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According to a woman named Raquel, Brecht BMW in Escondido, Ca. may be one of those dealerships that considers customer service a necessary evil. Take note that the following story is a one-sided account, and Brecht wasn't contacted for their side of the story.

Raquel had a 48-month lease on a Bimmer during which she experienced "about 10" service visits, and she just wanted to wash her hands of the German automobile and look elsewhere. She had to turn in the vehicle on the day of her visit or she would be fined for turning it in late. Enter Brecht BMW, a certified lease return location, and not the location Raquel purchased the vehicle. When Raquel attempted to get a mileage signature from a Brecht salesman, he refused. The salesman then got a manager, who threatened to call the police as Raquel stood there dumbfound with her three children by her side. When she asked for the manager's name, he threw a business card at her. Raquel then told the manager that she got better service from a VW dealer than she has had at BMW, and the manager told her that she didn't deserve a BMW, and that she should go buy a Volkswagen. When Raquel contacted BMW North America, she was reportedly told that Brecht was a franchise, and that there was nothing BMW North America could do.

Again, remember that this is a one-sided account, but even if only half true, BMW needs to step up and make sure that its customers are better served than this. You can read Raquel's entire letter by hitting the Read button below.

[Source: Consumerist]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      Wow, that's a random trollish thing to say. Considering that Lexus dealerships are ranked #1 in customer satisfaction, and it's Honda/Acura and Nissan/Infiniti counterparts close behind.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I've only been to one BMW dealer in my life and that too along with a friend who wanted to test-drive a 3-Series. He was dressed well but I didn't bother because I wasn't the buyer. But I was surprised at the air of superiority the whole place had about itself. No one came and talked to me. I didn't really give a shit because neither can I afford a BMW nor am I in the market for one. But I've been to Acura and Infiniti and I was treated with respect.

      • 7 Years Ago
      Having worked at a few dealerships, two of them were more prestigious brands, i could see how some of this happened, but its not like she described. She obviously was upset and misinterpreted a few things, but the managers should be skilled enough to notice that. Having been on the other side of the desk, I would never, EVER sign a lease return mileage form and conditions report if i wasn't the official person in charge of lease returns, so that where she would have felt shrugged off by the salesman. Plus, thats not his job, he's in sales, not returns... Either way, i won't stand her and justify the actions of a dealership without hearing both sides, but the slant to this article is quite surprising for something that was posted as news...
      • 7 Years Ago
      Same thing in China too!
      • 7 Years Ago
      Wow! it's sad to hear that such a great car company is losing sales because of the pricks that they hire.

      I'm sure this lady wasn't completely innocent, either. If the dealer closed at 7, i'm sure she came in at 6:59 trying to return the car. but throwing business cards at people is NOT acceptable.

      Although I like BMW SO MUCH MORE, I must admit that i actually had a good experience at Mercedes a couple years ago. My friend and I were only 18 but we went car shopping at MB because his dad wouldn't let him drive anything else. I tried to tell him to let me take him there, because at least I drove a Volvo, but he insisted on taking his mom's 99 Chevy Malibu there. So we walked in, and my friend asked if there were any MB's for under $10k.
      Now, two 18 year old guys asking for a MB for under 10k
      should have got us laughed out of the dealership with the security guards hot on our trail, but the Dealer actually managed to keep a straight face and lo and behold, she found one for under $10k!

      I always thought MB's affiliates were more snooty than BMW's, but I stand humbly corrected.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Similar experience @ lexus too actually. saleman said ami buying today. i had i am comparing the cars int eh same class. he is like then why are u wasting my time..
      • 7 Years Ago
      Totally believable. I have had some absolutely horrible BMW dealer experience. One of the most memorable ones is, when i took a 3 series on a test drive. The saleman tells me, please hurry up i have to go back to a customer. I said that why did we comein the first place. When i said that, he got so angry, he told me to get out of the car and left me on the road. I had to walk back to the dealership to drive homein my own car. Never shop @ BMW of Mountain View. That was when i decided i will never buy a BMW. I dont care how good a car it is if i am going to be treated like this....
        • 6 Years Ago
        Give me his name or discription. Ill go there & cause a loss of sale. Seriously was his name karoosh?
        • 7 Years Ago
        I would say that that was the perfect time to do a burnout and pitch the car in to a four wheel slide.

        Then ask for the VIN and post it as abused by the dealer...
      • 7 Years Ago
      I belive the story. My gf's parents have been looking at a emrcedes and a bmw. The bmw told them to leave because in the managers words "they asked too many questions" .

      The mercedes dealer practically calls them every day and tells them when a car matching what they wanted comes in.

      • 7 Years Ago
      On what "factual" basis do you make this claim, Willem? Or are you just being hateful again? Gross generalizations and assertions like this add NOTHING to the conversation.

      Remember, Willem is the idiot that professes his homo-hate and religious superiority as a "Christian" in the Ford-Gay Benefits thread last week, and then comes back to attack races/nationalities in this thread today. In other words, he's a classic bigot who uses religion and a warped sense of "right" to justify his hate. Pretty loving of him, don't you think? So much for living a true Christian lifestyle....

      He typifies SO much of what is wrong with the world today, whereby single-minded fundamentalist-type religious nutcases condemn that which doesn't fit their narrow, warped view of right and wrong in the world.

      Willem, please go hang out on a bible-thumper blog where you can be among friends. You add precious little here.

      • 7 Years Ago
      I have heard a fair amount of bad stories about brecht. I'm not surprised. In any case, you really should try to get an appointment first or call in advance to confirm- bad customer services and misunderstandings are pervasive and could easily be minimized by calling in advance.
      • 7 Years Ago
      As someone who has both purchased a car from Brecht BMW and someone who has had multiple cars serviced there I am inclined to say she is lying. Although we have all had bad experiences with a dealer, I have always found that they go out of their way to be helpful at Brecht. This dealer is unfortunately in an area where the next closest dealers for BMW and MINI are quite far, so service appointments are usually 3 - 4 weeks out, which is frustrating. In the end though, they have always been very helpful, and Mike at Brecht MINI has to be the best salesperson ever and provided the best buying experience. In the end I am sure parts of her claim are valid, but I also agree it is poor form to post her letter without even contacting Brecht to allow them the chance to tell their side, not that they would in order to protect her privacy. In the end, the question is why is this newsworthy?
      • 7 Years Ago
      are u a sales person at one of these dealerships ? :)
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