If your thing is paying to be verbally upbraided by a celebrity, Navtones has you covered. Novelty of novelties, you can now get celebrity voices for your TomTom satnav. I like the way the celebs will bust your chops if you miss a turn, or give you a verbal dope-slap to pay attention, but it might get old fast. If you've got $12.95 burning a hole in your pocket and a fascination with celebrity culture, Mr. T's dulcet instructional stylings can be yours. You can also choose from Burt Reynolds (no quotes from Smokey And The Bandit), Gary Busey, or Dennis Hopper. Amusing, yes, but we feel it's a grave omission to leave out the best nav voice ever, KITT, aka William Daniels (aka George Feeny from Boy Meets World).

[Source: World Car Fans]