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Turns out that the rumors were true and the Corvette ZR1 was in attendance at Laguna Seca Raceway this evening. The Blue Devil, however, was wearing the same Velocity Yellow color as its racing brethren, as well as the familiar black coverings we've seen in so many spy photos that cover the most interesting parts.

The ZR1, however, was not officially unveiled as some reports suggested. Motor Trend reports that the car was trotted out onto the track, did a couple hot laps, and was loaded back on the trailer and left, presumably back to Detroit. It was fairly uneventful and we didn't see anything we haven't seen before, but perhaps Motor Trend can sell its pics to Jalopnik for $1,000 and make some money for its trouble.

Click HERE to view the much sought after pic of the Corvette ZR1 lapping Laguna Seca.

[Source: Motor Trend, Corvetteforum.com]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago

      You sound like the kind of man I'd like to have a beer with and talk cars. Or a case of beer...

      While I get your arguments, I'd still pop for a Z06. Just because I can afford it doesn't mean I don't have an appreciation of where Vettes have been and where they're going. I'm not too much into bracket racing, but I'm sure it's fun. The Z06 and the regular Corvettes are more road race cars than drag. Sure they're more expensive nowadays, but really, they're not beyond where Vettes have been in the economic strata. They're more expensive, but so is everything else. GM cannot possibly keep it completely affordable, or everyone would have one. There has to be a bit of exclusivity and a feeling of attainment for people who actually have to work hard to be able to buy one.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Hey hey hey, the Trans Am did not look bad! well the 93-97 was pretty bad...

      Back on topic. I was not too big of a fan of the fronts style when it first came out on the Vette...but i have grown to like it but with this new model, i would of liked them to make a few more changes.
      • 7 Years Ago
      My eyes were pleased. My ears, on the other hand, would have rather listened to a baby scream or a 4 year old child comment to his father on how the car looks like a ripe banana if only for the chance to hear the engine/exhaust note when the covers were pulled off the car and it backed out and drove off. I realize most of the rest of the video was a person videotaping a monitor, but again... I would much prefer someone just make car-like sounds (vroom, screech, etc.) over a lousy soundtrack.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Where are people pulling this "$150,000" number from? There's been no pricing announced, just some random speculation.

      And man, people really need to stop bitching about the looks. It's a C6 Corvette, it's not going to look like an entirely different car, because it simply isn't, and it would negate the whole point of having the "halo" model if it shared nothing with the lesser versions.

      Besides, it's not like the C6 is a bad looking car anyways, so you're not really losing anything. But still for the whiners, here's a comparison of the Coupe and Z06 I made...


      I think the Z06 looks a lot meaner and stronger. The front splitter, fatter fenders, front "wings", front scoop, more pronounced quarter vents, rear vents, rear spoiler, wheels, brakes, lower ride...There's quite a bit to differentiate the two when you get down to it.
        • 7 Years Ago
        I'm not saying that it looks like a bad car, and being a low volume car that's had almost 4 years of intensive engineering I can guarantee you that this car will cost more than 100k and will push 150k at dealers. Also I'm saying that if Porsche can take the plain jane 911 and vary the looks between halo models and it's base model I think GM can do the same.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Suprisingly, the camo on the hood scoop make it really hard to get a good feel for the shape of it.

      • 7 Years Ago
      Looking good!!
      • 7 Years Ago
      Well, I think the Zo6 is just bitchin looking, the only thing is the lame rear spoiler, but thats typical of chevy since the late 80's, anyway the ZR1 is going to SICK remember how you cool the were in the 90's they were'nt much different but they were KING of the HILL! an It aint gonna matter what it looks like from the drivers seat.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Could the big bulge on the hood mean its a blown engine?

      As far as the looks ahh Boring!

      I agree with everyone for 150K it better look the par and not blen in with lesser vettes..

      On second thought I would pass on this ZR1 with 650hp with a price tag of 150K and the looks of a zo6...and just get an 80k zo6 and add a procharger...

