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Okay folks, we're waiting to see the first hack that has gameplay running on the nav screen, so someone get on it! Cambridge, MA based WAAV has developed a new generation of cellular routers capable of delivering cellular internet at speeds comparable to DSL. Here's the important part, it'll do it in your car. That's better than cruising around neighborhoods with your laptop sniffing around for unsecured wireless networks. Besides, when you're using hijacked wireless, you can't drive around. Public transportation installations are another possibility, especially since the Airbox X2 is designed to serve multiple users. The catch is that you've got to buy the Airbox X2 for $1100 bucks, plus lock in to a minimum two year contract with their cellular data provider before they'll let you have one. That's a lot of scratch just so we can blog while stuck in epic traffic. Of course, getting posts done while languishing on the Mass Pike would convert that time into productivity. Hmm.
[Source: Straightline]

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      wait, what? That doesn't really make sense. The maximum speed of data via cellular isn't determined by some magic box on the user end, but is determined by the specific technology used by the carrier, in addition to other factors such as network load, network design, bandwidth availbility, distance from tower, signal interference due to physical obstacles or other obstacles, etc.

      I'm thinking this is nothing more than a cellular repeater with an amplifier as well - which normally, should not cost anyone over $400 for a unit capable of covering an entire small office, let alone a vehicle.
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      D-Link makes a much more affordable option.

      for you EV-DO users and

      for the UMTS and HSDPA users.

      Just insert your existing aircard from your cell carrier (or a compatible cell phone via USB), and you're good to go. Granted you'll need a power inverter, but it sure beats the $1100 and contract with another carrier.