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Although we've already seen what happens when an FJ Cruiser loses its top, Toyota has finally decided to perform proper surgery on its Wrangler-fighter to create a canvas convertible FJ. Although we weren't able to see how well constructed the top was inside the FJ Convertible, from the outside it looks like a pretty substantial piece of kit. According to Toyota, the construction is lightweight, inexpensive and easy to operate. No hydraulics or electronics are used, so cargo space isn't adversely affected.

Being a SEMA vehicle, it had to go through the aftermarket ringer before taking its rightful place on stage, so aside from the new cabrio setup, the FJ comes equipped with KMC 17-inch Endouro wheels wrapped in 35x12.5R17 Nitto Mud Grappler tires, ARB suspension components, a TRD off road exhaust and a Bestop Off Road Camera System.

Toyota maintains that the simple design of the FJ Cruiser convertible makes it a viable production vehicle. When we'll see it is a mystery, but if they added a removable hardtop to the options list, this FJ could be another player in the niche within a niche segment.

Toyota's full press release is posted after the jump.

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FJ Cruiser Convertible

Open-air off-roading has been part of Land Cruiser heritage for the past 50 years. The FJ Cruiser Convertible project is a modern tribute to that tradition. At the core of this project is an easy to operate manual top that is affordable and light weight.

With the top up, the FJ Cruiser maintains its distinctive silhouette. In the down position with the side windows removed, the cargo space is maintained without all the hydraulics of an automatic convertible top. The project team was challenged to keep the design simple and credible as a realistic production vehicle versus the other more outrageous show car projects.
Bestop Inc. performed the soft top conversion


• KMC 17-inch Endouro Desert Beadlock Wheels and Nitto 35x12.50R17 Mud Grappler Tires
• ARB Old Man Emu Suspension, ARB Front and Rear Bumpers
• IPF 900XS High Intensity Discharge Auxiliary Driving Lights
• Eclipse AVN-2210 with detachable Tom Tom Personal Navigation
• JBL GTO755.6 560 watt 6-channel amp
• Front and rear bumper mounted Warn winches
• TRD Off Road Exhaust System
• Toyota Genuine Rock Rails
• Bestop Off Road Camera System
• PowerTank Comp Series CO2 System

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      I wish those wheels/tires were an option on the FJ. Also, hopefully Toyota finally releases very long awaited supercharger kit for the FJ at this show.
      • 7 Years Ago
      This may be the first new Toyota since the... erh... since... um... hm. Wow... has there really never been anything? Somebody help me out here, there HAS to have been a Toyota that was desirable... some time in the past few decades? I'm honestly drawing a blank.

      This may be the first new Toyota ever that I have looked at and said, "I'd buy that." I'm with the author. I'd be satisfied with a removable hardtop, and let the aftermarket come up with a softtop option. Heck, they usually do it better anyhow.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I agree that Toyota is boring as an automaker and have little clue about styling. The FJ is an exception in some ways - not real ugly and very offroad worthy. So, for those of us who much prefer an open SUV, this IS the only possible alternative to a Wrangler - newer SUVs that is. The old RR Defenders are cool and good but unavailable after '97 and, at a price of 32k back then, I see them for sale now for over 40 or 50k!!! unbelievable that ppl would buy them as such. so, i would love this when toyota gets their asses in gear and put it out, but while they're at it, why not put in clean diesel engines- much better mileage, more torque/pulling power - a no brainer in my view.
      • 7 Years Ago
      whose idea was it to put a tan top on a yellow car? yuck! You'd think a show car would have a more appealing color scheme.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Wouldn't Toyota have to have a soul to bring this vehicle to production? I mean outside of the FJ, when was the last time you saw a Toyota vehicle with style and flair that inspired emotion in people (good or bad). They hooked enough people with the current FJ design - will they actually take the next step?

      For Toyotas in general, look at the limited colors available, The squish in the steering, the moosh in handling, the anti-style (Corolla and Camry), the lack of "fun" options like sunroofs - designed for the herds and lemmings. This is a company more worried about the bottom line than driver inspiration. I guess I am a bit skeptical that this will see the light of day. And no I am not a hater - my 4Runner is astoundingly adequate.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Toyota should seriously consider just dropping the automobiles it tries to "create". They just copy everyone else - sort of like China with a blank check.
      Stick to fork lifts T.
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