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F1 panjandrums have been working all year on a suitable definition of the term "non-constructor." If they can get that done soon, and then figure out how to split F1 income among constructors and non, then Prodrive will officially join the 2008 F1 circus.

McLaren and Prodrive have recently signed a "detailed commercial agreement." However, it is being held up due to a lawsuit initiated by Spyker (and supported by Williams) that is now in arbitration. Spyker, an independent full constructor, has argued that allocation of income should be different for Toro Rosso and Super Aguri, since they essentially "buy" cars from other teams. The outcome of that will affect this year's income disbursements as well as next year's.

It isn't revealed yet just how much collaboration there will be between McLaren and Spyker on the chassis-engine package. Regardless, one just hopes McLaren will have a better experience with them than Red Bull and Honda have had with their respective "junior" teams.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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      "It isn't revealed yet just how much collaboration there will be between McLaren and Spyker on the chassis-engine package."

      Don't you mean McLaren and ProDrive?
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      not entirely correct.

      The current Concorde Agreement (the agreement all the teams signed a few years ago), does not allow customer cars. Super Aguri and Red Bull have tried to get around that by using a 3rd company (red bull technologies for example) to design the car. Its very vague and really isn't in line with the Concorde Agreement

      This goes to arbutration next week I believe.

      For 2008, there is supposed to be a NEW concorde agreement. This new agreement allows customer teams like Prodrive, Torro Rosso and Super Aguri to have chassis from anothermanufacture. Problem is....no one has signed it.

      So a) The current concorde agreement will be extended and depending on the outcome next week 'customer' cars will or will not be allowed - which affects Prodrive, or

      b) The new concorde agreement is signed and Prodrive can race.

      What complicates things is the FiA put out the '12th team' out to tender a year or so ago. Lots of bids, Prodrive won and have planned a 08 entry, so the FiA may well have egg on there face if Prodrive can no longer compete.

      A mess!
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      You know, David Richards better watch out!

      His ProDrive has developed a LOT of successful racing cars - the Subaru WRx and Aston Martin that races at LeMans both come to mind and, you know, the boys @ McLaren have, err, sticky fingers.
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        So let's see...

        Next year, McLaren have WDC Hamilton, who will be uncontested #1 driver as Alonso will surely be back w/ Flavio!

        McLaren will be learning tricks from Dave Richards.

        McLaren/ Micro$oft will be supplying the ECU for all the teams (where are the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys on the Ferrari wheel?)

        I guess Vodaphone and Santander are pretty chuffed!