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Jay Leno showed up at GM's party at The Wynn to show off his unique corn-fed Corvette C6RS, stuffed full of Katech's naturally aspirated 8.2L 600 HP V8. We discussed this car a bit recently and can only add that the devil is truly in the details here. The carbon fiber is apparent everywhere you look, the body kit takes this special C6 one step beyond anything you'd find at a Chevy dealership, and the fender slats remind us of a certain competitor from a recently liberated Big Three member. The press release is repeated after the jump and live shots from the party have been added to the gallery.


LAS VEGAS – "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno's predilection for performance cars is no secret, but many fellow enthusiasts may not know that he is keenly interested in alternative fuels. To prove that red-blooded power mixes easily with a touch of green, Leno partnered with Pratt & Miller – the engineering company that builds and campaigns C6.R Corvettes – to develop a modified Corvette Z06 that is capable of running on E85 ethanol. It was unveiled at the 2007 SEMA Show.

More than merely a conversion of the stock LS7 engine to E85 capability, Leno's alternative-fuel supercar is powered by a custom, 8.2L (500-cubic-inch) all-aluminum small-block V-8 that pumps out approximately 600 horsepower and 585 lb.-ft. of torque.

"The C6RS is the result of an idea we hatched to prove that high-performance cars and alternative fuel technology weren't diametrically opposed concepts," said Leno. "I love the idea of having 600 horsepower at my disposal, but using a homegrown alternative to gasoline."

The engine is built around a custom aluminum cylinder block that was CNC-milled from a single block of billet aluminum. And while the cylinder heads, intake system and dry-sump oiling system are stock LS7 components, the engine – which has larger bore and stroke dimensions than the 7.0L (427-cubic-inch) LS7 – uses a one-off reciprocating assembly, including a forged steel crankshaft, forged rods and forged pistons. Katech Engines, the company that builds engines for the Corvette C6.R racing program, developed the engine.

The fuel system and engine control computer were modified to accommodate E85, and spent gases exit through a Corsa exhaust system. Supporting the 600-horse engine's power is a blueprinted and strengthened T-56 six-speed transmission and a high-performance Centerforce dual-friction clutch.

C6.R inspiration
On the outside, Leno's bad and black C6RS emulates the styling of C6.R racecars, with wider front and rear fenders and a wider rear fascia with an integrated spoiler on top and a racing-style diffuser at the bottom (the diffuser incorporates an LED-lit backup lamp). A C6.R-style waterfall hood front fender louvers, rockers and lower grille opening further define this special Corvette – and all of the car's front-end panels are made of carbon-fiber, including custom brake air ducts routed through the front fenders. With all of its body modifications, Leno's C6RS is 1.6 inches wider than stock.

The C6.R's – and production Corvette's – aerodynamically styled bodywork is designed to slice efficiently through the wind, which helps enhance fuel mileage.

The race-ready look of the car is enhanced with a quartet of BBS wheels that feature racing-type locking center hubs. The forged aluminum 18-inch front wheels and 19-inch rear wheels ride on Michelin P295/30ZR18 and P345/30ZR19 tires, respectively.

Adding authenticity to the car's custom bodywork was the involvement of Pratt & Miller. The company took on the task of crafting Leno's Corvette into a street-going replica of the racecars, which included installing or fabricating a host of unique components, including:
* A custom DeWitt high-capacity radiator with dual cooling fans
* A carbon-fiber ram-air induction system
* Carbon-fiber inner fender panels that vent hot air from the engine compartment
* Brembo brakes with six-piston mono-block calipers in front and four-piston rear calipers
* Dyna-Mat used throughout the cabin and chassis to reduce interior noise

While the exterior and drivetrain were inspired by the racetrack, the C6RS's cabin exudes luxury, with premium touches and enhancements from Genuine Corvette Accessories that include a two-tone shift knob and boot; leather-covered console armrest, parking brake handle and boot; an interior trim kit, racing-style pedal covers and more.

With its 600 horses on tap and domestically produced E85 fuel in the tank, Jay Leno's alternative-fueled C6RS is an all-American supercar that proves high performance and environmental consciousness go together like the Corvette and checkered flags.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      Is that guy pissing on the tail lamp?
      • 7 Years Ago
      Looks good.

      Would've rather seen them throw a Duramax in there running on biodiesel. Now THAT would have been interesting!
      • 7 Years Ago
      Absolutely flawless and clean (exterior and interior). Perhaps, it's just the Meguiar's touch (heehe...just kidding). I think Jay Leno's jet black/red Corvette C6RS is a rare jewel; great performance setup.

      Interesting, a Katech's naturally aspirated, aircraft quality billet aluminum 8.2L V8, with 600 HP running on ethanol. Naturally aspirated V8 running on ethanol...a very interesting approach (smiling)!!!

      Hmmm...I wonder who tuned the vehicle and which type of ignition/engine management system the folks at Pratt & Miller chose to implement...??? I can imagine what it can do (at the salt flats) with twin turbo engine setup...

      I believe the folks at Pratt & Miller along with Jay Leno built and engineered a beautiful and great performance vehicle.

      It will be interesting to see, which alternative fuel options is best suited for our environments.
        • 7 Years Ago

        Well, including the comment of supercharging on an e85 motor, it has been done by the swedes and with great results. In fact its one of my favorite cars though double to triple the price of what this would run you. Hers a link to ithttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koenigsegg_CCXR#CCXR. Thats a supercar
      • 7 Years Ago
      E85 is retarded. It uses corn or other plants as a base material, which is harvested after months of planting with machines that use regular gasoline or diesel, tons of fertilizer, and all the work/fuel reuqired to harvest it. Ie, you have to use a shitload of fossil fuels in order to get the raw materials to produce it. After that, it uses federally subsidized natural gas to heat it up, to make E85. So basically your tax dollars are being used to create E85, then when you buy it you are taxed again. Also, natural gas is subsidized to keep heating costs low. When your heat bill skyrockets in the next few years, blame GM and their idiot friends who promote this crap. E85 is a retarded fuel pushed by a retarded company that is doesn't make sense; economically or environmentally.
        • 7 Years Ago
        So basically if you aren't willing to drive a hybrid the only thing left is gasoline since it's really the only readily available fuel source. Come on, someone give us an alternative besides those stupid hybrids. Why am I not surprised that when GM tries to be environmentally friendly they fail miserably?
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