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There's high mileage, and then there's this. A 1995 Honda Civic is for sale in Atlanta with, count 'em, 939,899 miles. That's 200-plus miles a day. Every day. Including Sundays. For 12 years. It even has a CARFAX report from when the car had 907,000 miles on it. According to the seller, the car runs like new, with no leaks, no noises, no oil burning, and not even a scratch on the body. In fact, the only blemish listed is that one of the dashboard lights doesn't work, and that's only sometimes.

The car is on its ninth timing belt, ninth water pump, and fourth clutch. But the engine and transmission are original, as are the floor mats. The car even comes with records. The most incredible thing isn't the mileage, though. It's how the owner put the miles on the car: driving on business trips from Atlanta ... to Seattle ... and San Francisco. We want to know what kind of business -- or what kind of boss -- makes a guy drive across the country and back, and then some, every single month for 12 straight years.

To paraphrase The Proclaimers, if you buy this car then you can drive a million miles and you can drive a million more ...

Thanks for the tip, Ronnie!

[Source: Craigslist]

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      I hit the "reply" button for this post -

      "If Honda was smart they give him a new one and use the old one for their ad's.Not like Volkswagon with their free 6 month lease for the person with the highest mileage diesel."

      What gives...
      Joe Guarill
      • 3 Years Ago
      This is for all you "Only American" car owners...
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      WOOW!!!  I guess people are right when saying that HONDAS are the most reliable cars .. that's amazing !!  Just saw this great used car and I am hoping to get it ... Hondas are definitely the best in reliability.

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      In our country they are not like that, I thought they were all the same but I looked up some pics of U.S. odometers and they are different. Sorry about that.
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      This is truly mind boggling. Assuming he got 30mpg, this car has gone through 31,330 gallons of fuel. Given the average cost of regular gas of ~$2/gal in today's dollars, he spent a cool $62,660 on gas!!!
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      Crap! Sorry for spamming but that circle animation was going and going and going wasn't gone from the txt field. My bad
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      At, let's say, 40mph average speed, at 1million miles would be 25,000 hours driving over 12 years averages out to about 40 hours per week and for a 5 day week, that's 8 hours per day.
      When did the guy get any work done?
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      Highway milage certainly takes far less of a toll on engines and transmissions then city driving. Still, that is an impressive car!
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      I've got a customer with a 00 ford explorer as of a month ago he was at 596,000 miles oil changes once a week tires every 3-4 months only thing hes replaced is ball joint around 300000 muffler about 450000 an altinator and the tranny went last winter but the engine is all origional including the water pump he had a taurus with 495000 when he totaled it hitting a deer
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      So who was the employer anyway ? And was it cheaper,expence wize,The last 12 years running that honda rather than airlines or rail road??
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      I believe this man is a drug trafficker.
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      This doesn't surprise me not in the least. I own a limousine company and use only Lincolns. I have had these Lincolns go for three quarter's of a million miles and still run and look as if new. I will only replace them if there is a body style change by Lincoln. It's not the car itself that causes such a long life, it's the owner and his commitment and ability for proper maintainence.
      Airplanes , Trains, Busses, Trucks they all run for ever, and so will cars .
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