and the Nitro is cool, but needs to go. I LOVE the Caliber, but it is cheaply put together. Funny thing is though in this country we seem to love our Toyotas and Hondas, but overseas they are viewed as junk. Wish our country would tax these imports at the same rate our vehicles are taxed overseas. We are seeing Chrysler go through a terrible time - Ford is not far behind. It would be unfortunate if our country was left with no automakers at all.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I'm surprised the Pacifica has never done well, it pretty much was the first "crossover". I'd probably be pointing the finger at the marketers and who ever decided on the features. The one comment I heard was that the Pacifica was priced too high and was not available without features to reduce the cost.
        • 7 Years Ago
        The Pacifica is awkward inside. The rear seats are difficult to get to and the way the seats fold eats up a lot of the interior cargo room.

        With the rounded sides it also cuts into the hight of the cargo area. I sat in one and liked the concept, but there are too many compromises to the way they did things. Someone else mentioned it, it's for people that need a minivan, but HAVE to spend more money.

        The GMC Arcadia is sort of the same way, but with a much better back seat and cargo setup. Don't know if it's selling better, but it's nicely done.

      • 7 Years Ago
      The Magnum!?!? Come on, a buddy of mine has one of these, it's really cool. The best looking station wagon I've ever seen that wasn't in the pages of Hot Rod Magazine. I'd by one but unfortunately I'm not currently in the market for such a vehicle. The funny part is he's a never married bachelor with no kids (but he has lots of nieces). He just bought it because he thought it was really well styled and it was in his price range. By the way, every body else in his family drives pickups and SUVs.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The PT was a great idea that they have allowed to die on the vine. Take some time and fix it the others can go but the Pacifica could have been a contender but its now easisier to just let them die
      Jonathan Hicks
      • 7 Years Ago
      I cannot beleive that the Magnum, PT, and Pacifica will be dropped. Without them, the Chrysler brand would not have a crossover to sell unless they build a Chrysler version of the upcoming Dodge Journey for the 2009 model year. The Dodge Magnum was significant for being the only American RWD wagon on the market. I hate to see it go away. The Sebring/Avenger should stay because they were just new for 2007-08. and the Dakota shouldn't too since it was recently updated.
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