click above image for high-res shots of the Dodge Avenger Stormtrooper

You're a stormtrooper, and due to a chronic injury you've had to retire from active duty with the Empire. You've still got a family to feed, and you now have a less strenuous job as an insurance broker. How do you get to work ever since you had to turn in your tie-fighter? This. The Dodge Avenger Stormtrooper.

White outside, inside it's black and white alcantara, and there are red stripes hither and thither. Tweaks include tinted headlamps, a less-than-subtle aero kit, cold air intake, and a rear spoiler that once served as an X-Wing

fighter wing -- captured in battle no doubt. It's Avenger underpinnings show through enough to keep it from being too crazy, but it still lets people know you were once a badass and fought for* against the Republic. (*One of our editors added that last bit incorrectly, however, there followed a long debate about stormtroopers, clones, the Republic, Lord Duku, and betrayal, and who was one whose side and when...)

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