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With all the information about Nissan's GT-R already out in the open, one question remains: how does it drive? Autoweek got a crack at it in Germany, and after flogging the GT-R on the autobahn and around the south-loop of the Nurburgring, Mark Vaughn proclaims that it lives up to the hype.

The account of his time behind the wheel of reads like a 4th grader let loose in a combination Chuck-E-Cheese/candy factory with unlimited quarters and an empty stomach. He hammered through the dual-clutch six-speed, impressed with the down shifts and rev-matching (0.2 seconds for shifts), ran the 473 HP 3.8L twin-turbo V6 up to 176 mph on the 'bahn, tested the AWD-system's ability to shuffle power to the wheels (anywhere between 50/50 to 2/98) and laid long stretches of rubber in the pits even when told to keep it under 35 mph.

Lag was inconsequential, particularly compared to the Porsche Turbo Nissan had on hand during the testing, and although the Porsche's steering felt lighter and quicker, he preferred the GT-R's ease of use and more "tied down" nature.

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