      Fran Preve
      • 7 Years Ago
      Nick - thanks for posting the pictures, the Atomic Orange one is the one I'd buy, Only I'd have to sell my 85, my wife's 79 L-82, then add $30,000. Oh I COULD do than and get a lame looking Z06, which would cost me both the one's I have now and $50,000.
      PS: Clue to all you bucks up Corvette buyers, to everyone else out there a Corvette is a Corvette is a Corvette. My wife's 79 L-82 all nice and shiney black looks just as good to the "masses" as your $75,000 Z06. And don't make a stupid comment on how fast your Z06 is, we both bracket race ours, we don't just "talk a good race". And neither one is stock.
      PS: Nick, the Z06 looks lame, just so you know.And if your going to spend that kind of money, do your self a favor, buy a Viper, trust me if attention is what you want you'll do better.
      PPS: If it's "panache" your after buy a Porsche.
      PPPS: I bought my first Vette, a 1966 427 coupe in 1967 and I've owned 12 since.
        • 7 Years Ago
        @Fran Preve
        You're comparing an '85 and a '79 Corvette to a new Z06/ZR1. OK then... there's you're problem. And you bracket race. Well, this is street car not a drag car. And it would make you're Vette's look silly on any street or any track other than a drag strip. Believe me I had a '94 and got rid of after a couple months because of how poorly they were designed back then. Trading 2 Vette's from the 70's and 80's and only owing $30k after that would be a steal for you. Don't hate on new cars because they're new. Point is, any car can be a drag car whereas the new Vettes are perfect trackday cars that can be driven home or blow down a highway at ~200. And jcar202 said it perfectly.. who cars about all kinds of extra useless flash to attract unwanted attention from people you don't even like or know anything about cars. The Z06 is good looking as is.
        • 7 Years Ago
        @Fran Preve
        To fran preve: Do you have a mullet?

        The Corvettes you own are the least desireable by a long shot.
      Fran Preve
      • 7 Years Ago
      I don't have a mullet, but I do have a ponytail (and gray hair, matches the color of my Vette). I mentioned I drag race only because not many, if any normal Corvette owners have the luxury of going to a road race track to show off. What's quicker, my old run down 85 or a new Z06, on the STREET. Honestly, we'll never know (because the chances of my running into one are slim to none, it's like when I had my 427 Vette back in 1967, my Ford buddies told me I'd get blown away by a 427 Cobra, I said go get one and let's see, they made 200 by the way). At the track?. Heads up they'd lay waste to me, absolutely, heads up. But mine runs within 2 every run, and it's the dial that counts, and consistancy. If any of you blow hards ever run one post the 60, mine is 1.76 give or take 1. Tuned ports are torque monsters.
      If you think that my two Vettes and $50,000 for a new Z06 your an enthusiest, if you don't your a car guy. Last time I was at the strip with any number of Vettes was 2 years ago at an Ecklers Corvette Challenge at DeSoto Memorial. A VERY pretty young girl was laying down 12.teens vs Z06's doing thator high 11's. We laffed our asses off. Pretty young thing, first time at a dragstrip, first time racing...................her new Benz 600SL. Her husband had a new yellow Vette roadster. Point being, take the 600 Benz and the points. My buddy, the guiy I bought my 85 from won the Challege that day driving his 1998 stock roadster, something about running your dial and cutting a light.
      PS: My dealer, Paddock Chevrolet had an ad in Sunday's paper, brand spanking new '07 $64,000 roadster for $53,153 (GMS price).
      PS: Judging by the number Chevy sells, there are very few buyers of very few Z06's but a TON of bloggers who get all worked up over them. Like I said, lame, invest in a Viper GTS if the object is to impress anyone.
        • 7 Years Ago
        @Fran Preve
        we get it

        your old and dont like change

        imo, all vettes before c5s are crap
      Fran Preve
      • 7 Years Ago
      I haven't commented on this until now. The Motor Trend article was very informative. Lutz the Putz has done it, and I hope your all happy. A low content 2008 Vette starts at about $50,000, a convertible $55,000. Z06's go for $70 plus, this new (also over priced) ZR1 is said to LIST for near $100K. Where do you think this 2012 C7 will go to?. Can YOU afford one?. Thank Lutz the Putz for pricing the Corvette to the point they'll sell 1/2 as many (and they sell fewer every year as it is). But take heart, he plans to put the Solstice/Sky in the Bowling Green plant and THEY'LL be priced where the "masses" can afford one. THANK'S BOB!. You've over priced the Corvette, fed your ego, cut sales in half, and now only a few well heeled enthusiests and afford to BUY one. US car guys really don't care anyway (mine is an 85, my wifes a '79). Bob Lutz, the PUTZ!.
      • 7 Years Ago
      So, did the roof fly-off on this one?
        • 7 Years Ago
        I'm so looking forward to the return of the ZR-2, Geo Tracker that is.

        Ya hear me GM.....BRING BACK THE ZR-2!!!!

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